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Posted by ponchoyo | Aug 13, 2014 @ 07:36 PM | 1,573 Views
Fastforward one year to 2014 August and now i've only got just 3 foamies. I like it this way, makes it easier to service them and don't have to spend too much time on them. Last year i had around 10 different types of planes all sitting around damaged and what not.

Just swapped out the tape style "hinges" to proper Dubro hinges in the ailerons of my Freewing F6F Hellcat. It's the only RC plane i've flown that i've yet to crash. With this mod, the plane should fly MUCH more smoother

The GWS Zero needs a proper 9mm shaft mount for the Hobby King BL motor. (It came with a trash quality mount.) Need to swap in a spare HK ESC i have, as i've fried the current one in it. I have yet to have a proper flight on it, only brief flights that required deadstick landings,because the HK shaft mount failed to hold the motor in. What do you expect when you buy cheap...

That Skyartec Cessna is one excellent flier, further improved with an APC slowfly prop i've swapped in, over stock. It needs a new motor mount, broke the old one. Also, i should really swap out the cruddy nose wheel gear, i've stripped two servos now.
Posted by ponchoyo | Aug 11, 2014 @ 09:50 PM | 1,145 Views
Just a quick factual post on shipping these delicate planes.

I have the parcel box lined with styrofoam on the inside, the corsair sits on the bottom and the p51 lies over it diagnolally at a 45 degree angle. Styrofoam is fitted over the corsair cowl area, and an indentation secures the tail feathers. Styrofoam blocks secure the p51 tail boom, the nose gently lies against a styrofoam wall. The empty spaces are filled with bubble plastics.

On top of that is a 2nd layer of styrofoam as flooring and isolation. ON top lies the PZ UM Tx and the respective chargers along with the UM bits (batteries,LGs, servo reverser) in a bubble bag.
Posted by ponchoyo | Aug 02, 2013 @ 07:45 PM | 1,704 Views
So I've doubled up my hanger, largely because i did some impulse shopping before i went on vacation to my grandparents house, ha. I had been away from the hobby since 2008 anyways..

I am just gonna tell ya all what each plane needs, most of these were just foam bodies now they're full of electric gear almost at completion

The Cessna Skyartec: "big red one": Just needs a goodsize prop, proper tail hinges and a servo. Stripped the rudder/steerable wheel servo apon a hard landing. Plane is a cunning bird in the air.

The parkzone UM mustang flies alright. Its been through some crashes. The parkzone UM Corsair however flies on miniature rails with the landing gear. It pitches up without it. The deliberate stall turns are really funny to watch

The GWS Zero is an airframe that i've decked out with hobbyking parts. I've owned the brushed Gaunli Zero (copycat clone) before, so the characteristics should be similar. Save for the part where i'm going very lightweight with a 2cell and brushless. Just need to balance it, shave the fuse for proper wing incidence calibration and i'm ready.

The GWS e-starter has a towerpro combo in it. It has never really flown... I dont know if the 25amp ESC is the issue, it does cut out if you try to go full power. It now sports a lightweight 3 cell, i hope maybe it was just a weight issue as to why it struggles on flying. It had a heavier 3 cell in it before. I want to re-maiden this one ASAP. Now only have to...Continue Reading
Posted by ponchoyo | Sep 21, 2008 @ 07:24 PM | 2,666 Views
Ahh I just crashed my Cessna! it's all my fault!!! I flew at dusk and lost visibility and forgot to trim the plane on ground. Something I have to add my pre-flight check list is PATIENCE!!!! TRIM IT!!!!! and LIGHT(s). Sun or nav-lights are a must.
Posted by ponchoyo | Aug 02, 2008 @ 09:28 PM | 2,915 Views
hi all, i gave up on the ultrafly foam rc conversion. I couldn't get the plane to fly level. Any how i just ordered a 6ch tx/rx and an Artec Cessna 182 RRTF, and parts for my guillow rc conversion. I changed my mind about the stuka, I will make it RC. I want to earn a lot of building experience so that i can make hi quality rc planes that i can hopefully sell here for some cash for a used car i need badly. I plan to fly the cessna until i get full experience. If it crashes i will transplant its organs to the hungry stuka. But if doesn't crash and i keep it flying then my patient stuka wont have its badly needed parts. I guess I'll just have to save some cash to buy "organs" that will be exclusive to the stuka. Then I will have 2 planes RTF. I also want to teach my dad to fly rc. So i want to convert a faom glider i have to be an rc glider for my dad.

Also i have a 4ch Am radio with reciever that would go in a Gaunli rc plane if anyone is interested in. With that money and some saved I can buy another 6 ch radio for my dad.