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Posted by ChickenDrumstick | Sep 22, 2014 @ 07:38 AM | 1,885 Views
The blog seemed an ideal place to post up a little info about how I started in the hobby and my current hangar.

I first started to fly with my Dad and brother and having lessons from a local model shop owner. I can't recall the exact dates, but suspect this was circa 1994-1996.

A lot has changed in the RC world since then.

I started to learn to fly on an Aviator, this is an early electric plane that used NiCd batteries and was made from plastic. Quite effective, but a far cry from today's UM's and mini's.

I also flew my Dad's 6 foot wingspan Piper Cub, this was lovely and looked the business. But wasn't mine.

My first plane was a Thunder Tiger World Trainer with I think a .45 motor:

I truly loved how this plane looked.

Sadly cost, time and lack of places to fly meant I left the hobby before really getting to grips to piloting.

A number of years later I tried again on my own, a mistake and a possible radio failure meant a crash and a wrecked plane. I still have the wreckage and bits, but the amount of effort and cost to fix it just doesn't seem to make sense vs what you can buy today.

Anyhow, that was the past. Fast forward to 2013 and I'd really got the bug for wanting to fly again, after getting a coax micro helicopter for Christmas.

So with a bit of badgering my girlfriend bought me a Hobbyzone Champ RTF for my birthday.

All I can is, what a brilliant little aeroplane the Champ is. And using it I've taught/re-taught myself how to fly.

Current hangar

Fixed wing:
  • Hobbyzone Champ - SX motor, GWS 5043 prop & 220mAh Miniaviation batteries
  • Eflite UMX Beast 3D
  • Parkzone Mosquito MK VI (49" wingspan)
  • Skyangle Nano F-18 - 12amp ESC & 3S

Rotary wing:
  • Tamco EV.01 coaxial micro
  • WL Toys V911
  • WL Toys V912 with video camera
  • WL Toys V202 Quadcopter

RC cars:
  • Losi XX CR
  • Losi XXT CR
  • FTX Carnage
  • Turnigy SCT-2
  • Tamiya Lunchbox
  • Atom Maverick
  • Trinity Street Spec