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Posted by Busted_wing | Aug 26, 2014 @ 01:08 AM | 1,856 Views
I just thought I should post something about this here, as i fear it may affect some folks decisions about doing business with me.

Seller homedefender 83 accepted paypal payment for a surface transmitter. After well over a week I had not received the transmitter, or a tracking number so I filed a claim with paypal. The seller never responded to the claim and after 21 days the claim was resolved in my favor.

The seller claimed to have shipped said transmitter, however I have no evidence of such a shipment ever happening. And in fact he actually listed the same item for sale again a few months later. This seller should never be trusted. If, for some reason he was unable to ship me the unit he should have simply told me that, promptly refunded me the funds, and I would have left positive feedback for his honesty. Instead I was forced to leave him negative feedback, and he in turn left me negative. He even offered to change his feedback to positive if I would do the same... That sounds like blackmale to me. I would never change my "opinion" about a person just because they agree to change theirs about me. It now seems that this seller has flown the proverbial coup, and I am left standing here with a black mark on my otherwise perfect Itrader record. below I will link to the original post, and to the post where he re-sold the item he was supposed to sell to me.