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The largest and most influential RC drone match-3DX Asia Pacific finally ended. During these three days, the world-known top pilots all around the world gathered on Gree Coast and presented a fantastic flight performance. Mimi Huang, a test engineer of Flycolor CO., LTD, finally stand out from all those domestic and foreign top RC drone pilots and won the second prize by his superb technique and perfect performance. So we appreciated the organizers of this tournament- holder "Zhuhai Gree coast and Undertaker “Mars cultural activities planned” for presenting such a wonderful visual feast!

The new launched fairy suit of Flycolor has the following features:
(1) Multi-rotor exclusive program, excellent stall protection, no need to worry about burning ESC even bombing, applicable to ordinary players
(2) Support oneshot, super-fast throttle response speed, suitable for professional pilots
(3) High quality MOSFET driver, ensure excellent electric resistance capability
(4) More Mini, lighter compared with ordinary ESC
(5) Throttle range can be set, Outstanding compatibility
(6) The onlyMini ESC with the built-in BEC in this...Continue Reading
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FLYCOLOR multirotor ESC
20A 30A 2-4S
feature: the width is 11mm, it can be tuck in the tube
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Application of ESC::
apply to triaxial、quadcopter and multirotor

Electrical performance parameters of ESC:
Input:2-4cells lipo battery or 7-16Vvolts DC
Output continuance current:20A
Max brust current(10S):25A

weight:30G(with BEC),28G(OPTO)
configuration be changeable by demand,installation site be changeable by demand
weight:30G(with BEC),28G(OPTO)
configuration be changeable by demand,installation site be changeable by demand
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Application of ESC:Model Boat
Electrical performance parameters of ESC:
Input Voltage:4 cells LiPo batteries
Continuous current output:30A
The maximum allowable burst current(10S):40A
BEC output:5V/3A

Shape and weight of ESC:
Dimensions (Length﹡Width﹡Height):70*27*17mm
Positive and negative power wires:
wire size 16# Material: Copper Silicone Wire color + Red - Black Length 100 (mm)
UVW wire:
wire size 16# Material: Copper Silicone Wire color U red V blue W black Length 80 (mm)
Signal wire:
wire size 24# Length 200(mm) Connector specification 3pin DuPont terminal
Types suitable for T head:
Rubber head Specification: ¢3.5*12
Thrum heat shrinkable catheter specification:¢4.5*20 Color: Red, white, Black
water-cooled case Spec:45*27*17 color: black
water-cooled radiating penstock:¢5*length 100*M5 color Copper

Parameter settings of ESC:
Battery (type & cells)setting: Default automatically setting
control throttle setting: have 4 Options,Default low acceleration
suit :the performance of power cell are not good
operating mode setting OF ESC ,have 4 Options,Default NON Brake
power performance setting of ESC, have 4 Options,Default forward rotation, reduce power
Entrance angle setting have 4 Options,Default 1°(suit for 2-4 level inner turn motor)
PWM operating frequency setting,have 2 Options (8KHz,16KHz),Default 8KHz

Standard configuration
Power line length 100mm UVW length 80mm
no rubber head or T head UBEC 5V/3A

Main Feature:
Select program card:Yes
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If any questions, please contect me with
skype: flycolor006

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Shenzhen FlyColor Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, which integrates the electronic product development, production and sales, it has rich experience in the fields of motor testing and drive control. Especially, it has reached the advanced level in the industry in the permanent magnet brushless motor control technology.

Our products include the brushless motor ESC applied in aircraft model, vehicle model and boat model, the industrial brushless hall and non-hall motor high-voltage, the high- power controller and motor tester. The FlyColor brushless ESC has various models and stable functions which rank from 3A to 300A, which possess high Cost-effective; Flycolor succeeded to develop out series of industrial brushless motor controller in accordance with the market demands, with the voltage from 0.8V to 1600V ,and the power spans from 0.3 watts to 200 kilowatts, which has achieved series of control requirement such as constant speed, constant voltage, constant current, constant power. and widely applied in the different fields such as industry production, medical health, vehicle control, toys, etc.

The motor tester are our old brand products, such as stepping motor tester, brushless all-purpose motor tester, motor noise detector, motor life endurance tester, and low voltage brushless motor tester, etc.

Our products have independent intellectual property rights, and passed CE 、ROHS .We are welcome agents and distributors of the ESC、drives and tester.we accept OEM.

Welcome to try our products!
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Application of ESC:
Model airplane (including fixed wing, helicopter),model cars (including model vehicles, race cars), model ships, industrial products (including equipment, tools), ESC for medical products (including treatment, health care equipment)

Electrical performance parameters of ESC:
Input Voltage: 2-4LiPo batteries / 5-12 NiMh batteries
Continuous current output: 10A
The maximum allowable instantaneous current (10S): 12A
BEC output: 5V/3A (SBEC), 5V/1A-3A (UBEC), (OPTO)
Standard configuration: UBEC 5V/1A

Shape and weight of ESC:
Dimensions (Length*Width*Height): 36*21*7
Weight: 12G (with BEC), 10G (OPTO)
Positive and negative power wires: wire size18 #; Material: Copper Silicone Wire; Color: + Red - Black; Length: 100 (mm)
UVW wire: wire size: 18 #; Material: Copper Silicone Wire; Color: U Black V Blue W Red; Length: 80 (mm)
Signal wire: wire size: 24#; Length: 200 (mm); Connector specification: 3pin DuPont terminal
Types suitable for T head: Rubber head Specification: 3.5*12
Thrum heat shrinkable catheter specification: 4.5*20; Color: Red, White, Black
Heat sink specification: 23*30 Color: Silver
Electric heat shrinkable catheter tone specification: 25*60 Color: Red
Manufacturers’ standard specification

Parameter settings of ESC:
Brake Setting: On/Off, the default is Off;
Setting for battery type: LiPo (lithium) or NiCd / NiMh (nickel metal hydride /...Continue Reading