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To never be accepted is a blessing, if one likes to be alone.
To be alone is a blessing, if one never get accepted..
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Gentlemen :

Before I get going on this RANT , please understand that I am not anti-USA generally .

I love the Ugly Stick series of airplanes ! Always have for sport flying as I can get away with nearly everything with them . They were 'my little hot rods' for years until they each came to their unfortunate endings . I was getting ready to buy a retro Ugly Stick PNF model from Hobby King this morning as they are on sale for around $72 US . The only stock left is located in the USA West warehouse though . Her lies the problem :

NAFTA . The trades / tariffs agreement in place for trade in North America has it such if one were to visit the states on a day trip an bring back purchases that total under $200 , there are NO duties charged as the labor to generate the paperwork is usually more than the duties collected . This same rule applies to parcels ordered thru the mail or Internet . No duties under $200 are ever applied .

HK in USA West has the $72 airplane in stock . The ONLY shipping option available is to use a courrier (FEDEX) to the tune of $80.80 US . Duties are applied on the $150 total for another $ ? amount . So I would get the model during the next business day ; guaranteed , but the package has now over doubled in price with no other charges invoked yet !

There are countless USA based vendors on Ebay that offer various items . Check their details for shipping before you click on the buy button . Duties are usually applied to ALL items weather you want them or not . Also a standard $35 per item rate for any item is crazy when the item involved is under $5 . See Ebay for yourselves . What is up with the USA shipping rates ? Shipping to the lower 48 is usually free , but I am over the border by 40 miles or so in another country . Watch the rates go ballistic for that .

I avoid shopping the USA based sites like getting the plague due to this shipping disparity . It does come down to the available hobby dollar !

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This video is the byproduct of a lot of fun with John and Shawn along with much intense video editing 25 minutes of raw footage) of them flying their TechOne Mini PopWings.

I hope you guys enjoy what I hope to be is one of the best Mini PopWing videos on YouTube with highlights including Shawn splitting some trees using his Fatshark FPV set-up.

John and Shawn with Their TechOne Mini PopWings From NitroPlanes.com & Pico FPV Camera (4 min 58 sec)

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If you have Flysky GT3B or Turnigy GTX3 there are a bunch of modifications you can do. The first one would be a LiPo 11,4V 3S Zipyy 2200mah with a XT60 connector, we all have favorits and XT60 is covered unlike the "deans". I opened the GTX3 and desoldered the battery box and soldered on XT60 - not much to talk about.

Once I got that going I run into "Overkillrc.com" and "losikid" and got the voltage regulator. It's a 5 Volt regulator R-785.0.0.5:


Since I ordered the 5V regulator i picked up a STM8S Discovery kit, which is a flashing tool and STM8 dev kit. I't should take 30 mins (but I know it might end up being a full day!.

First thing was making a 4-pin cable and connectors. I used an old 14-pin DIP socket and some wires. It took almost an hours and I got an ERROR!

Error : Cannot communicate with the device !
Check the SWIM cable connection and check all the needed pin connections on the SWIM connector.

If the application code uses Swim Disable and Reset pin as Output or has disabled SWIM Clock Divider:
Try Now to SWITCH OFF and ON the application Power Supply while NRST Reset pin is forced low.

Error : < PROGRAM MEMORY reading failed.
Dadgum! So I spent an hours searching the web and came out short. "Check the soldering"... "bad connection...Continue Reading
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I was hurrying to order batteries for my new Value Hobby EPP Sabre. I wanted to have them in hand when the plane arrived so I could build and test fly this weekend. I clicked to pay and something weird happened. The payment was marked declined. Hmm... I have about $4500 available on that card, so I figured it was something temporary with the HobbyKing payment gateway. No problem, I'll just try again. Or so I thought. I couldn't find the cart again. So I went back through, selected the batteries and finished the payment. Well, I was even more hurried than when I'd started and didn't notice that the second time around, I'd selected 2S instead of 3.

My batteries arrived this morning via FedEx. I opened the package to check the inventory and saw the wrong batteries. I double checked the invoice and they listed the 2S as received. I went back to HobbyKing and there was my orphan cart from a few days ago with the correct battery. I clicked and paid. Now I'm waiting again.

Next time, I'm pretty sure I'll be double checking the order before I confirm and ship. For now, I need to figure out if I have need of these 2S batteries anywhere or take a small loss and sell them to someone who can use them.
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Gentlemen :

The Ptarmigan's major construction is complete at this point and I find myself into the 'filling / sanding' mode . Although the construction went exceedingly well , the overall design of this model is far from what I had originally intended . My original plans for the fuselage were to be along the lines of an Airwolf or Huey COBRA Gunship but this turned out to more along the lines of the 'Century Series' F-104 Starfighter morphed into the BEATLES Yellow Submarine . I am not totally unhappy with this design , more disappointed is all . Covering all of the RC gear within the fuselage was the final deciding factor here .

The pictures show the model with its 1st coating of drywall mud sanded down . With the servos installed , the weight of the bird is slightly over 18 ounces . (660 grams) I expect the final AUW to come in around 2 pounds .

As I am waiting for parts to arrive in the mail and to salvage some necessary parts from the planes that I have yet to smash up for this season , this model's maiden should probably be expected in May . Back to the application of the 2nd coat of mud .

Regards to all of the builders and flyers : RickC_RCAV8R
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Here is yet another story involving DJI and their "high tech", "It doesn't fly away" Phantom quadcopter.

A Hialeah, Florida man unhappily wrote the local Miami Herald asking for the owner of the DJI Phantom that crashed through a picture window of his home (REALLY!!)! The Phantom crashed through the guy's window around midnight no less. Clearly we are dealing with a very intelligent pilot here .

The home owner is unhappy and would like the owner to man up, collect his drone and pay for the damages. He estimates the damages at $1000!

How many of you think that the owner will step up? My guess is that he will not. Because now the FAA are also interested in who he is. That flight could potentially cost the Phantom owner well over $11000 when you factor in lawyers.

I don't have to mention how bad this is for the hobby? Ooops, I just did.

Link to the story:

Thanks for stopping by to read my words and always fly safe!
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I've seen a lot of things on YouTube that have left me scratching my head. The video that is shown in the link below is no exception. It does, however, hit a little closer to home due to it's content.

The video is an ad for rifle made by LaRue Tactical. In it, they simulate taking down an Islamic State drone with their new creation. The video isn't simply a guy sitting at a range shooting the Inspire 1 down though. First, his rifle is delivered to him by a passing plane that drops his care package down to him!

This does beg a question though. Do you think Islamic State are using $3000 DJI Drones for recon or are they more likely using a cheaper Phantom? They are rumored to take in more than $2 million a day in illicit oil sales. Maybe IS stepped up their game!

Here is the link to the story that prompted my post:


Thanks for reading and fly safe!
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Three weeks ago I ordered three of the Lemon Receivers with Stabilization and Satellite, and they finally arrived last night (2-11-20015 to 3-03-2015). I have been looking forward to getting these, I have several applications in mind.

Let the experiments begin.

Thanks for reading
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When I dove headfirst into this hobby in January, I allotted myself about $400 to spend. My first purchase was an Air Hogs 300X, dipping my toes into the water to see if RC copters was something I would enjoy. I did. I quickly added a Faze, Kodo and Ominus to my collection and my most recent purchase was a Nano QX 3D. I also have two batteries for each of those quads, except the Faze.

Through use - and mis-use - I'm getting into repair phase of quad ownership ... and my original budget has dwindled to $48. I've replaced the prop shafts on the Ominus and need to purchase new gears for it as well. The $5 worth of parts has made the budget cuts.

The 3D has been the most disappointing purchase I've had. It needs some attention - a motor has crapped out, the canopy is cracked and I really want to replace the motor mounts. But based on my experience with it so far, I really don't want to spend $40 replacing parts for a quad I don't like. I wish I had that $130 back.

So ... $48 left. $5 on parts for the Ominus, but what to do with the rest?
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I think this quad looks really good!

Lishi Toys - L6039 Aircraft - Review and Flight (Indoor & Outdoor) (15 min 22 sec)

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After a recent visit to my local makerspace again I now have landing legs and a battery tray. While the tray's not attached yet I was able to get the battery on board and get it off the ground! Config so far: invert yaw servo (on FC) and inverted pitch/elevator control on TX (not sure if I should do this on FC or not instead). It stil wants to pitch forward a bit if I take my hands off the sticks so I have to keep it under manual control to keep a stable hover. Time to start tweaking the settings as soon as I have some space to fly.

Please forgive the indirect link to the video. I promised to give first publishing rights to my friends at the Area515 makerspace. Without their help and laser cutter I wouldn't posting this build at all!
Article on Area515.org
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Ten more drones have been spotted flying over Paris and reports say police are searching for four men after a chase in the east of the city. The latest drones were seen hovering near the Eiffel Tower and several other areas further away from the center.
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Here's my long overdue parts list:

Banggood 1000KV Motors
ZTW Spider 30A OPTO ESCs
2x 10pk 3.5mm Gold Bullet Connectors
3x 1045 props (2cw, 2ccw)
2mtrs ea Black (and Red) 18AWG Silicone Wire..Also ordered 1mrt ea of blk/red 12AWG
2x Zippy Flightmax 2800 3S 30C
5 pairs Black XT60 connectors
Mini APM 3.1 + Neo-6M GPS
APM Power Module with 5.3V BEC & XT60 connectors
3A UBEC w/ Low Voltage Buzzer
Front Wheel Steering arm and mount set (for yaw assembly)
Other servo extensions and odd bits for assembly
4mm Carbon tube from my LHS

A few notes on this BOM:
1.) order this set of pre-terminated wires for the APM. I didn't see these and REALLY wish I had.
2.) Might also want one of these FC mounts. Not sure if it will fit the RCExplorer frame or not.
3.) The servo feels a little slow. I'm not up and flying completely yet so I'm not certain on this yet.
4.) BUY LOCAL. My APM was DOA for Power Module input. Buy anything local you don't want to wait on for a replacement.
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Hi Folks
Is there any four engine airplane on the market today.
I'm not looking for a B-17, i rather like some Cargo Plane.
What I'm looking fore is a plane like Multiplex Cargo, or the Sky Mule but with four engines.
regards PJ
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I believe that I've mentioned the project by ComQuest Ventures called the Vertex in one of my previous posts. The Vertex is a hybrid VTOL/Fixed wing UAV aimed more towards the hobby community than towards the professional UAV community. Don't let that mislead you though. The guys at ComQuest are very serious about their project and the work on their website and videos shows that very well.

The Vertex will end up making it out of development and into production with the help of a crowdfunding effort. But this is no pipe dream project with only a rendering and some calculations to back it up. ComQuest has working prototypes with real numbers to back up their development. As more and more people become suspicious of crowdfunding projects, it is increasingly important to show the potential backers a REAL example to give an indication of the seriousness of the project. I could do an whole post just on the ups and downs of the crowdfunding movement but let's save that for another time as ComQuest deserves our attention.

ComQuest Ventures is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and was founded by Juan Cruz-Ayoroa and AJ Cruz-Ayoroa with backgrounds in aerospace and computer engineering. They are dedicated to getting the Vertex into your hands so you have enjoy having a quadcopter and a fixed wing aircraft.

Those are the facts thus far and I have to say, I'm excited about the Vertex. It looks like it might be able to deliver the fun that most thought they would get in...Continue Reading
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Can some one please help me? So when I get to the transmitter callibration on my apm 2.6, I turn on my fs i6 transmitter and everything just frozes, why? Help.
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The Blackout mini H-Quad is great machine and never broke a arm. However broke so many nylon bolts, lost nylon spacers that i was thinking about buying these in volume…
Fitting the Skyzone SKY02 3D camera and in particular the transmitter is not ideally as the only place is on the top deck.

Name: blackout-mini-2tx-3-1024x576.jpg
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Size: 88.9 KB

Time to retire the Blackout mini and start searching for a better and hopeful cleaner mini frame. Found the Tarot mini 250 frame (TL250A) for $33 (Blackout frame $150).

Name: Tarot-mini-TL250A1.jpg
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Description: ...Continue Reading
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Caliber FPV Wing - Review Part 1 - Unboxing and Assembly (7 min 14 sec)

Introducing the Caliber FPV Wing from Snipe Air Industries. In this video I introduce the project, unbox the package and show you the finished product after it was put together. It measures 37.5 inches (95.25 cm) in wingspan and the kit includes all the nessary hardware, including a plastic center section to hold the fpv equipment, cameras and battery, winglets, stickers, laminate, pushrods and balsa elevons. It also comes with an antivibration mount for a Mobius camera.

For more info, including equipment used and additional photos, visit: