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jday52's blog
Posted by jday52 | Sep 14, 2013 @ 10:51 PM | 2,073 Views
Hello All,

I just got a North Central Air Liner, as a packaged deal. It weights 15lbs fusaloge, 5lbs wings. No servos or motors. OA lenght 88 inches, wings 97inches tip to tip. Its the twin to Demondrivers video of same plane. Some of the motor,edf housing is missing on each side. He specs His plane out at OA lenght 67inches, wing span 48 inches, weight 2.5-3 pounds max. Therefore uses (2) 55-70mm edfs, (2) 14.8 lipos at 3000mah, (2) HXT 2835(3805) 3900 kV brushless motors, (4) micro metal gear servos. Will anyone help me with spec's for my plane please. Appreciate any help.