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Posted by Stereodreieck | Jul 15, 2013 @ 02:24 PM | 2,293 Views
So. I've been once again a new project: The Bixler 2

This is my Bixler 2, developed by Josh Bixler (Flitetest) and sold by Hobby King. The Bixler will initially be flown at sight or later (probably not until next year) upgraded to First Person View (FPV).

The plane like it very much, but it has a few drawbacks:
First, the red area is complete waste of space, because there is no access.
Second, the installation of the standard servo, through the long lines lead to inaccurate control (tail).
Third, the nonsensical ventilation hole in the front.
Fourth, the green marked parts worsen the access to the interior. Get rid of it.
Fifth, the slanted engine mount shall ensure the lost a part of the push.