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Posted by irun4fundotca | Jan 17, 2012 @ 12:47 AM | 29,731 Views
Been into flying, building, and maintaining for a little over two years now
I have cctv & computer experience & worked in the tech field for almost 25 years.
and have been a technician for computers since the early 80's
RC is my way of changing pace and something I enjoy a lot

Project donations always welcome

My Hangar Log

90" Wingspan Great Planes Piper Cub Running a Magnum .61 Glow
60" Wingspan Cosmo Hurricane 40L runing Merco .46 Glow
57" Wingspan Balsa U.S.A. Swizzle Stick
55.2" Wingspan Airfieild Trainer 400 (FMS Cessna 400) Stock Ele Setup
54" Wingspan Multiplex Easystar I
26" Wingspan Tom Mansell's 26" Stitts Skybaby
20.5" Span Hoverthings HT-FPV Quad Copter HT-FPV Naze32 Swap to KK2.0 and Swap To Naza M+GPS
Walkera Dragonfly #32
21.3" Span HJ-450 Alien Quadcopter
17" Hoverthings Carbon Fiber HT-450
12" ArmattanMinis Quad - Tri Frame

Waiting & Arrival List
1.2ghz @1500mw or 1.5w VTX & TRX setup
My Camera Pan / Tilt mount
DX6i Backlight Custom Mod
70mm EDF Project
Skybaby Kit Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Ardupilot Legacy Build
Flightstick To Radio Using arduino UNO For FPV Flight
Usefull Links For Builders
E-OSD Conversion To an CL-OSD
Arduflyer APM 2.5
Cheapest 1.2ghz FPV Setup
CC3D Build
PNP 1.2Ghz Video Transmitter Conversion
GoPro Antivibe Wire Mount
Scratch Built 35" (890mm) Universal QuadCopter
Micro Brushless Gimbal -...Continue Reading