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Posted by WadzofQuadz | Jan 19, 2015 @ 04:49 PM | 4,114 Views
NUCLEUS ZMR250 Fully Integrated PDB

Fits: ZMR250 (cloneout), FPV250, RCX H250CF-3K

Most recent update of pdb 1/19/15

NUCLEUS fully integrated ZMR250 PDB Features and Specs:
The All-in-one design will give you the cleanest ,most wireless zmr250 build yet!
Comes assembled except for buzzer in case you dont want to use it or use a different one.

-1.6mm thick,2oz copper PCB with black mask and white silkscreen graphics.

-4 Sets of ESC power pads for each arm. ESC and motor signal pads top and bottom

-Main Battery pads on top and bottom of the board.Bottom to keep battery leads out of the way and protected. Ziptie holes with allow for secondary securing of the battery leads to help in hard crashes. 3S and 4S capable.

-On board motor/esc connection to FC. No need to run any wires from your esc to you Flight controller. A signal pad is located next to each esc power pad . Motor 1 also has ESC BEC5v power pad to power the flight controller. Also one AUX BEC pad off motor4.

-Built in LC filter for FPV

-ON board (clean)filtered 5v 1A LM2940 regulator to power 5v FpV hardware with pads at each FPV component locations

-Filtered 3S(12v) pads at front for camera,one for StpDWN reg and rear for VTX
Front(cam) mid(Polulu) and rear(VTX video pads

-(Compatible with POLULU regulator boards)Optional direct solder in pads/pin header to connect a POLULU step down or/and
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