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Posted by dteel | Jul 30, 2014 @ 08:25 PM | 2,253 Views
I have looked and looked but cannot find a set of ball link pliers that I can use on my micro helicopters. The problem came to a head when I was trying to pry the servo link off of the swash plate on my HiSky HFP100 and I snapped off a ball. Man those balls are little (2mm). I donít think it was a problem with the swash, I donít blame it for breaking, it took an incredible amount of force to get these ball links to pop off. I believe the links are bad way too tight on the ball. That would help to explain my poor experience with flying this particular heli too.

So I took matters into my own hands and had an idea. I have a pair of tweezers that had an alignment pin. I was thinking that with a little modification I could turn them into a tool that will work. Knowing better than to risk my wifeís ire I searched for a pair I could buy online that wasnít too expensive. I found a pair at Amazon that would work just fine the Aven 18403 for $5.04.

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Posted by dteel | Apr 17, 2014 @ 04:10 PM | 2,171 Views
Thought that I would track my thoughts as I progress in my journey. Started flying RC helicopters in December 2013.

My first helicopter was the MJX T-23, I donít remember the purchase date. I flew this helicopter around my back yard until I destroyed the flight blades and smoked one of the two motors. Ordered new blades and a new motor; after installing the new parts the bird still didnít fly very well. Essentially as soon as I received the V911 I was done flying this helicopter.

Here's a list of the gear that I own.

MJX T-23 (mistake, I think I'm going to disassemble it for parts)
WL Toys V911 - 6 (three lost in the wind, 3 remain) BNF (all but the 1st one)
WL Toys V912 BNF
WL Toys V913
Blade SR
Blade 130X
Blade Red Bull BO-105 CB 130X
WL Toys V977 (w/Tx)
HeliMax Axe 100
Skyartec Wasp Nano CPx
HiSky HFP 80 V1 x2
HiSky HFP 80 V2 x2
HiSky HFP 100 V1 x2
HiSky HFP 100 V2 x2
HiSky HFP 100FS
HiSky HCP 80 V1 x 2
HiSky HCP 100 x 2
Walkera Mini CP x 2
Walkera Master CP
Walkera V120D02S
JR Forza 450 3D Kit w/Motor

Hubsan X4 (w/Tx)
WL Toys V959 (w/Tx)
WL Toys V262 (w/Tx)

Devo 10 with nRF24L01 module installed
Hisky X-6S Transmitter (with updated PCB installed)
Spectrum DX6i Transmitter
Skyartec NASA 701
HiSky HT-8 Transmitter Module
Tactic AnyLink Transmitter Module
Posted by dteel | Apr 14, 2014 @ 06:18 PM | 2,750 Views
12/27/2013 V911 RTF Amazon $41.29
03/01/2014 V911 BNF New Egg $22.36
03/01/2014 V913 RTF Amazon $85.80
03/09/2014 V912 BNF Amazon $49.99
03/10/2014 V911 BNF w/parts New Egg 25.78
03/17/2014 V911 BNF New Egg $22.36
03/20/2014 Blade SR Amazon $139.74
03/21/2014 V911 BNF $25.78
04/11/2014 V911 BNF Banggood $18
04/11/2014 V977 RTF Banggood $99.99
04/11/2014 Helimax Axe-100 FP BNF Amazon $49.99
04/16/2014 HiSKY HFP80 V1 BNF TMart $41.47
04/16/2014 HiSKY HFP100FS (V1) BNF TMart $43.77
04/27/2014 Hubsan X4 RTF Quad Copter Amazon $47.79
06/11/2014 HISKY HFP80 (V2) Banggood $36.99
07/16/2014 Hisky HFP100 (V2) TMart $38.99
07/28/2014 Hisky HFP100 (V2) BNF Banggood $39.99
08/01/2014 Hisky HCP100 BNF Banggood $39.99
08/07/2014 HISKY HFP80 (V2) Banggood $36.99
08/20/2014 Walkera Master CP Banggood $141.99
08/21/2014 Blade 130X EBay seller $130
11/19/2014 HiSky HCP100 Banggood $55.49
11/19/2014 Walkera Mini CP Banggood $79.88
12/30/2014 Walkera V120D02S, Walkera Helicopter Supply $118.96
01/14/2015 JR Forza 450 3D Kit w/Motor
01/22/2015 Blade Red Bull BO-105 CB 130X
02/11/2015 FT Spitfire Speed Build Kit $36.00
02/14/2015 P-51D Mustang Ultra-Micro BNF $89.99