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Posted by tungsten2k | Mar 06, 2014 @ 02:36 PM | 3,978 Views
It seems every few months the question is asked "What connector should I use for my model ?" And invariably, a religious connector war ensues

Not content with the incomplete, and/or questionable rigorousness of the current (pun always intended) connector tests, I decided to find out for myself, and now, I share the results with you.

In setting out to test connectors, I had a few primary goals in mind:
  • Rigorous (disclosure, demonstrable, repeatable)
  • Comprehensive (capture as much metadata and metrics about the testing of each connector as possible, within reason - to hopefully minimize the need for "different" testing by all posterity)
  • Updatable (ability to update the testing results piece-meal, without requiring full retest of all connectors - this depends heavily upon the first goal of being rigorous)

And my personal goals were:
  • Answer the debate of "barrel spring vs split-pin ?"
  • Which of the current popular connectors are most-ideally suited for medium-sized RC use today ?

For terminology of the different types of pin-in-tube connectors, I decided (rather arbitrarily) to adopt the terminology from the following web page, as it was the primary page of the google search responses that described the different securement styles adequately:

(excerpt from
  • Split-Pin - A split-pin design where the conductor pin is sliced into 2 [or more] elements thereby creating a frictional springing action
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