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Posted by wingloada | Today @ 04:40 PM | 20 Views
Over the last few weekends, I have been putting together a vacuum reservoir system for bagging. With this, the pump doesn't run continuously but only for a few minutes every now and then while holding vacuum in between.

The system is sold as a 'short kit' from Joe Woodworking online.

I call it a short kit because you need to go to Home Depot and pick up some bits and pieces along with what is included in the kit and it is assumed that you already own a vacuum pump to use with the system. The parts are excellent quality and the instructions made the whole thing very easy to understand and build. The kit's not cheap (about $170) but for me, having it all arrive knowing it works and fits together was worth the extra cost over collecting the parts on my own.
Posted by noodles58 | Today @ 04:08 PM | 89 Views
I bought a spectrum dx6i 3 yrs ago and have dropped it resulting in breaking the ' trainer ' switch. Which also controls the timer, which I use to keep track of flight time. If anyone can point me in the right direction for acquiring the part it would be greatly appreciated. thank you
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Today @ 03:47 PM | 178 Views
The right wing panel is nearly completed now. The only things remaining to do are to fill some gaps, install the final LE edge piece and shape it.

I am NOT a perfectionist when it comes to building. I build strong, straight, make mistakes, correct mistakes and then in the end it gets covered with Monokote. I admit I sometimes get on a roll and make a mistake or two that needs to be fixed. Like beginning to install 3" wide LE sheeting instead of 4" wide sheeting. I have been building planes for over 27 years. Most airplane construction is pretty much the same from plane to plane. D tube wing construction, sheeting, cap strips, LG mounts, etc.

The wing tips on this plane are way over engineered and heavy IMO, but I am going to build this airplane pretty much as designed. I am not going to make major modifications to the construction process, but there are things I will do a bit differently. The wing tips, I pretty much just slapped together on the glass sheet. They will get final sanded to shape so I am not too concerned about absolutely perfect junctions.

Back to how I am building the Hog. I am thinking of going against common practice of 2 aileron servos and using the old school method of one in the middle of the wing with the torque rod setup as described in the instructions. Aileron box installed next.

Now the fun if this kit begins, cutting 1/2" parts from printed on 1/2" stock. Gotta love old SIG kits. Wing filler block for...Continue Reading
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Posted by Over The Front | Today @ 03:17 PM | 219 Views
I'm currently diving in headfirst to the world of RC aircraft by building jetset44's Fokker DR1 Parkflyer. I'm using the Dollar Tree foam board, but the top and middle wings are Elmer's foam board, as the DTFB was not large enough.

I've posted some updates directly in jetset44's thread, I will repost them here.
Posted by luisfilipe1983 | Today @ 02:48 PM | 280 Views
This is a video about a homemade speedboat that i built at home with my brother, it shows a bit of what has happened during the days and how it got to be what it is today it is almost ready can't wait to try it

Homemade RC Speedboat build project (4 min 59 sec)

Posted by Scale Dail | Today @ 02:40 PM | 296 Views
As I finish my Royal Colt/Tripacer build, I guess I'll start a blog thread on my next project.
I'll start with a little history I have with this plane.
Back in the mid 80's I had a freind by the name Don Mulligan he was much older than I or my RC freinds. He was in the Navy in WW II, and was quite a craftsman.
He liked to build Warbirds at that time, and he built a few of the popular kits of the time, 2 TF P-51B's, 2 Hollman FW-190A's, a Hollman F6F Hellcat, and a Royal B-25. He had some sport models at the time also. Well he was not very good with the Warbirds so his friends Peter Helm and myself would help him fly them. Well, his second Top Flite P-51B Mustang was a very good flyer, except it really torqed to the left on the take off. I begged him to sell it to me, and he agreed. I did not have much money at the time so I had to make payments to him. In the meantime I started flying it (bad idea).
Not long after I took it home I think it was my second weekend flying it, I got a radio hit or some problem with control and it spiraled in just after attacking Peter's German Twin a twin engine Sweet Stick made to look German(he still has it). It was pretty bad, the wing was smashed and the tail was broken in several areas. His radio was in it and his engine and servos. He took it home and scrapped it out and gave me what was left of the airframe. Yes we were still freinds, he was there and knew I did not dumb thumb it in. I finished paying him and filed the fuse and a bag of parts away for a later time. This was 1989.
Below is my only picture of it as it was in the 80's as "Old Crow"
Posted by augustus | Today @ 02:25 PM | 326 Views
Working up a design for a Boat Box for the Springer Tugs I'm building.
Loosely based on a couple boxes I've seen here on RCG...
I been Thread Hopping so much lately I don't remember from whom I got the idea.
If I run across them again I'll add their names to keep it straight.

I still need to modify the design to add a place for a Radio.
But there is plenty of room under the boat for Batteries and Tools.

Picked up an inexpensive 4'x8' sheet of 1/4" Oak plywood from Lowe's.
Glued together with Hot Stuff CA Glue.
Stained with Minwax Red Oak.
Distressed it a bit with Hammer and Saw, and left some Glue Over Run for a Used and Abused look. Finished with six coats Rust-Oleum Satin Clear.
Used Barge Cement to glue down some Pig Skin on the runners to protect the Hull. Sealed the leather with Tandy Super Sheen.

Posted by nate25j | Today @ 01:20 PM | 499 Views
Hey guys

I got a new radio.....The highly talked about Taranis X9D plus. I purchased this from GetFPV last Sunday the 25th and received it Friday the 30th, not bad on turn around.

A little on my own transmitter history, I first started with a dx6i . It was a really good unit to begin with, though limited me once I began my road to FPV. The next setup I got was a turnigy 9xr with orange module. This help get me off the ground via FPV for a decent price, but had it's own draw backs, such as the gimbal pots being really stiff, and I really wanted to use telemetry!

First impressions the the Taranis X9D Plus is very nice! The overall quality you can feel in your hands, moving the sticks, and adjusting the switches is what makes this transmitter stand out from the rest. Not to mention the capability of the OpenTx software as well as price point is what makes this hands down a top contender. I'm now seeing what all the fuss is about!
Posted by Rocco Leo | Today @ 11:14 AM | 842 Views
Propellers and Spinner Avanti Piaggio P-180 by Rocco Leo.
Posted by kristjane | Today @ 05:46 AM | 1,506 Views
Big party with building wings
It took me some time to do that, but mostly because I was busy with other stuff. One half of wings it took me two days spending in workshop, since I had to wait wood glue.
All parts fitted perfectly together so no sanding needed. all I had to do was to extend spars for about 50mm, since spars came only 1000mm long.

335g for uncovered wings is great result, I was expecting almost 70g more....Continue Reading
Posted by 3nd3r | Today @ 02:11 AM | 1,986 Views
This is my first quad - first build...

Frame: RedRotor RC Strider
Flight Controller: Open Pilot CC3D Atom
ESCs: Afro Slim 20A
Motors: Multistar Elite 2204-2300KV
Props: HQ 6045 or APC 6040
Receiver: Spektrum AR610
Battery: Turnigy Nano-tech 3S 1500mah 35C
FPV: None yet... working on it...

Current AUW: 460 grams
Posted by GBLynden | Today @ 01:39 AM | 2,046 Views
This is a nice scale flight full of slow passes that I made with my only current RC Biplane in the new E-Flite UMX Pitts.

Some of the sounds you hear during the video are from the cameraman Shawn's three year old daughter who decided to try to fly this plane as I was taking pictures for the screen cap shortly after this flight. I ended up playing soccer with it to keep it from taking off and it was a very crazy scene with everyone there wondering what just happened. The good news is it is a very tough little bird and I was even able to glue the foam spinner back on that fell off during the kicking. We will see how it flies when I take it out next, but all of my testing shows that it is ready for more pretty flights like this one in the future


Slow Passes and Scale Flight Fun - E-Flite UMX Pitts S-1S BNF Basic RC Biplane with AS3X Technology (2 min 17 sec)

Posted by 72dan | Today @ 01:26 AM | 2,080 Views
Frustrated with the Viking II E, spent hours trying to get the RX back in place with the three antennas through the holes, still can't do it.

Back to my Chevy motor project, stroker assembly finally came in.
Got the short block assembled, put in some nice parts.
3.75" Scat stroker crank, profiled I beam 6" rods with recessed 12 point bolts, ended up having to notch the bottoms of the bores just a tiny bit.
Mahle flat top pistons, floating pins, file fit rings.

CNC has made some really cool hot rodding parts.
Getting 6" rods and a 3.75" stroke in a 350 without having the floating piston pins stick into the oil ring is an engineering feat. The piston/rod is much stronger than what was available 20 years ago and 225 grams lighter so it revs faster and higher, a new forged aluminum alloy that allows tighter piston to wall clearances.

Next post I will bolt on the new aluminum heads, fully ported by a CNC program and flow like Niagara falls without losing port velocity. Using the newest AFR 195 cc heads with the competition package.
Posted by JulietKiloMike | Today @ 12:29 AM | 2,199 Views
I've started selling RC connectors on eBay! I got annoyed with being unable to check / balance my ultra micro batteries using standard charging equipment and voltage checkers, so I did a few hours of research, ordered connectors in bulk, and started soldering! I figured that I definitely wasn't the only person to have this problem, and so far I've been right. I'm really making less than minimum wage in dollars per hour spent, but I'm doing this mostly for fun and to help out fellow fliers. So far I've learned volumes about soldering tiny things and working within the limitations of the USPS (their machines are great at eating things)--but I think I've got the kinks in the production and shipping process ironed out by now. If you want a connector, PM me or check out my listings on eBay!

E-flite 1S to JST-XH connector

E-flite 2S to JST-XH connector
Posted by vondetour | Today @ 12:07 AM | 2,236 Views
Time to start reading.http://www.fahrtipps.de/verkehrsrecht/fev.php?par=48a

KFZ-Steuer Berechnung, Pkw Steuer Tabellen & Befreiung

Hier finden Sie die Steuerberechnung für Autos, Motorräder, Wohnmobile, Anhänger und Nutzfahrzeuge. Mit Hilfe unserer Steuertabelle und unseren Steuerrechner können Sie schnell und einfach die Höhe Ihrer Jahressteuer berechnen. Desweiteren finden Sie nützliche Steuertipps sowie interessante Hinweise zu Vergünstigungen und Steuerbefreiungen.

Die Kfz-Steuer für Benzin- und Dieselfahrzeuge errechnet sich aus der Steuer für den Hubraum, der Steuer für die Schadstoffemissionen und den Sockelwert für den CO2 Freibetrag. Pro angefangene 100 ccm fallen beim Benziner (Ottomotor) 2 Euro und beim Diesel 9,50 Euro Steuer an.
Seit 01.01.2014 ist ein Ausstoß von 95 Gramm pro Kilometer steuerfrei. Bis 2013 lag dieser Grenzwert noch bei 110 Gramm pro Kilometer. Seit 2014 heißt es also, jedes Gramm, welches über der 95 Gramm-Grenze liegt, wird mit zusätzlich 2 Euro besteuert. Durch diese Verschärfung des Grenzwertes für Neufahrzeuge wird für alle im Jahr 2014 erstmals zugelassenen Autos, die diese 95 Gramm-Grenze nicht einhalten, eine höhere Autosteuer fällig.
Halter von Elektroautos (auch Brennstoffzellenfahrzeuge) genießen die Vergünstigung einer 10jährigen Steuerbefreiung bei Erstzulassungen in der Zeit vom 18.5.2011 bis 31.12.2015. Die geltende Befreiung der Kfz Steuer wurde auf alle anderen Fahrzeugklassen (beispielsweise auf...Continue Reading
Posted by monkeyhobby | Yesterday @ 11:43 PM | 2,314 Views
With the updations in technology world, there is lot of change in various small fields also. One of these sprawling field is toy making parts. From fashionable Barbie doll to superfast remote controlled cars and aeroplane parts. If we talk about plan parts, FMS(Flying model stimulator), it is the latest technology today in toy parts.

If your kids love racing, then Remote Control helicopter with Large Hand Remote Controller car is a perfect gift for them. Every Remote Control Products can Move Forward, Backward, Left and Right, Up and Down. This remote control car, remote control helicopter, rc trucks, rc plane, fms plane parts, rc drift cars, hsp parts, rc helicopter is powered by battery and responds excellently when moved in directions of their choice.
RC plane manufacturers often start the manufacture of parts for a specific airplane order well before all detail parts for that airplane have been fully defined. This is great for the airlines but complicates the process of building planes to a tight schedule. Furthermore, airplane manufacturers must have considerable flexibility built into their processes, to allow last-minute modification to parts that will be needed shortly thereafter in final assembly.

Flight controls allow pilots to control the collective (or throttle, on fixed pitch helicopters), the cyclic controls (pitch and roll), and the tail rotor (yaw).

Controlling these in unison enables the RC helicopter to perform the same manoeuvres as...Continue Reading