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I am currently building an X8. I have read a lot of helpful articles on this....prop selection seems to be a bit tricky. Also using 2 slightly different kv motors...top and bottom...has anyone bench tested x8 's with different kv motors?
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#TinyTips Have a gorgeous foamie biplane that's got realistic rigging? Here's a quick tip to help keep those rigging knots secure.

TINY TIPS: HOW TO GLUE RIGGING KNOTS - Featuring the ROCHobby Waco (1 min 1 sec)

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Hello again,

Today I finally put knife to depron and started my next parkjet. A 630mm wingspan A-5 Vigilante.

Wingspan: 630mm
Lenght: 888mm
Target AUW: 180g
Motor: EMax CF2805
Sevos: 2x 9 gram

With this motor and AUW I hoping to get a thrust:weight of 2.5:1. Should be fun!

Her she is

AUW so far is 52g

More to come!

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"The U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) in Natick, Mass., has established the Cargo Pocket Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance program, or CP-ISR. This applied systems approach seeks to develop a pocket-sized aerial surveillance device that will augment over-the-hill ISR capabilities for soldiers in challenging battlefield environments. This platform will support the Army Capabilities Integration Center's Manned Unmanned Teaming (Ground) Limited Objective Experiment, or LOE."
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I've been trying to unravel the mysteries of flashing ESCs as I continue my journey of my first brushless build. Let's see if we can make all this stuff talk...

I have in my hot little hands a set of B-12A Ice Blue ESCs from Ready to Fly Quads. (Clone of Hobby King BlueSeries ESCs) They came pre-flashed with SimonK, but after using BLHeliSuite for my first ever ESC flashing, I want to stick with what I've already learned instead of sticking with what came with the ESCs. These have a different processor then the H-King 10A ones I did previously, so the tools and methods are different and a little more involved. One good thing is no soldering is required except perhaps making a wire harness.

My first post here will cover the hardware side of things, software soon to follow. Here's how I'm gonna connect everything using mostly items I have floating around and you likely do also. This method only works on ESCs that already have SimonK bootloader installed. (If your ESC came pre-flashed with SimonK, it's reasonable to expect it will have the SimonK bootloader.) BLHeli will not replace the bootloader, but will install it's programming and work normally through the BLHeliSuite. I will try other methods and post up here later.

One item you probably don't have is a USB linker. I got my Afro USB ESC Programmer off of eBay. (Listing shows "Make Offer" option now available.) It's also available at Hobby King. Another alternative is the Turnigy USB Linker...Continue Reading
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Hello guys, today I want to recommend a new patent product, Okay you can see the patent number on the Original box. We call it HM830 RC plane also. Specifically you can see. It just is a drive, while you will never imagine this little guy can dance in the sky. Absolutely madness it is!
Okay, I show you what are in the box.
There is one MH830 with a 3.7 volt and 150 milliampere battery,two blades and an USB charging cable.

The unit weight is 20 gram. And it is not so length, which just is 260 millimeter. Even though it is small,but the remote control distance is 150 meters.

Is it difficult to fly? My answer is no. I’m sure everybody can fold a plane. The manual shows the common methods. Yes,many ways to fold a paper plane. Now, I am folding one for you.
By the way, in order to achieve better flight results. I suggest retaining larger wing area in the final step of folding the paper plane.

Okay, I finish. Then along the slot its lower body,we place the paper airplane into the top of the slot.

How to operate HM830?

First, power on the body,and then switch on the remote control. After that the frequency indicator of remote control turns from flashing to steady state, the remote control and the aircraft match the frequency successfully.

Hand-cast take-off
Confirm the wind direction before flying.Hold the center of paper airplane and push the gear lever in. we suggest pushing it to the top during take-off(press the accelerator button if necessary)....Continue Reading
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Details of my Tarot 650 Hybrid build can be found in this post:
Posted by VALTER DELMOND | Yesterday @ 10:26 PM | 626 Views
Hello friends, I'm in trouble here in Brazil! .... Bought a radio in dx9 Helidirect last month appeared to turn on the radio mensangem raw input test, sent a representative to the radio here in Brazil say they have to trade the board, plus the Horizon Hobby does not have the card for repair, I am without the radio
for my flight helis, can someone help me, thanks.
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Hi everyone! My name is Jonathan Parrott, and I’m with Stephen Dade and James Pattison. We are all members of the CanberraUAV non for profit organisation from Australia and between us have been involved with “drones” for over 13 years between us.

We love multirotors, and have bought and/or built A LOT of them between us, only to be let down by one thing or another. Lazy and unsafe design compromises, poor build quality, substandard gimbals, and poor/illegal video transmitters are just the start of the issues we keep coming across. We saw a need to fix these problems, so we created the UASys (Uninhabited Aircraft Systems) team. We are focused on designing and creating safe and innovative multirotors with particular emphasis on safety, practicality, aesthetics, and high quality video feeds.

It helps that James is an aerospace engineer (and a bit crazy). Stephen is a communications engineer (and assists with the APM:Planner 2 Linux port, MAVProxy development AND runs the occasional quadcopter workshop). Lastly I (just call me Jono) work as an aviation traffic management officer (yeah it’s kinda complicated to explain). So all in all a pretty good set of skills to attack this kind of project with.

We are all massive fans of open source software, and think that not only the final product, but the journey, should be open to all. We're really excited to get started on some concepts and an initial prototype and will keep everyone updated with how we are going!

We've got a few more concept pictures on our Flickr page so check it out
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After to see lot's of SkyWalkers for FPV I decided to build my own version.
I have some experience building foamies coping techniques from flitetest and RCG, some of my proyects were successfulls others no but I'm still working to improve myself.
Construction was very simple, it took a couple of days to build the entire plane (I also have 2 kids to attend!!!) Pictures talks by themselves.
Performance It is probably far away from SW but the plane can do same task, it was by far cheap and of course I'm proud to fly my scratch build plane!!!

Avion Cormoran para vuelo tipo FPV (2 min 22 sec)


Material list:
PVC pipe for electrical installations, it is pretty ligth 5/8 inch outer diam
glue gun
The cockpit was made of an PVC oil bottle (1 liter) from car motor
Tail made of Foamboard
Wing: Depron 5mm
DuctTape for the wing

100cm de fuselage,
163cm wing
25cm span
50cm tail

...Continue Reading
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Tarot 650 Ironman (5 min 48 sec)

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Here is some background on hovercraft models I've produced in the past leading up to my most recent design.
I got the idea to make models to sell back in the early 1980's after coming up with a design that worked pretty good and called it the 'Thruster', not to be confused with the "atomic thruster"( which has nothing to do with me). Even though the batteries and motors were heavy by todays standards it worked well and many were sold through local hobby shops. -See photos.
In an attempt to lower the cost the design morphed into a single engine layout in different versions until after about 10 years of hard work i realised how much more money i could earn just building houses instead. -
After a long break from hovercraft I've recently become involved in developing a practical NSH (non skirted ) hovercraft design. Not just a flat bottomed skimmer for smooth concrete etc but a proper design that can go pretty much anywhere.
There have been a couple of models produced without skirts which perform well but like most skirted models only work on smooth surfaces and not at all on water or grass, which is a bit disappointing.
-The early full scale craft of the 1960's had similar limitations which is why all hovercraft now have skirts.
It has been a real challenge to go 'back to the future' and come up with something that overcomes this but finally its a reality and we have a practical NSH design. The model based on this is called the 'Stingray' which will initially be in kit form.
If anyone has had similar ideas or seen a good design i would really appreciate some info.
stingray rc hovercraft (1 min 11 sec)

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Collinn Quinn demos (54 min 23 sec)

With so many unemployed programmers, it was only a matter of time before someone would try to free the bits & upload some videos. We'll see how long this lasts until the indy movie studios crush the rebellion. These videos covered what currently are the 3 mane copters, in a rare appearance without any editing.

Collinn was a lot more down to Earth than when we was at DJI. It was still definitely a choreographed team demo, looking a lot like a Vegas trade show.

As with personal experience, the 1st attempt at a programmed flight was a hair raising flyaway & it took 2 attempts for it to work. He assumed it was a conversion from centimeters to meters, but the team never said what it was. When it did work, the droidplanner eye candy obscured what was happening, but you could barely see that it wasn't able to fly in a circle, in the wind.

They may have removed the circle from the flight plan because it wouldn't work. The user interface never showed it.

The eye candy made Droidplanner worthless outdoors, but it did show the potential for easy mission planning. It just needs a way to play back a simulation before flying, in order to avoid take 2.

...Continue Reading
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Another new Russell Brown video for the Vision+. This one is about 360 degree panoramas. Interesting that Mr. Brown likes to use the same software that others of us have liked and posted about on this forum. Guess that's a pretty good acknowledgement that we were on the right track . Also, it should be noted that Mr. Brown's video cuts out at the very end (he does mention this is a rough draft but it is a little anticlimactic...so I offered an example for you below of what one of these looks like when finished in case you missed my earlier post on the topic).

360 VR Tour (Very Rough Draft) (12 min 44 sec)

As an aside, Russell chooses to use Photoshop for much of his prep work (as would be expected since it is his company's software after all ), but really the Kolor software does most of the work if you let it and you don't need to prep any of the pics ahead of time in Photoshop, nor do you need to use the lens correction as Kolor's Autopano Giga does a good job of that on its own and does color corrections and color blending for you. Here's a cut and paste from my earlier post if you want to know how I do it:

1) First thing is start with a set of 10-12 pics from the V+ (note that I have found the JPGs seem to work better than raw DNG files for this program). Take 5-6 of them with camera tilted all the way up (make sure there is a little bit of overlap in each picture as you rotate the camera all the way around - 360 degrees)

2) Next, tilt the...Continue Reading
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Nephew's over Monday wanting to see Rc planes. My son fly's my Quad around the house. I fly my small planes out back. They want to see bigger planes so I get out bigger planes for show and tell. Pick up 182 from living room floor going to put plane back in plane room. I smack the tail on the doorway and it breaks. I can fix it, but have broken plane not flying before. I drop a radio once on a Albatros and it never few good again after repairs. Took Kathryn to see new planes movie we both loved it.
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RE: docket number FAA-2014-0396
First off, thank you for the opportunity to voice our opinions in this matter. I have been flying RC for close to 25 years, FPV for the last 5. During that time I have garnered experience (both military and civilian) in Air Traffic Control so I am well versed in the multitude of FAR's and have many times been the conduit for communications between pilots in the air and operations on the ground. The FAA’s interpretation suggests that hobbyists who fly their models by “first person view” are now suddenly in violation of the law. A very large group of otherwise law abiding citizens that are doing nothing different than before this interpretation was issued may now be criminalized for simply using video glasses or “goggles.” For the past decade, FPV has been inspiring students, engineers, robotics enthusiasts, and many others to take up the hobby or to expand their hobby activities. Product and Technology innovations directed to the FPV segment of model aviation have exploded within the past few years providing for the upstart and growth of small business, job creation and the catalyst which our struggling economy so desperately needs. FPV as a method of control adds no danger to the hobby, especially when a spotter is present to monitor the airspace. I would contend that FPV actually ADDS a safety factor to RC flight by saying the ability of an FPV pilot to "sense and avoid" full scale aircraft is better than that of a General...Continue Reading
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wish somebody would have told me this scratchbuilding thing can be such a process! now i know why some guys dont like to fly their birds much. just makin my own wood... somebody call a wambulance...

my first build is a Comet P51 from the '40's-the 18 inch rubber powered stick and tissue type. a friend gave me the original kit wich has been miraculously preserved. the box is kinda rotty but most if not all the contents are their. NO WAY I WAS GOING TO DESTROY SUCH A FIND! so i started from scratch. printed out the plans i found on outerzone.com, enlarged 150% so the wing span would be 24" and got busy.

ohhhhhman! i had no idea!!!! this is not going to be the last plane i build though. gauranteed. it is taking me some time to finish because im kind of learning as i go. this simple little plane has spurred a whole new avenue of interest for me wich i kind of needed (i guess...) as i go im researching and trying out new things to develope my skills, so i find myself veering off to experiment and practice like a mad scientist or something. heck, just making my own wood is practicly an art form.

much respect to the old timers!!! the patience some of this takes is enough to kill a guy. i have a long way to go...

picts and logs coming soon. already starting my next build, something i can actually fly. a 38" ep barracuda, it's the same as the AgMaster but has a different wing. thank The Man i bought myself an 1100 mm airfield P 51 foamy for xmas and my Stryker so i have something to fly in the meantime.