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Posted by JamesPlane | Today @ 11:11 AM | 54 Views
It's as big as the moon! Just kidding...
Posted by JamesPlane | Today @ 11:03 AM | 54 Views
About the same size as a rubber band plane!
Posted by JamesPlane | Today @ 10:59 AM | 61 Views
Needed another F-22!
Posted by Dreamcatcher | Today @ 10:32 AM | 74 Views
After 3 monthes of work my plastic model kit of the Spitfire Mk.XVI is finished :
Revell Spitfire Mk XVI (7 min 4 sec)

I hope to be able tomanage the same paint job on my foamy R/C Mk.XVI
Posted by shigetyann | Today @ 10:08 AM | 124 Views
Hi all

Its a world away from what it was when I enjoyed deep-V gas power boats.
Today it takes only several hours to go out to ponds.
ARF or RTF kits save lots of time to assemble.
Its good time.
Using three cell Lipo, she runs fifty KPH in actual.
Surface driving units made a big break through to drive efficiency.

I love this.

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Posted by dlearnt | Today @ 07:39 AM | 179 Views
Testing out my new Dominators (not the HD version):

Benjafield (3 min 27 sec)

Posted by kiwi_craig | Today @ 05:33 AM | 273 Views
Ditched the MJX motor gutless wonder........

Fitted up an EH200 4100kv from hobby king, big improvement. Allot more throttle response and faster head speed as well good 10 plus % gain


Mjx was pulling 2420rpm full throttle, EH200 was pulling 2710 initially then as the batt ran back dropped back to 2640 for extended duration.

Runs allot smoother as well as nice response on the throttle.

The motor is 2mm smaller in dia the mjx was rubbing the servo arms which wasn't helping the handling at times....

Test flights this weekend, bottomline EH 200 is a way nicer motor........
Posted by ACCHOBBY | Today @ 04:17 AM | 315 Views
New productancing Poke from DW hobby
Posted by Yina | Today @ 02:17 AM | 492 Views
Maytech new prop 9450 updated on the basis of 9443props:
Diameter / Pitch: 9.4x 5.0 inch
Maximum Thrust: 660 g (with 2212 motor KV920 @12V)

Compatible: Phantom/Phantom 2 and Flame Wheel 330, 450,550

1. The 9450s are a LOT stiffer.

2.low vibration, low inertial characters It provides precious extra thrust and better power loading efficiency. The boosted thrust improves the flying characters of heavy loaded Phantom and Flame Wheel models significantly, especially during descent and when maneuvering.

3. Aerodynamic approach of the prop is completely different.

4. Optimize the dynamic thrust. It has more static thurst, allows the thurst to change in a faster pace, which is needed in descending, especially if your craft is heavly loaded.
Posted by alex111 | Today @ 02:02 AM | 508 Views
hey guys on tuesday i went down to boondall boat club and the water is all the way up now so happy and i got some photos hope you like then

Posted by 747Pilot | Today @ 01:21 AM | 508 Views
Super fun day. This thing is dialed in! Like it's riding on rails. Just above half throttle cruises at 58km/hr.

Home made Monkey Blunt. See previous post.
NTM 2826/1200
Apc 8x6
25amp plush esc
Cyclops Breeze Osd
Frysky Taranis radio.
ImmersionRc 600mw.
Spec Uav DLS 5800 - testing.
Pz 0420 cam
Corona metal gear servos.
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Posted by tsooi | Today @ 01:04 AM | 545 Views
It takes practice to fly faster, So here we go !

mini h frame
emax 1806 motors
emax 12A simon series ESC
FC multiwii se 3.0

Race training (2 min 52 sec)

Posted by bwoollia | Today @ 12:33 AM | 527 Views
NEW Voltron GPS Black Box (13 min 51 sec)

Posted by gabe221 | Today @ 12:14 AM | 549 Views
I have several listings now. Can't figure the visit thing out. Some of my post/ threads have more than the whole blog page does?? something not right here Anyways it has been fun flying and chatting with ya'll.

Any questions??
: cool: always wanted to do that !!

my next plane will be a Titan.

Posted by sidebox | Yesterday @ 11:38 PM | 562 Views

A new camera and gimbal can cost you $750. We all love flying our drones, but a hard landing can destroy your fragile investment in the blink of an eye. Affix this high strength, yet flexible guard to the landing gear of your Phantom drone to help prevent damage during landings or crashes. The Drone Safety Guard allows air to flow freely through its structure with supports crisscrossing its surface for maximum shock resistance.

Made of sturdy cast acrylic, each guard is crafted with laser precision. A felt covered shield protrudes beneath the most delicate part of the gimbal and camera, the ribbon cable.

Included: 1 Drone Safety Guard, 4 plastic zip ties.

Why Plexiglass?
This material lasers incredibly well and is both sturdy and flexible at the same time. A more rigid material might pass more of the landing/crash shock up through the landing to your delicate drone. Plexiglass will flex and may even shatter with a hard enough impact. This means that the energy that may have otherwise caused even greater damage to your drone will be partially absorbed by the Drone Safety Guard.

Lifetime Warranty*
While we cannot guarantee that the Drone Safety Guard will be able to prevent any or all damage to your drone, we can certainly guarantee that we will replace the guard, should it break or fail after a hard landing or crash. Simply send us a picture of your broken Drone Safety Guard, and we will ship a replacement, free of charge!* Each sale is entitled to one replacement Drone Safety Guard.

*International replacements will require payment of postage.
Posted by Edge767 | Yesterday @ 11:36 PM | 580 Views
I wrote a post sometime last year ranking the Parkzone planes in order of what I believed was their ranked based on their flying characteristics. Well, that list was made before the Fw190 was released.

At first, after having flown the P-47D for so long and being used to its flaps, landing the Fw190 was troublesome to me. I had to get out of old habits and learn this new plane appropriately: that is, on its own merits. I'm glad I did. Where I was quite unhappy with its landing characteristics at first, I eventually taught myself how to get this plane onto the ground safely and to keep it from nosing over. What was the key? Bleeding off the airspeed and learning when to flare to get nice three-point landings. I also found myself landing flaps-up a lot more with my other planes.

So where would I put the Fw190 now in the rankings with the other Parkzone planes? I'd have to say it's a very close second to my all-time favorite, the P-47D. The advantages the P-47D has over the Fw190 are the following: the wheelbase of the P-47D is wider than the Fw190 making it more stable on the ground. The Thunderbolt is a much better ground-handling plane. The second advantage the P-47D has over the Fw190 is the flaps. While I've taught myself to land the Fw190 reliably without flaps, having flaps is really nice and is yet another aspect of flying that the RC pilot can experience that is unavailable on the Fw190.

The details on the Fw190 are amazing, however, and fit/finish are definitely next-gen on the Fw190. The droppable tank (with bomb drop mechanism) is pretty neat, although I find myself only dropping the tank when kids are around. Also, the way the battery hatch secures is very solid and I prefer it to the magnets on the P-47D.

So, while the Fw190 didn't unseat the Thunderbolt as my top-rated Parkzone plane, it's very, very close and worth a look if you're looking for a solid parkflyer warbird.
Posted by Edge767 | Yesterday @ 11:03 PM | 605 Views
After taking a 15 month break from RCGroups, I've returned. I know; you don't care. Fair enough.

What I didn't do, however, was stop flying. As the Chief Instructor for our local club, I've spent quite a bit of time instructing people of all ages and both sexes to fly. It's been a great year, and I am proud of all the new pilots.

Just today, I took out two oldies that haven't seen air time in a while; my Rocket Cub, and the original Parkzone Corsair. Both were champs, and it was nice to put them both back into the sky.

I'm looking forward to taking out the Hurricane again soon and getting some photos. I also look forward to posting here again. I'm still not posting in threads yet, but perhaps soon.

Oh, and that new E-Flite P-51D that is releasing in September is on my BUY list as well as the Great Planes Hawk P-6E. I am looking forward to flying both of those and posting pictures here when I do.
Posted by oiced | Yesterday @ 10:12 PM | 611 Views
I found out how to fix the vibration in the funcub, you just need to remove the firewall then with a knife lift the plastic, use EPOXI 5 minutes between the plastic and foam. Then after spread a lot of EPOXI around the plastic, one side at a time. Avoid the glue from getting in the firewall hole, after 24 hours you will not have any more vibrations for sure.
Posted by epoweredrc | Yesterday @ 09:46 PM | 640 Views
Just a place to talk about the new DX6 radio and add a few pictures. Also check out my videos
Will be adding more to this later.
DX6 Part one, Overview (5 min 7 sec)

Part two

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