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RG916170's blog
Posted by RG916170 | Jun 02, 2014 @ 01:12 AM | 1,462 Views
Hello again everyone,
This is part 2 of my build log/electric conversion of the RedWing RC 30cc Extra. Today I installed hinges, control horns, and tail gear assembly.
Let's start with the hinges:
The plane came with pin hinges for all surfaces. 3 for the rudder, 3 for each elevator half, and 5 each wing. The control surfaces came with the holes for the hinges pre-drilled. What they recommend doing is covering the pivot in the center of the hinges with vaseline so glue doesn't get into the pivot and lock up the hinges. It worked perfectly. I found the easiest and fastest way to epoxy the hinges in is to cut off the cotton part at the end of a q-tip so it's just the stick. Then put the end of the stick (with epoxy) into the pre-drilled holes in the control surfaces.

The included control horns are fiberglass. They came pre-assembled with the end of the linkage already bolted between the 2 horns. On each surface there are 2 slots for the horns. You only have to cut away the covering over the slots, then install the horns. The horns have small bumps and grooves on them so you can cut them to the right size. I found they fit best on all surfaces with only 2 grooves, 3 bumps. (cutting off the lower 2 bumps).

The PDF manual that was on the disc doesn't have instructions for the Extra, only the SBach, Slick, and Yak 55. The pictures of the tail gear assembly showed a different setup than what I got. After I figured out how to assemble it, it was very easy to install. I'll include a picture of that.

Look out for part 3 soon.
Thanks, RG

Team RedWing RC
Posted by RG916170 | May 31, 2014 @ 09:53 PM | 1,767 Views
Hi everybody,
Last week I ordered the 30cc Extra 330 from RedWing RC. I only fly electric, so in addition to a build log, I'll also be doing an electric conversion log. I'll be posting as I go on with the build, so there will be multiple parts to the log. I'll also be posting pictures at the bottom of each entry, after the text.

This morning the Extra was delivered to my house, only 3 days after ordering! I spent all day working on it. It's actually a pretty easy build. I immediately opened the box, and noticed what a great packing job they did at the factory. Everything was wrapped in protective foam, then put in a plastic bag. Instead of a paper manual, it came with a CD I put in my computer and Adobe PDF reader opened up. It had a choice of files included on the disk, one of which was the manual for the 30cc planes, but only the 30cc Slick, SBach, and Yak 55. it did not include the Extra. But all the techniques were similar, so it worked fine. I had to jump around a bit because I ran out of epoxy, so I couldn't install the rudder (the first step). I went on to the next step, landing gear. Pretty simple, axle bolted to the carbon fiber gear with a wheel. The wheel pants are held on by small bolts, 2 each. I then went on to installing the gear onto the fuse. In the manual it says to use bolts with an allen key head, but they were too small for the pre-drilled holes. My kit had 4 phillips head screws that worked perfectly. The next step I did was the horizontal stabilizer....Continue Reading
Posted by RG916170 | May 21, 2014 @ 12:53 AM | 1,796 Views
Well, I went to the store today and picked up some neon green strings for my purple LTD guitar, now it REALLY matches my MX2! (PS, in the background, that's my Kramer "Strat")

(also posting a couple of my Kramer, just because )
Thanks, RG
Team RedWing RC
Posted by RG916170 | May 19, 2014 @ 09:45 PM | 1,587 Views
I got a new guitar, and I'll admit...part of my decision to get this one (besides playing performance/quality) was that it matches my 30cc MX2! I guess I'm a sucker for purple