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Now Cort lets not be so cruel . In public. Um If I have a Tupperware party would you come. All the PTA moms will be there.

It's not really Tupper.
party like it's 1999
Now I'm embaressing myself. nah
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Built this today. It was quite a challenge coming up with a yaw control that was light and effective. I think I succeeded. Frame with 11 gram servo came out to 64 grams. 209 grams with motors, esc, rec, props. Pretty light copter.

So far have only flown it in the work area. Will trim and tune it tomorrow.

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So here is the question.....Does anyone have this model ?
And what power set up are you likely to use ?
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I had some time whilst recently in the UK to add some finishing (though only temporary) touches to my Spitfire and with that some photo's too.

I've gone for a Greek scheme from early 1945 as it was a 'quick and easy' all silver/natural metal scheme to do as the Savex Spitfire comes out of the mold painted silver so I just really needed to stick some decals on (thanks to Jonte for the decals sizes ). This is only a temporary scheme, the theory being that one day when I return from Hong Kong I'll find time to properly fill, sand and finish the surface of the model before then painting and weathering her up in a new scale RAF camo scheme. But for now, she is done and I'm happy to leave her as she is until that magical day when I have a work shop again

Also flew at an event with the model after I had the new markings on but before I worked on the canopy. A guy at the club shot a nice video, its posted below. The pictures are from last Monday with the canopy improved and aerial added.

Look forward to coming back to this thread in a few years for the next update


Savex Supermarine Spitfire MK Vb (Pilot: Stuart, Durafly Brand Manager for HobbyKing) (2 min 38 sec)

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Skyartec X3V

This my 2nd X3V and is rarely flown now a days so it is in need of a good home. I fly my 450's instead now.
I've decided to sell her to fund another project (yet to be decided - but I'm thinking a Bix 3.0)

So I'll be letting these go:
  • 1 x Skyartec X3V heli
  • 1 x Skyartec NASA 701 computer TX (Mode 02 - throttle & rudder on the left stick)

With a bunch of spares to sweeten the deal:
  • 3 x Brand new OEM SCM-9A digital tail servos (I prefer the EMAX ES08MD metal gears ones though)
  • 2 x Brand new OEM VTS-05B analog cyclic servos (I prefer the EMAX ES08MA metal geear ones though)
  • 1 x Used OEM SCM-9A digital tail servo (removed from the heli)
  • 3 x Used OEM VTS-05B analog cyclic servos (removed from the heli)
  • 1 x Used OEM Complete Tail assembly
  • 1 x Brand new OEM main/tail gear set
  • 5 x Brand new OEM tail rotor arm sets
  • 1 x Brand new OEM tail belt
  • 3 x Brand new OEM VTS-05B plastic gear sets
  • 3 x Brand new OEM tail pitch slider & shifter sets
  • 1 x Brand new OEM nuts/bolts & screw set
  • 1 x Brand new OEM tail blade set
  • 1 x Used but straight main shaft
  • 1 x Used but straight feathering shaft

And if the buyer can pick up then:
Only AUD$60 + Postage. If you're interested PM me.

Skyartec X3V (Blackie) Final Flight Before Sale (3 min 28 sec)

She (along with her sister) were my 6CH trainers & the birds I tried out new...Continue Reading
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I got plans for a Mini Bird on EBay several months ago. They were dirt cheap, I think they were $5 shipped, and about a week later the plans were offered I digital format from the same guy for even less, so I bought them too.

Regarding the model's name ending with K10, I don't know what that stands for. Maybe K1 through K9 were failures. Just like WD 1 through 39 didn't work out.

Anyway, I've done a few build logs, and they have become very predictable. So I decided to do this one in a Blog. It will still be predictable.

Even-though I have several options on what to build next, I went with the Mini BOT because it will be a perfect small field flyer, and with soccer season coming up you can't have enough small field flyers as the large fields are full of soccer minions.

I have to plans for the RO8, the Zephyr 1100, Oly 650, and a few kits too. Drifter 2, Gnome 3 meter, Das Slupen Thing, and a few Stevens ultra micro kits. I know I have others, but I can't remember their names. Since I got back into building planes a couple of years ago I just keep building planes and I really need to thin out the fleet, but I just can't bear to part with any of them right now. I think I have around 20 e sailplanes, and several EFlite park flyers and ultra micros. I'm really going to sell off some of them, probably next year after I figure out how to ship them economically.

Before I start on the Mini BOT build here's some pictures of some of my models.
Not...Continue Reading
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When you need money, strap leftover cells together in any way & sell them on sale. 2008 was a tough year for maxamps.com.

They were ganged in 3's to get 3300mAh. They flew many times, then puffed.

...Continue Reading
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Its been awhile since last buying a UMX plane. I saw a Radian UMX and bought it just to check it out. I am so glad I did, two screws and a charged battery later it was headed skyward.

It flies amazingly smooth even in 10 mph winds. Controls are responsive and the folder prop works great when cutting the power to clean it up for soaring. On the stock battery it can easily get near 20 minutes of flight, that is numerous 300+ climbouts and then soaring to eye level repeatedly. This one is super easy to fly for a inspired newbie aviator young or old and would be great plane for any park or even flying up and down a city block as I do. I am very impressed with this sailplane thus far and look forward to many many more flights with it! Just wanted to share since I havent posted for awhile!
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A current listing of parts. Mostly for my own sanity and feedback from others as well for items I may have missed.

$629 - Summit
$ 10 - Traxxas Revo Progressive 2 Rocker Arm Set (TRA5358)

Servo City
$ 17 - HS-485HB Servo
$ 26 - HS-485HB Servo (180d)

$ 50 - Tonka Bronco Body


$ 55 - RMRC - 1.3GHz Receiver (V4 with Custom Comtech Tuner!)
$ 60 - RMRC - 1.3GHz 800mW Transmitter - INTL VERSION
$ 10 - Transmitter Cable (Large Plug)
$123 - ezUHF Diversity
$ 8 - 30cm (1ft) SMA Female to SMA Male RG316 Extension
$ 3 - 2x RMRC Battery Voltage Tester 1-6s


$ 25 - SRH-771 EzUHF Tx Antenna
$ 3 - 433MHz "Sander Style" Whip Antenna
$ 65 - IBCrazy 1.3 GHz 9.5dBic Helical Antenna
$ 35 - IBCrazy 1.3GHz BluBeam Ultra Airscrew Antenna (single)

LaserBGC (orderd/shipped)

$ 50 - LaserBGC 1.3Ghz Fatshark Receiver (for quick drives)

SurveilZone (orderd/shipped)
$ 46 - Sony 960H CCD Effio-V 800TVL Ultra WDR
$ 3 - Mini Square Metal Case for Effio-V Camera

$ 25 - 'Excellence OSD' Mini OSD System w/GPS Module (074000204) (back order)

$ 50 - 4x Turnigy nano-tech 7600mah 2S 40~80C Lipo (9210000016)
$ 7 - 2x Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch (9107000266-0)
$ 8 - 2x 12V 4.5A UBEC 2-5S Lipoly (7.2-21V) (12V45AUBEC)
$ 6 - 2x H2obbyKing HKU5 5V/5A UBEC (5AUBEC)
$ 6 - 2x Recovery Vehicle Single LED Light (Amber) (372000043-0)
$ 4 - TrackStar High Speed Bearing Lubricant (9342000046)
$ 3 - Female XT60 connectors (5pcs/bag) GENUINE (601Bx5)
$ 2 - 2x XT60 - JST Female in-line power adapter (XT60-JSTF)
$ 4 - JST-XH 2S Wire Extension 20cm (10pcs/bag) (JSTMF-2S-20)
$ 4 - JST-XH 3S Wire Extension 20cm (10pcs/bag) (JSTMF-3S-20)
$ 1 - Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 14AWG (1mtr) RED (R14A707-06)
$ 1 - Turnigy Pure-Silicone Wire 14AWG (1mtr) Black (B14A707-06)
$ 3 - 20CM Servo Lead (JR) 32AWG Ultra Light(10pcs/bag) (AM1043-20-32)
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Alright.... I'm in and need some new info to how to navigate the site...
I have been trying to get on here for few weeks and finally have gotten around to writing the first thread...
Hi all
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Am I OK? This is just one room.. Name: IMGP2311.jpg
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Size: 1.21 MB
Description: They are all ready.. And all been up.. Some crashed .. Too much to write about.. Foam Balsa... Spektrum, JR, Futaba.. Like 'em all.. So glad I'm not prejudice..
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By far, the best customer service in the U.S. for a reseller of the new FreeX quadcopter...Park RC Model Planes won't forget you ones you've made the perchase.
If you experience a problem with your FreeX quad. Park RC will be there for you when help is needed....I give Park RC two thumbs up!!

First link below takes you to the sales page for the FreeX quadcopter.

Last link is for largest & lowest parts listing in the United States for FreeX replacement parts.
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Walkera has designed the Walkera G-3S brushless gimbal after the Walkera G-2D,G-3D , this gimbal perfectly supports Sony RX100II cameras, high-accuracy brushless DC motordirect-drive control, compact design, made in aluminum alloy.

Walkera G-3S brushless high precision brushless gimbal: make simple, stable, perfect support Aony RX100II camera.
Light weight design: aluminium alloy, high strength, light weight and so on, and precise control of pitch and roll angles.
Pitch angle:-130 +90
Roll angle:-45 +45
Brushless motor: brushless motor specially designed for G-3S, compatible with the latest attitude control system, timely and correct flying attitude, make the footage more stable.
High precision control system: new attitude control systems, can greatly overcome thechattering during the shoot, make the images to achieve the best results.
Supports online upgrade: support programs online for free upgrades, shoot flying more secure.

Technical parameters:
G-3S characteristics and technical parameters:
1. Sony RX100II video camera aux output
2. supports supply voltages compensate
3. support motor driver-side short circuit protection
4. to support the initial pitch or roll angle custom
5. supports joystick mode and speed mode
6. support for conventional receiver
7. Working voltage: DC 7.4V~28V (recommended for 12V, three lithium battery)
8. current: 600mA-700mA (associated with the supply voltage and motor power)
9. working environment temperature:-15 ~65
10. sensor: three-axis MEMS gyroscopes and three-axis MEMS accelerometer
11. Control accuracy: 0.02
12. control range:-135 ~90 (elevation) and-35 ~35 (roll)
13. equipment: Sony RX100II
14. dimension: 134x166x147mm (length x width x height)
15. weight: 340g (without camera)
16. the controller program through the Hua Cole official website online upgrade (UP02and UP02 adapter is needed)
Its coming soon
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After solving a few technical issues mostly involved with setup of this model, not to mention moving into a new place, the upcoming reviews of the affordably priced Nitroplanes Pitts Python is moving along. Chief engineer Roland of Nitroplanes is one knowledgeable dude.

Once more, Callie Soden of Callie-graphics.com came through with the decals; the Pitts comes undecorated other than the covering and trim.

The fuselage looked so good after I applied the decals that I had to share it with our audience earlier than normal. These are the photos I sent to Callie this morning just because I wanted to share how nice this model is going to look when it's finished.

Nitroplanes stocks the Pitts right here.

As for other details, well, I don't want to spill too much before the reviews are finished. This'll be done in two separate reviews, one for the basic build and the other for the engine installation and flight characteristics.

Stay tuned to RCGroups!
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Getting back in the swing of flying after 35 years has been an education to say the least.
I have learned so much from all of you.
RCG is kin to the old encyclopedia's I had as a young man.
Tons of organized information. I just had to learn how to
extract it.
The same goes for RCG. What a great source to pull from.
It really pays to look for answers in this encyclopedia of
personal experiences with the bonus of getting to know
the author's.
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I have a 1300 kv motor, as i was told by the seller that the motor is good for plane about 600 grams if powered with 11.1 3cell lipo battey, 20A esc and a 9 by 4 prop. If the motor is good for a 600 gram plane that means the motor is producing about 690 or 700 grams of thrust, that is if i am right. If i now use a 700 kv motor with that same airplane will it work or even lift? for the 700 kv im also using 11.1 3cell lipo, 20A esc and 13 by 8 prop as told by the seller. Help me, Thanks
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This video is a quick demonstration of the easy way to pull out the LiPo battery from your DJI Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision or Phantom 2 Vision+ (Plus) R/C quadcopter

( thanks to Andys Aerial Adventures )

Easy & Hard Ways To Remove The LiPo Battery - DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ (Plus) Tutorial (0 min 31 sec)