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Posted by Lou | Dec 14, 2014 @ 08:59 PM | 6,094 Views
The Hyperflight Sapphire is is a lovely lightweight 2 meter electric glider designed for the Czech/Slovak Small Outrunner electric glider class. You can find the plane at Hyperflight in the U.K.

I want to acknowledge Neil Stainton and his HyperFlight site. Neil has been excellent to deal with and has always responded to all my pestering emails. The HyperFlight site starting from the organisation of it all, the cart/purchase transaction side of it and the overall top quality of information, should be the bellweather for U.S. vendors and other sites to emulate. For any in the U.S. that are considering a purchase from Hyperflight you can do so with utter confidence in Neil.

Time to add some pictures.
Posted by Lou | Dec 13, 2014 @ 09:33 PM | 4,356 Views
I ordered several of the Multiplex Panda Sports from Germany this past Christmas. When they arrived the shipping box were quite damaged and some of the parts suffered crushing.

Here is the vertical stab from one of the planes. I decided to straighten out the vertical stab with running hot water. Entire time took about 45 minutes as I worked the foam and let it cool, then worked it some more. I do not know how hot the water was but it was steaming a bit as it hit the rudder. Mind you do not get the water to a boiling point ( or near boiling ) as this will cause the foam cells to expand like popcorn.

I left the decals on and used flat wooden splints and building clamps to hold the rudder straight as it cooled. Bit by bit I restored the vertical stab and rudder without any of the foam cells expanding excessively or being crushed. In a few instances I did not use the splints but only bent with fingers and held until the foam cooled. I did find the rudder part of the vertical required a littel work separate of the rest of the vertical stab. The final alignment was done by running the water over the rudder on the opposite side of the bend....Continue Reading