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I have a flip 1.5 from readytoglyquads with 2.2 firmware but I dont know how setup horizon mode without activate and extra channel. I mean, I just want to release the stick and start using horizon mode.

It would be great some help.

Thank you
Posted by L24D | Today @ 03:01 PM | 42 Views
Just a minor update here, I'm going to keep this relatively short...
I have just acquired the materials to begin the assembly of one of my mini multirotor designs.
I'm also designing another quad frame in an X configuration, as well as a 6 and 8 motor frame.
But until those are complete, this is a sneak peek at the (prototype of the) H version.

I give you the Mini-4H!

I'm not releasing too much info on the design or build yet, unfortunately... But I will say this: It should put out 12.5oz of thrust on a 2s lipo, and a whopping 20.5oz of thrust on a 3s lipo. not bad for something that will fit in a 6x6" area. (Minus propellers, of course)

As I was saying, It's all laser cut, and fits together like a puzzle. The arms are self aligning as well. The only thing I haven' added yet are the bolt holes. That will come once I have the hardware to finish it. I'll also make cuts in the main section of the frame so that the battery straps will have a place to seat.

Both the H and the X quad frames are 10" Diagonal, from propeller tip, to propeller tip. 6" diagonal from motor center to motor center.

As for the 6 and 8 motor versions... Well, I haven't exactly planned that out yet.
May the excitement ensue!

To Be Continued...
Posted by Dive Brakes | Today @ 02:41 PM | 53 Views
Finally got to fly the CHK Modelle Carat that I picked up from Steeg.
I had to cut off the ailerons and re bevel them to get the proper throw. I replaced all the servos and dialed in the control linkages. Made up some servo covers and headed up to Piuma.
I am very impressed with the way it flys for such an old glider.
I am very pleased with how it turned out.
Thanks again Steeg

CHK Modelle Carat 3m in big air above Malibu (2 min 44 sec)

Posted by Phaedra | Today @ 02:21 PM | 78 Views
With the models constantly getting bigger, it is getting harder to assemble them inside the house. And so I needed to think of a creative solution to make this process easier.
My latest acquisition, the Hangar 9 Twin Otter, poses an even bigger challenge: to mount the wings, the model needs to be upside-down in order to get the strut retaining bolts in. When I put the fuselage on my Robart stand however, the vertical stabilizer is so tall that touches the table surface, pushing the model up from the stand.
On the field, this would quickly become an ever bigger problem, so I really needed a solution.
So it was time to get out the drainage pipes again, and start puzzling.
It needed to be foldable, adjustable, and I prefer the model to be at a more practical height, so I don't need to bend much to work on the model.
I started from the concept of a foldable ironing board, which gave me the idea of height adjustment by more or less folding.
Above the hinge point, you get a wedge form, allowing a variable fit for any model.
The next problem to tackle, was how to fix the position of the stand, while still retaining the foldability.
I decided on a small plywood platform, on which I attached some clamps that clip over the horizontal tubes. Which comes in very handy as a place to put my transmitter while working on the model! When folding the stand, I can just unclip the platform/tray very easily and stow everything in the car.

The first prototype can be seen in the pics below, and mounting my 3m Ka8 on it showed a shortcoming: I still need a way to support the wing(s) while assembling.
I'm also thinking about integrating a CG balancer function, making it easy to check the balance before every flight. If I make wing supports, I might provide vertical holes in them that can take for instance a pencil, with the eraser part up, on which I could support the wing to determine CG.
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I recently purchased a Syma X5C and had the same issue with the camera i had read so much about online (angled to look at the ground below rather than whats ahead)
i had seen multiple posts involving using longer screws and a spacer to achieve a level camera angle. Not wanting the wooden look and also not wanting to not go out and search for a slightly longer teeny screw. so i grabbed a paper clip and the screw driver they included with the X5C.
1. unfold the paperclip so that it is as straight as possible
2. remove camera from battery cover replacing the screws into the camera housing http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/attac...mentid=7627582
3. make two marks to indicate the distance between the two protruding screws from the camera housing along center of unfolded paper clip
4. using the screw driver loop the paper clip around once do this again on the other side. you should have a straight wire with two rings in the middle( the distance between the outside edge of either loop should be smaller than the distance between the screws)
5. bend the wire on the outside of both rings so that it makes the arms of the glasses http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/attac...mentid=7627589
6. stretch loops apart slightly and they will pop into place over the heads of the protruding screws from the camera housing. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/attac...mentid=7627593
7. place the arms of your 'glasses' through the screw holes on the battery cover (they should meet up fairly evenly...Continue Reading
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Gentlemen :

I played around a bit with a HoneyBee helicopter tail rotor that I salvaged from my buddy Quinn's junk bin to investigate the possibility of using it as a main rotor of an autogyro for inverted flight . As the rotor is now , it will freewheel easily having no driving belt connected . The positive / negative blade pitch mechanism is operated via a small bellcrank equipped with a ball link . If this unit were to be employed along with a set of cheap mini sized heli blades , I can see no problems with maintaining the rotor rotation direction as the blade pitch is changed from positive to negative and vice versa for regular or inverted flight .

However , If this unit's 3mm shaft set screw were be used to mount the pitch arm to a 2212 or CF2822 motor shaft instead , would this not create a variable pitch propeller assembly for regular airplanes ? 3D flyers could use this type of set up for full reversing thrust before flying straight into the side of a brick wall kind of flying . OR reverse hovering tail slides . (Too much coffee again Rick ?)

Perhaps my autogyro buddy XXXmags would like to have a go at fooling around with this thing as he does a lot of aerodynamic testing with the jigs that he builds . I would love to know if this idea would work !

If anyone has played around with this type of device , please let me know of how effective it was , any mods or any videos of it in flight .

The pictures show the unit that was cleaned up and re-lubricated...Continue Reading
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The first of three LaTrax Alias "clones" currently on the market that I will be reviewing…

Huaxiang Toys - Aviator 8927V - Review and Flight (Indoor & Outdoor) (14 min 22 sec)

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Hey, guys! A little creative fun with my first attempt at Space Animation created by applying a few of the more exotic effects in SONY Vegas Platinum to a space graphic generated in iPhoto.

Using 12 tracks on the time-line the only part that presented an initial challenge was the spinning planets but after the trick was learned it was just a simple matter of refining the visuals to make them look realistic.

Intergalactic Time Traveler - Basic Space Effects With SONY Vegas (0 min 29 sec)

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I've been wanting a Y6 for a while as it's considered a good format for flying in windy conditions. I had thought about converting my 900mm Vulcan Mantis to Y6 layout but it's setup and flying well so decided to keep it a flat 6 and source a coaxial frame - enter the Sky Hero Spy.

Name: Completed 2.jpg
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The Sky Hero Spy complete and ready to fly

Sky Hero is a Belgian company that produces a range of multirotors including the Little Spyder, a 450 quad; the Spyder (up to 1000mm) and Spyder 6 (1000mm) that can support a range of configurations from quad to X8; and the Y6 Spy available in three sizes from 600mm to 1000mm.

I went for the middle sized 750mm frame which is perfect for lifting a GoPro and more. I wanted 4S as that's what I use on the Vulcan and have plenty large 4S LiPos. She's fitted with T-Motor MT2814-11 710Kv motors, T-Motor 40A Pro ESCs, Naza M V2 with GPS, H3-3D gimbal, Futaba R6303SM Rx, 200mW Boscam VTx with skew planar antenna and a range of props including the T-Motor 13x4.4 carbon (shown fitted in these pictures), T-Motor 13x5 beechwood and Graupner E series 12x6 for high winds.

All up weight with a single 4S 8Ah battery is 3.3kg and just over 3.5kg with 2 x 5Ah batteries. eCalc indicates around 12 minutes with the 10Ah setup; I've found it to be quite conservative with flight times so I'm expecting around 14 minutes in calm conditions and flying gently.

I'm very impressed with the build quality of the Spy, solid components and all pre drilled holes match up....Continue Reading
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fantasy racer Dynam ME-262 in Gulf colors, just waiting for a warmish day to clear coat.
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Big success!

Since Elevator control horn was at its maximum deflection position, had to take off the wing and adjust the push rod at the servo arm to the outer most hole.

Also, I drilled additional holes but, the Rudder Control horn was the only to benefit.

Just an amazing spin action!

So much so, that it will give you two additional spins after bringing the control sticks back to zero.


This took Trial and error.

The main success key was to change the Elevator Servo Arm - Rod to its outer most hole and this allowed the model to SPIN with gusto. I did not programmed any D/R or Expo on the Elevator and I was able to have Full Control.

The Rudder Control Horn Clevis did use one of the newly Drilled Holes on the Control Horn for maximum Rudder deflection.

THEREFORE:: The Vortex Generators has nothing to do with this Sport Cub not being able to perform a SPIN ACTION. Additionally, my conclusion that similar Airframes are just that......

A CUB "IS" A CUB no matter what and it will SPIN!!! There is no ROCKET Science in this......just enough Elevator Deflection & accompanied with enough Rudder Deflection is ALL THAT is needed.

Some information for those that would be interested in how it works!

As far as getting flatter SPIN would be with the smaller 1300 batteries since using the 2200's in the far AFT position still results in a slightly nose heavy Center-Of-Gravity.

...Continue Reading
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Being as ive been flying now for a few years, i thought it time to try and find a decent club local to me.

My reason for a club, is the chance to meet like minded people whom enjoy the same hobby. Flying solo is ok, but it does get a little boring. as there is no one there to offer advice, or congrateulate you on that perfect landing, or that perfect flight.

I was a little dismayed at how strict it can be over here in the UK. Although you need to be a member of the BMFA to even fly a model legally, (this is your insurance) to fly with in a club, 99% of the time you need to be certified. This scares the heck out of me. As i have been flying under the radar for all my time, to have some on judge me to see if i can fly or not feels alien,
But, there is one club semi local to me, that seems to be what i have been looking for.

Many years ago, i was a scout, then i became a scout leader. Where we would have yearly "district" Camp, this camp was held in the middle of summer, where of an evening, whenthe wind was calm, and the temp managable, we would have RC planes wizzing round, above our heads. Low an behold it is the very same club i am to be checking out very soon.

So with nostalgia flowing through my veins, i really want to get my little spitty looking tip top, and build my next scratch build.

as you may have spotted, i have installed the black and white stripes (DDay stripes) as per the real thing, it is currently electrical tape, but later today i...Continue Reading
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Foxtech HorzonHD v4 review Part 3: RX Connection (9 min 56 sec)

Side note to the video:
The problem described, I was able to reproduce only using DragonLink RX's I have.
I was not able to replicate the problem with Spektrum DX8 and OrangeRX 6ch.
Posted by wayne lester | Today @ 03:44 AM | 905 Views
Hi all I have seen several articles about people building A320 EDF airbus and became interested enough to build one myself. It will be ready for its maiden flight this weekend if the weather gods permit.
The model is entirely built using balsa frames and skinned with 1.5mm sheet balsa then sheathed with light weight fibreglass cloth and finish coated with acrylic automotive paint & clear coated after applying graphics.
Power is twin 70mm 11 bladed Dr Mad thrust EDF units with qty 2x 2200 mAh Nanotech batteries 45-9-c discharge supplying them.
Twin 90amp ESC units with a seperate Lifee battery pack for power to receiver.
Retracts are RC Lander alloy units servoless.
I have attached some photos of the finished result which has taken in excess of 450 hrs to build.
I have attached 2 PDF files converted from autocad for vinyl cutting windows and doors plus tail coru. I can also load cad files if anyone requires them....Continue Reading
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Havent been on here in what seems like ages. having a bit of trouble sleeping tonight, so i was reading back through my old blog entries. Its kind of crazy to think back that far and realize that i used to be a little kid who spent all his money on rc gear from foamies. i remember how waiting a month for all of my servos and batteries to arrive from china-hobby-king used to kill me. (thank god for the US warehouses they have now.)

so heres whats still alive aairplane-wise:

the 70" slick is just as good as ever. im sure the batteries need a charge and the fuel plumbing and carb is probably a mess. but last i flew it all was good

the shrike is here and hasnt been touched in ages, but its fine.

the freddy is still around too. it needs a new set of trexlers, or just some foam wheels...but i rebuilt/recovered the wing recently, so its 100% i think.

and i still have the L-4 grasshopper. it sustained some hanger-rash last time i had a party (drunk friends being drunk), but nothing major. im thinnking about selling it...its nice and all, but just not my speed anymore. and it doesnt hold the sentimental value that the planes mentioned above do.

also have a copy of a twisted hobbies crack-slick sitting around. its pretty beat up. as well as a slightly modified pushy wing that i built with plans from flite-test. it got some remote ignition home-made rocket-booster testing last semester, and honestly did really good. i havent the heart to canabalize and trash...Continue Reading
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Z1-PROUND Features:
1. It uses the second generation motor, battery and algorithm programme. Built-in high precision dual CPU accelerator.
2. The Z1-PROUND have very wide compatibility, can work with almost all the gopro and accessories in the marke.
3. Half-frame camera mount frame, easy to install and detach.
4. All the wires were hidden, no wire exposed, no mess. 250mm hold grip that is the perfect length to operate hero camera with only one hand. The 18650 battery can support at least 10 hours working time.
5. Z1-PROUND has 3 different modes: Following Mode; Heading Lock and Pitch Following Mode.
6. It comes with a charge management chip for charger.
7. Parameter and firmware upgradeable.

It is really a great gimbal!...Continue Reading