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Flyboy81's blog
Posted by Flyboy81 | May 17, 2015 @ 11:10 PM | 2,424 Views
I decided to finally take out the DCH-2 Beaver this evening. Lake was calm...Winds were about 5 mph slow gusts to calm conditions. lake was like glass....First had a problem with the steering on the floats that was easily fixed and she was back out quickly. So I take off and the plane gets up fairly easily with a small bit of elevator she was up and in the air looking awesome! So I take a long wide scale left turn around the bay of Lake Palestine and as I am about 150 feet in the air she just stopped responding and began to spin uncontrollably. I was hoping I could save it from the dive but it didnt in the skiff we went. Me and my son drug out the boat and looked around for paddles and none were around and the sun was fading and fast. We find some shovels and decided that was our only option. We could see the landing lights on the craft and headed towards it. My son lost the paddle (shovel) about 200 yards into the trek....and we had about 500 yards to go. I am really at this point debating my decision to make this trek to begin with. With the sun fading fast I was really getting tired fast and then my son says to me that there is a hole in the boat and we are taking on water. I think to myself that I just lost a plane and possibly might lose the race so I begin to paddle faster. It seemed like forever and a day but it had only been 30 mins of paddling and we were still about a 100yards away...with water filling the bottom of the boat just enough to get my...Continue Reading