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Posted by Scale Dail | Jan 31, 2015 @ 01:40 PM | 2,496 Views
As I finish my Royal Colt/Tripacer build, I guess I'll start a blog thread on my next project.
I'll start with a little history I have with this plane.
Back in the mid 80's I had a freind by the name Don Mulligan he was much older than I or my RC freinds. He was in the Navy in WW II, and was quite a craftsman.
He liked to build Warbirds at that time, and he built a few of the popular kits of the time, 2 TF P-51B's, 2 Hollman FW-190A's, a Hollman F6F Hellcat, and a Royal B-25. He had some sport models at the time also. Well he was not very good with the Warbirds so his friends Peter Helm and myself would help him fly them. Well, his second Top Flite P-51B Mustang was a very good flyer, except it really torqed to the left on the take off. I begged him to sell it to me, and he agreed. I did not have much money at the time so I had to make payments to him. In the meantime I started flying it (bad idea).
Not long after I took it home I think it was my second weekend flying it, I got a radio hit or some problem with control and it spiraled in just after attacking Peter's German Twin a twin engine Sweet Stick made to look German(he still has it). It was pretty bad, the wing was smashed and the tail was broken in several areas. His radio was in it and his engine and servos. He took it home and scrapped it out and gave me what was left of the airframe. Yes we were still freinds, he was there and knew I did not dumb thumb it in. I finished paying him and filed the fuse and a bag of parts away for a later time. This was 1989.
Below is my only picture of it as it was in the 80's as "Old Crow"
Posted by Scale Dail | Jan 21, 2015 @ 12:12 AM | 3,763 Views
I'm a little new to starting a blog, but I'll try it now.
I'll start with my current project, a vintage Royal kit of the Piper Colt. Royal in many cases had two or even three different sizes of the same plane for thier kits. Their Colt had a big one and a small one. The small one was called the "junior". This is the small one. My friend bought this kit in the mid 80's and got it framed up. He made some modifications to turn it into a Tripacer, adding rear windows and flaps. I got it from him in 2006 or so. I did some work on it late in 2010, adding the tail, nose and landing gear.
I am back on it, and will finish it this time!