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Posted by stratocus | Apr 02, 2014 @ 06:27 AM | 5,993 Views
Hello guys,

Arkbird released a new firmware few months ago able to support PPM and RSSI: V3.1020.
However this is a very specific configuration because both PPM and RSSI signal share the same pin.

Most of RX, (not to say all except arkbird UHF) have two different pin for PPM and RSSI.
As a result, due to the single pin used on Arkbird OSD for both functions, Arkbird OSD users had to choose wether to use PPM or RSSI signal from now on this is an old story ;-)

To be able to use RSSI+PPM at the same time, Arkbird created a UHF system sharing PPM and RSSI on the same pin.

So for those having the complete Arkbird setup OSD+UHF, this blog entry is useless.

For all the others, happy owner of non arkbird UHF system and who don't want to get the Arkbird one but who would love to use full capability of their Arkbird OSD:

PPM+RSSI+Gimbal stabilisation all at the same time,

There is a very simple trick to get rid of this limitation...
Posted by stratocus | Sep 30, 2013 @ 05:59 AM | 16,131 Views

Today, i decided to share my project with you.
First of all, I would like to introduce myself, I am from south of France, Electronic engineer working as an Airline pilot.
I fly RC plane for 20+ years, started FPV flying 4 years ago already, achieving good performances and extreme reliability with a Skyhunter "well" equipped.

However, 15000mAh in my SH seems not to be enough to make me happy with this plane. Maybe should i say, developing my own plane without compromising performance and make it flies like a beauty is a goal I have always wanted to achieve!
So I decided few month ago to seriously "think" about my own plane.

After many many many hours working on this project, looking for airfoils, wing tilt, fuselage shape, Flaps setting, stability, playing with sweep, twist, looking for available components etc etc...
I am right now able to say results make me happy and want to see this plane flying!!!
As the study has been quite complex, and i don't want to sacrifice all the job i did, building is going to be also challenging!!!
Plane is going to be CNC cut soon to be then moulded!

Anyway, I would like to share with you some results i get!

First of all, this plane will be 3m wingspan, powered by pusher gas engine, able to take off with heavy load.

at 15kg:
Minimum clean speed: 9m/s=32 km/h
best gliding ratio speed: 18m/s=65km/h
****Actual viscous CL/CD: 31**** (edited to clarify...)
MTOW: 20kg
Max range(depending engine used): >2000 km

I also developed some unseen equipment:

Wing Anti-icing/deicing system
Onboard current generator
Modulable fuselage length,depending on load configuration
Easy way to match CG with air bubble indication
Built in catapult hooking system

Any advise, idea are welcome.

If some of you show interest, i will post info on that i would say "crazy" project!!

Enjoy pictures!!

Also i need to find her a name, i am not good at this!!!!!