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electrich's blog
Posted by electrich | Feb 23, 2012 @ 11:29 PM | 4,688 Views
Ok, for the last 12 months I have been reintroducing myself to RC. I grew up flying sailplanes with a winch and high start bungee. My first build from balsa was an Olympic 650. That was over 20 years ago when only a couple guys at the field had electric sailplanes. The batteries were heavy and the motors not that strong -but we had fun! Fast forward to February 2011. I bought a micro Champ and was blown away by the huge leap technology. 1 year later it is official. I have an RC addiction My DX7 is out of memory, I buy depron and fanfold even when I have a stack on the bench, I have enough lipos to fly for 8 hours without recharging and I have sold my golf clubs because I would rather fly

I have met a great group of guys at Dunwoody Flying Club and along with Mark down at the Pecan Patch they have been great help and inspirations to build and fly with. I went to SEFF with my brother in 2011 as a spectator. This year I am going for 5 days and plan on flying all my new creations day and night. My goal this year is to document my builds. I'll post some pics of the progress. I just need to remember to take pix as I build. Stay tuned....