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Posted by zakkhoyt | Apr 22, 2012 @ 12:18 AM | 1,922 Views
Hey guys, I'm looking for a discussion about the electrical characteristics of this landing gear, and yours in general. The plane I am talking about here is the Bananahobby 65" A1 Skyraider. I like the plane, and it performs great (after replacing a broken flap servo).

After a while however, the retracts on the wings started to fall apart. There is a metal pin that mandates the 90 degree rotation. These pins were not secured to the landing gear shaft with solder or glue or anything like, rather they were just pressed in with a tool.

These pins began to fall out every so often, then more often, then way too much. This often happened on departure or landing causing a prop strike to the runway.

Rather than deal with unreliable parts, I decided to replace them with THESE RETRACTS. I like these new ones because they have some spring compression built into the shaft (like mountain bike shocks), however there is no way to mount the original wheel on them. As a result I have tiny looking wheels on this warbird, but that's another subject.

Once the new retracts arrived I pulled the two old ones out of the wings (but kept the original one in the tail because it's working great). I was quite excited, but it turned out that the original tail retract will not operate in conjunction with the two new wing retracts which I will go into details in just a second.

For informational purposes about this plane setup; I am using a Spektrum AR7000 receiver. The ESC/BEC is stock, and it...Continue Reading
Posted by zakkhoyt | Apr 05, 2012 @ 08:41 PM | 3,046 Views
This has been done a lot out there, but I'd like to share my instance too.

I first stared flying with a Parkzone Supercub. I put ailerons on it a long time ago, but now I'm going to flatten the wing, add some support to it, then transfer the power plant from my Parkzone Stinson Reliant SR-10 (as I'm putting more powerful equipment in it too). I thought it would be fun, cheap project to keep my busy.

Anyhow, since I already added the ailerons long ago, and since this topic is covered quite well on youtube, I will just post a few pics and briefly talk about it.

I ordered an extra wing so I could have the original in reserve for when I give this away to a beginner. Plus the extra wing has no tape or stickers so it's easier to work with.

I made the ailerons quite large. For the control horn I just used a popsicle stick and epoxy. Just drill some holes in the stick then stab it into the wing. Very handy trick!

I mounted the servos externally. It files just fine... drag is minimal.

I then cut a very acute 'V' in the top of the wing about two inches in from the LE. I put a 2 mm carbon fiber rod in there to give the wing some stiffness. The first time I took this plane in a loop with the ailerons cut out, it really really bent (the missing material really weakend the wing). I thought it was going to snap but i got lucky. After I inserted the carbon rod into the 'V' I used a popsicle stick to smear some 5 minute epoxy down into the crack. I then turned it upside down and...Continue Reading
Posted by zakkhoyt | Mar 24, 2012 @ 05:37 PM | 2,153 Views
Like others out there, I love the Spektrum DX7, but the beeping can get irritating while programming it at home. There is no way to turn it off in the software so I went ahead and added a switch to turn the piezo speaker on/off.

First remove the six screws on the back of the transmitter to open the case. The speaker is right in the center of the device, but buried under two circuit boards on the front side of the transmitter.

Before you continue, remove the fuse (or the battery).

Next remove four screws that hold down the printed circuit board in the center. I didn't undo any connectors, I just kinda flipped it over and taped it down so it would stay out of the way.

One more board to go. Remove two more tiny screws to release the next circuit board in the center. You will find the speaker on the other side of this board.

I just bought a single pole single throw switch from the hardware store.

Using a soldering iron and solder sucker, remove the speaker.

Now add an insulator over one of the vias
...Continue Reading
Posted by zakkhoyt | Mar 24, 2012 @ 12:50 AM | 3,504 Views
I figured I'd share some information from my build of a Hobbyking UAV 168, (eventually to be FPV). This plane comes with no instructions and although there is some information out there, it takes some effort to find it. I hope this helps someone.

If will cover some of the main/controversial parts of the build. For additional details, there are a few other resources that I have read through:
This is a pretty good thread with multiple people's input
Here is another
Here is a video tutorial. Long and dry, but there is some useful info

I will be trying multiple parts throughout the build process.

The important guts:
Posting pics next