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Posted by Mapoff | Jul 22, 2013 @ 08:05 PM | 2,168 Views
August 5th 2012, I heard about a remote control helicopter that a friend had. It was an Ego Hawkspy 3.5 channel coaxial. I thought it was so cool that I paid the $85 to get one. The Hawkspy had a camera that lacked quality but didn't care. It was cool. The cool factor quickly went away when I realized the design didn't allow it to move much outdoors. I drooled over the possibilities of a better camera and helicopter that could actually move.

Before getting too far, I found myself with a Syma s107 because cold weather was approaching and my two year old son loved the helicopter. Now we could play with it indoors.

By November I was already wanting a 4channel because it was something I could afford. December came and I loved my new Christmas present, which was a MJX F645. It was incredible. It did everything I wanted and with a camera that was better than the Hawkspy.

Of course an addiction would be a descriptive word when I saw these amazing aerial videos. I stayed up many hours each night researching and learning. Seeing the prices I was determined to sell out of every other hobby I had to purchase a Trex 700 F3C. It had the stability I wanted, and the size. Thinking I couldn't obtain one for another two years I put that to the side. One day while on Ebay I just typed in F3C. Behold a 700 F3C for $750! It was already even put together. A tv photographer realized it was too big to operate in the populated area he lived, and wanted to sell it. With...Continue Reading