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Hello everybody
Where can I find a video driver for my Boscam gs920
If anyone sell one please let me know

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With the F1806 and F1104 combo set released, DYS recently launches the F1306, F2204 and F2206 for DIY drones.

One set comes with 4pcs motors, 4pcs esc and 3 pairs props. You can build it as your requirements once got it.

BX1306 3100KV *2 pairs
mini 20A ESC with BLHeli firmware *4pcs
ABS 5030 props* 3pairs

BE2204 2400KV *4pcs
mini 30A esc with BLHeli firmware *4pcs
ABS5030 props *3 pairs

BE2204 2400KV *4pcs
mini 30A esc with BLHeli firmware *4pcs
ABS5030 props *3 pairs

Besides, F250 and F320 power set also available,
BE1806 2300KV whole black color*4pcs
BL16A mini ESC with BLHeli firmware*4pcs
ABS5030 prop*3 sets

BE1806 2300KV whole black color*6pcs
BL20A mini ESC with BLHeli firmware*6pcs
ABS6045 prop*4 sets

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Introducing "Dani" my new (second hand - as most of my heli's and planes are!) DJI F330. barker01 was selling her so I snapped her up to join my fleet of heli's and planes. I've been ummming and arrring about a quad for ages and the deal was sweetened with the inclusion of the GLB 3 axis gimbal.

Some tweaks to the KK2.0 settings & my TX soon had her flying in a manner to my liking, and soon I was zipping back and forth in the park & capturing vid on my mounted gopro.

Next I decided to mount my existing FPV TX system. What a blast that was... totally different than on a plane. The ability to immediately pull up to a halt from forward travel is awesome, and the stability of a quad (over a heli) makes it the perfect platform to learn low altitude FPV flying

I've got lots of work to do though, when I'm flying FPV I find myself under steering during my banked turns so more work is needed with my altitude & depth perception during FPV flight.

Quad are lots of fun, I still really enjoy my plane & hei flying as each craft type has a very different appeal for me. As they say, horses for courses!

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how to fly spitfire mk 11b rtf
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After a quick goog search revealing nothing, decided to be the 1st to document the interior for you the viewers. 15mm on a full frame proved to be the right camera system, but didn't have as wide a depth of field as hoped.

Once inside, the futuristic hull fades away & it looks like any other ship from 30 years ago, if maybe a bit cleaner. There is no evidence inside the maze of corridors of any futuristic hull except for the strangeness of all aluminum walls.

The same exposed wiring, steep ladders, cramped spaces, & spartan rooms of the old days still abound. Can't imagine getting around there during a storm or a battle. On the bridge, it seemed incredibly expensive to have so much equipment specifically made for the military instead of using commercial boating gear.

Like all its other scandals, false advertizing by the contractor about the required crew led to another 15 people being crammed into a space designed for 40. Fortunately, the 3 hulls, low draft, & aluminum frame can get them home faster than any other ship. Everything was labeled & organized for transitory crews that come & go with their scholarship obligations.

They didn't show the engine room with its twin LM2500's, any debriefing room, or any closeup of the mane gun. Suspect all other areas besides what we saw were crammed with equipment. All the copters & UAV goodies were gone. There were just a couple dingees....Continue Reading
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what does it mean when you launch a plane and it and stall spins when up elevator is given. does that mean its tail heavy? it also did this when doing a loop it stall spun coming out of the loop.

if this is due too it being tail heavy how much forward CG is good?
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what does it mean when you launch a plane and it and stall spins when up elevator is given. does that mean its tail heavy? it also did this when doing a loop it stall spun coming out of the loop.

if this is due too it being tail heavy how much forward CG is good?
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Last weekend I worked the flight line at Silver Springs airport for the Lyon County Fly-In, parking visiting aircraft. Saturday night we had a pretty bad storm blow through and we only had a few aircraft come in on Sunday. It gave me some time to photograph the Cactus Air Force's L-4 Grasshopper in it's Operation Torch markings in some detail. I was going to get some interior photo's but they had to tow the aircraft back to the hangar due to anticipated winds. It's based nearby so if anyone needs some interior shots I can probably arrange to get some. ...Continue Reading
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Some slow motion eye candy:

TB Sloping (4 min 51 sec)

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Betaflight is a branch off Cleanflight aimed at making your copter fly awesome. It looks like development from Betaflight is being actively pulled back into Cleanflight where it makes sense. Some really good stuff is happening in Betaflight.

I tried Betaflight today and am really impressed how much it smoothes things out. It feels really "locked in" and is quite noticeably better.

I was constantly trying to fine-tune the last bit of unpredictability and inconsistency out of my quadcopter before. That itch may have completely disappeared with Betaflight. It's exciting how much more confident I feel flying with this firmware.

I tried to get it working on 2 copters. So far, I only got one setup correctly. Here are some pointers for those of you up for a bit of a challenge. I recommend less advanced users wait until the changes get pulled into Cleanflight proper.

Here's what I learned:
- You need to use the development version of Cleanflight Configurator with Betaflight. The dev version is 0.66. The latest "stable" version is 0.65. You can have both installed at once.
- Cleanflight 1.10 has been released and includes some of the Betaflight enhancements. HOWEVER, I've read you need to use the development version of Cleanflight Configurator (0.66) with Cleanflight 1.10. This wasn't obvious to me since Cleanflight 1.10 is marked as "stable" and you can install it from Cleanflight Configurator version 0.65.
- "Betaflight...Continue Reading
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Pics of my P47 assembly. This is one of the best constructed arf planes I have purchased. Would have given this a 10 if they had offered 3 piece wing like their Corsair arf.
Rimfire 65cc
CC 160HV esc
APC 24-12 e-prop
12S 5000 lipos
Posted by RickC_RCAV8R | Yesterday @ 07:18 PM | 556 Views
Gentlemen :

Some of my friends and readers have noticed that I have been away from the blog for far too long , and I agree . The recent past has seen some much needed employment and a minor accident which put my back out of action for a little while . I managed to keep up on the workshop recycling project and the gathering of my winter's firewood supply though .

As I have built quite a few workshops in my career , this latest incarnation has turned out to be one of the best yet ! Careful planning and assembly of fabricated parts from recycled materials yielded a very functional shop with all of the amenities required for modelling and electronic work . Now that the shop space is being populated with tools , the first project has begun on building some much needed LED lighting panels .

The attached picture are self explanitory and show the shop in its early stages as a functional 'man cave' . Resisting the temptation to over-crowd the available space is ever present . Sticking to the defined purpose of modelling and electronics is the goal here although I left enough space to be able to drive my ATV quad inside for emergency repairs should they be required .

Once the final construction is completed , I should be able to return to the serious matter of flying and model building . I only wish that I could share this shop with my friends and readers on this website in person . Until the next posting :

Regards to all of the builders and flyers . RickC_RCAV8R
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Name: Failed Horizon Hobby SC Motors.jpg
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WOW Wee, got to love it. So I called Horizon Hobby to tell them about the motors of the Sport Cub S2 (the $99 one) going bad prematurely. The Horizon Hobby representative said the motors are a wear & tear item. He offered to replace 1 motor out of the 4. I told him to keep his 1 motor & I would prefer to blog about my experience. IMHO, this is not a wear & tear issue as the original motors from the first batch of production went the distance. IMHO, this is a quality control issue. So what did it cost for 9 hours of flight time? Let’s see $10.99 + $2.99 shipping times 4 motors = $55.92. $55.92 divided by 9 hrs = $6.21 per hour of flight time. Heck, some days I do 1 hour of flight time in day. Now that is an expensive plane to maintain.

So what will I do?

- I will cancel my order for another Sport Cub S
- I will no longer give the Sport Cub S2 as a gift
- I will continue to buy the Micro Motor Warehouse motors
- I will shift my purchasing back to Hobby King
- I will write a letter to the CEO about their motor issue, na, figure not worth my effort.

I suspect my purchases in the future from Horizon Hobbies will be greatly reduced. In 2014 I spent over $2000 & in 2015 I have spent over $1200 so far, with Christmas still months away.

IMHO the Horizon Hobbies Customer Service representative up as he never asked me for my account information when he did his 'call-back'. I think he was in a hurry to complete the call-back as it was at the end of his day.

Good Bye Horizon Hobbies!

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Name: Berkeley B-25
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Name: Bellanca Decathlon 96 inch
File size: 4.7 MB
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Name: Playboy Sr 425
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Name: Bandito
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Name: Weavers What'sit
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Name: Giro V Sport Autogyro
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File size: 12.9 MB
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Name: ARADO-96 B
File size: 10.4 MB
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Name: MIG-3
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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Name: Howard Pete 80in
File size: 4.5 MB
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Name: Avro Anson MK1
File size: 3.3 MB
Plan URL:
Name: Vickers Wellington
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Dream of flying

since years I had bee wishing to build an RC helicopter with petrol engine. In this regards I had collected some spare parts, summed up some ideas a and even constructed my own DIY CNC too. Since Feb.2015 my dream is getting a shape. This build log will eventually share the progress in this project. Thanks for the comments or ideas...
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Parts List:

RCGroups Thread

Rangler's Blog
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I had an interesting FPV experience today. I was standing out in the middle of nowhere FPV flying about the prairie land near Prescott when I started hearing deep breathing and grunting behind me. I was flying at speed with my plane was just a few meters off the deck. I didn't want to lift my goggles and take a peek at what was about to devour me for fear that I would crash my plane.

"Don't worry, he doesn't bite" a voice in the distance said. "Phew!" I thought, just an owner and his pet bear out for a walk.
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Yes, my science fair project was posted on Team Blacksheep's website, way back in 2011.

*CRASH* & About Me (9 min 24 sec)