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Posted by TScott1118 | Yesterday @ 10:56 PM | 499 Views
I'm all done cutting out parts for the Mini BOT, and they are all sanded. The plans show the fuse sides being 2 pieces - 1/8" balsa for the back two thirds, and 1/8" ply in the front. I modified the fuse and made the entire fuse sides 1/8" balsa, and I'm adding 1/32" ply doublers in the front and back of the fuse.

So now I'm at an impasse and can't proceed with the build until my Natl. Balsa order gets here on Thursday. I may have enough scrap laying around to start on the elevator. If not, I need to repair a couple of my other sailplanes.

I have a Suppo 2810-12 that I'm going to use. It will yield up to 370 watts which is more than I need. With a 3s pack it'll probably be in the 200 watt range, which is what I want.
Posted by TScott1118 | Yesterday @ 10:35 PM | 508 Views
The Yankee Soar is a huge sailplane. I read about it a year or so ago here on RC Groups and have been looking for the plans, so,when they came up on eBay I snatched them up for $20. The seller sent me the original RCM article and the magazine size plans, and I planned to take them to Kinko's and have them blown up.

Then, on a whim, I did a Google search and found that full size plans were available through Carstens. I don't know why I didn't do this in the first place. I decided that their quality would be better than a blown up copy. Anyway, the plans arrived today and they are awesome.

The YS has a 16' wingspan, and it looks to be a pretty easy build. From what I have read it weighs in at 8 lbs.

My plan is to make this my wintertime build project, and I am going to electrify it. So I need to figure out what type of power set up to use. I'm thinking a motor in the 800-1000 watt range.

The wing's ribs are made by stacking blanks between the root and tip rib patterns and then sanding. The plans show ailerons and rudder elevator. I'm thinking spoilers and/or flaps would be good too.

Here's some pics of the plans...
Posted by TScott1118 | Sep 18, 2014 @ 11:07 PM | 1,416 Views
I got plans for a Mini Bird on EBay several months ago. They were dirt cheap, I think they were $5 shipped, and about a week later the plans were offered I digital format from the same guy for even less, so I bought them too.

Regarding the model's name ending with K10, I don't know what that stands for. Maybe K1 through K9 were failures. Just like WD 1 through 39 didn't work out.

Anyway, I've done a few build logs, and they have become very predictable. So I decided to do this one in a Blog. It will still be predictable.

Even-though I have several options on what to build next, I went with the Mini BOT because it will be a perfect small field flyer, and with soccer season coming up you can't have enough small field flyers as the large fields are full of soccer minions.

I have to plans for the RO8, the Zephyr 1100, Oly 650, and a few kits too. Drifter 2, Gnome 3 meter, Das Slupen Thing, and a few Stevens ultra micro kits. I know I have others, but I can't remember their names. Since I got back into building planes a couple of years ago I just keep building planes and I really need to thin out the fleet, but I just can't bear to part with any of them right now. I think I have around 20 e sailplanes, and several EFlite park flyers and ultra micros. I'm really going to sell off some of them, probably next year after I figure out how to ship them economically.

Before I start on the Mini BOT build here's some pictures of some of my models.
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