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Posted by northern flyer | Nov 18, 2015 @ 07:37 PM | 1,015 Views
After many long hours trying to figure out all the idiosyncrasies of this fixed pitch fly bar bird , whirlpooling while trying to hover, banking to the right when I am trying to fly in a straight line , I eventually figured things out the expensive way. Buying after market upgrades to try and sort things out when all I needed was more understanding of this birds flight characteristics. The fall to the right when flying forward was due to the low head speed and the forward momentum creating low lift on the right side due to the rotational direction of the main rotor blades. If the head spun opposite, then the drift would be to the left if flying forward fast. Solution : compensate control input, eventually I mixed elevator to aileron. The whirlpooling was just friction in the dog bone guides due to a slight misalignment between the head and the fly bar . This was normally due to a cracked main shaft or dog bones bending or getting flexible. Basically I was left with a lot of expensive add ons , some I left on if it was advantageous, weight savings and durability, avoiding aesthetic upgrades . So I kept a MHeli head, swash, and head bone guide. Now this bird is what I wanted, expected, and could up my skills on , not to mention it can do loops and side rolls now. 😃
Posted by northern flyer | Nov 17, 2015 @ 08:30 PM | 925 Views
I took the swash plate from a Msr and removed the pivot ball upper half bearing block and installed it in my Msrx's swash after removing its upper ball block. Why? There was a toning down of the swash movement when developing the Msrx. The pivot point of the ball was lower in the swash assembly on the msrx which limited movement to the head. I noticed this after studying the box images , as the picture of the swash plate was different on the Msrx box than what my bird looked like. It was way higher up in the picture, just like what my msr's swash looked like. I equated this to less head movement. Because the control arms and board development were different on these two heli's I couldn't just exchange swash plates. But I could remove the upper half of one and press it back into the other . The results were a loopable and rollable Msrx. I think the Msrx box image was of a first run earlier edition not in production. As the Msrx was touted as being the replacement for the discontinued msr , which was crazy , not if you want to sell parts how ever, they had to tone it down. Moving the pivot ball down in the swash did this, but it must of happened after the box graphics were taken.