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HiFlite's blog
Posted by HiFlite | Oct 14, 2013 @ 02:24 PM | 2,353 Views
This is my first blog post, and I thought I'd tell you guys about how I started flying RC. So, it all began with paper airplanes when I was around two years old. I was so amazed at how they soared through the room. A few years later, we visited the local RC airshow and I got to fly a Hobbico Avistar via a buddy box at the age of six. I was able to do simple circuits around the field and do loops with a little help. After that flight, my fascination of RC planes grew. I got one of those little two channel toy Air Hogs RC planes next Christmas and taught myself basic flight and orientation. Another couple of years later I began saving up for a Dynam Hawk Sky (AKA Bixler, Easy Star, etc.) which many claim is one of the best trainers around. At that point, I went to a place known here as Polipoli, and did my first "true" flight at the age of nine or ten. I felt a sense of freedom and ecstasy. After that flight I knew I was addicted to RC. My next flying session took place at the Maui RC Modelers field. Everyone there was so nice and welcoming to me. They gave me lots of great advice and were very helpful. After I was flying RC for a few weeks, I began scratchbuilding RCPowers "jets" to advance my skill level. They gave me a sense of even more freedom. I am now 13 years old and enjoy flying electric, glow, or gas planes. I enjoy flying anything from small scratchbuilt depron foamies in my front yard, to larger glow and gas planes at the club field. If you read this far, I'd like to thank you for reading about how I began flying RC. Feel free to post any comments or how you began flying RC, too!