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There are 2 mode 7.9inch and 9.7inch for DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter

7.9 inch
adapt to mini ipad and 7.9 inch small tablet PC

9.7 inch
adapt to ipad air and about 9.7 inch tablet PC
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Good news!
March Giveaway of HobbyWow start at 3/09.
3 winners will get USD$8 coupon which is unlimited access.Off USD$8 any order on HobbyWow.
Winners will be announced on 3/16

How to win?
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Headless Mode
No matter where the quadcopter head point, it is to operate whichever direction the operator want.
Just press the throttle forward,quadcopter will forward flight whichever direction in the air.

One Key Return
Outdoor flying quadcopter fly without worrying about losing, press a button to return the quadcopter will automatically return.

•Latest 6 axis gyro system,support hand throw off.
•Headless mode,no matter where the quadcopter head point,it is to operate whichever direction the operator want.
•One key return,press a button to return the quadcopter will automatically return.
•3D stunt tumbling,up/down,forward/back,trun left/right,left/right side flying,fine-tuning,hover.
•USB charging cable allows you to charge it by computer
•Flight time will be up to 5-8 minutes and control distance is about 80-100m
•Compatible with transmitter of V212 V222 V262 V272 JXD 385 388 X30 X30V F180 L6036 L6038
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Adjust Frequency
According to the method shown in the picture link power lines of quadcopter and li-po battery,the vehicle is placed flat on the ground,do not move the body when the light is flashing.
Push the throttle lever to the lowest in about 6 seconds,and then the power switch to the "NO" position, next push the throttle lever to the top again to the lowest,so that the remote control and the qaudcopter completed adjusting frequency,last the remote control and the quadcopter's light turns steady state.Thus adjusting frequency is complete,you can operate the quadcopter.
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Speed Control:Integrated
Flight Time:Approx. 5-8 minutes
Charging Time:Approx. 60 minutes
Battery:Rechargeable 3.7V 300mAh Lithium Battery
Transmitter Battery:4 x 1.5V AA Batteries (Not Included)
Control Distance:80-100 meters
Body Material:ABS
Dimensions:8 x 8 x 3cm

•1 * JJRC JJ1000 RC Quadcopter
•1 * LCD transmitter
•1 * 3.7V 300mah battery
•1 * USB charging cable
•4 * Spare blades
•1 * Manual
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Look at the picture:
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Walkera V686G is the best chooice for FPV.
•One key to return function and headless mode
•Support camera/ missile launcher,water connon/ hook&basket and bubble blower •6-axis gyro Quadcopter, strong stability, easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.
•With LED light, possible for night fly
•5.8G FPV real time transmission
•With FPV monitor
•2.0MP HD camera
•Full Scale Remote Control with built - in 6 axis gyro system
•2.4G technology adopted for anti-interference, more copters fly at the same time can not interfere with each other

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※Support GOPRO Hero3 auxiliary video output
※Support the protection of voltage polarity reversal and voltage compensation. ※Support custom initial pitch angle
※Support sensitivity parameter setting and software 3D-capable display ※Support rocker rate mode and position mode
※Appropriate Receiver: conventional receiver,S-BUS receiver DSM2/dsmj/DSMX receiver
FLY-2D is a brushless direct drive

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Compatible with APOLLO,IFLY-4S,IFLY-4,Strom-800,DJI Phantom quadcopter

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FLYPRO PX400: Auto-follow and FPV Drone. Designed for sports enthusiasts, outdoor fans and indie moviemakers. Shipping in Mar of 2015.

Automatically maintain their horizontal flight, one key to land, never afraid to fly lost, combined with Android App, one key to take-off, and It can fly according to the flight paths you set in advance via APP.

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FLYPRO PX400 is a foldable, portable, highly intelligent, easy to fly high-performance FPV (First Person View) and auto-follow drone, especially designed for filmmakers and action sports enthusiasts who use GoPro3/4 cameras.
The FLYPRO PX400 automatically follows you wherever you go, whatever you do. It is your personal sidekick, just in case you can’t rent a helicopter and professional photographer to take a video of your black diamond run. The PX400 is also your personal training assistant, allowing you to review what you’re doing right, and where you need to improve. The drone can let you review imagery you never thought possible, and is a great way to encourage others to join your adventures.

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One Key to take off or land, takeoff and landing is easier than ever before, with both functions just a tap away. Tap once to takeoff and your PX400 will hover and transform, ready to start filming. Then tap again to make it transform into landing mode and auto land.
it makes circular rotations on a set radius and altitude,...Continue Reading
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Gimbal,AV Wireless,Equipment,Monitor,Gain Antenna,Glases,and so on,All FPV&DIY PARTS 5%OFF.

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More news at HobbyWow.

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First,you should be a follower of HobbyWow.
Then like and share the post with your friends.
Next show us your favorite Quadcopter picture.
Last 1 lucky winners will get a CG023 Quadcopter for free.
The active will end at 1/18, 2015.
To win or not, that's definitely not a question!!!
So go to CG023 Quadcopter .
This is not a scam abusolutly.

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•Headless mode allow to auto rolling 360°,one key to rolling
•Latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity
•Permits super stable flight
•Lightweight airframe with nice durability
•4-ways flip (left,right,forward,backward)
•USB charging cable allows to charge by computer
•Flying both indoor and outdoor ability


Frequency: 2.4G
Gyro: 6 axis
Size: 17.3x 17.3 x 3.6cm
Flight time: about 6- 7minutes
Charging time: 45 minutes
Control ranges: about 30m-60m
Battery: 3.7V 150mAh li-po battery
Battery for transmitter: 6x AAA battery(not included)
Certificate: EN71EN62115R&TTEROHS

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Dear RC hobbyist

Hope everything goes well with you.

We want to tell you that we are very cherish the relationship with you and you are great importance to us!

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You might like the product:

Here is a photo of all the staff of our company:

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Wish you health and wealth

HuaJun Zeng
HobbyWOW CEO & Team
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Christmas is coming,do you want to find the special Christmas gift for you and your family?

I think there are some rc toys which can take some fun and surprise to you and your family.

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JRC H8C 4CH 6 Axis RC Quadcopter With 2MP
Camera RTF 2.4GHz VS X5C (including two batteries)

With HD 2MP Camera
With dual mode
Further flight distance,about 80m
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Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 F12 4CH GPS
FPV RC Quadcopter RTF

Headless Flying
Signal Loss Protection Function

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1.GREATER CONTROL:The upgraded remote control comes with many new features. A gimbal control dial, trainer port, built-in rechargeable LiPo battery with a capacity of 2000mAh, battery level LED indicators and throttle locking feature that holds the throttle stick in place when descending are all included. The new remote control is compatible with the Phantom 2 Vision+ and Phantom 2.

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2.IMPROVED POWER:New motors, propellers, and ESCs combine to give you greater thrust and control than ever before. You can load more equipment on your Phantom, and achieve up to 200g/axis of extra thrust when using a 3S LiPo battery with this completely new system.

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Happy Halloween
Grab the first Halloween Gift
Extra 10% OFF
for Specified Items
Conpon code: Halloween2014
Expires 23th Oct.
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Cheerson CX-30W WiFi Controlled RC Quadcopter with Camera Now Just $46.99,only 48 Hours !
192people have done the purchasing, please quickly snapped
Cheerson CX-30W 6-Axis Gyro Mini WiFi RC Quadcopter with Camera Control by iPhone (5 min 2 sec)

Promotional Prices $46.99
Discount 22%
Original Price $59.99

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