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Posted by Powerdyne | Jul 30, 2014 @ 05:16 PM | 2,600 Views
I have started a Trex 500 airframe build to go into a scale fuselage. Trolling ebay, I have gotten all of the mechanical parts and frame pieces, or so I thought...

The problem parts have been the screws. It seems that Align tend to not include screws with their tail boom blocks or their servo nut packs.

Their main frame hardware pack H50048-1 doesn't have enough T2.6x10mm screws in it, nor does it contain enough specialty washers. one would think that there would be 20 each of them in the Main frame pack, but there are only 12 each for the bottom plate up front. The 8 more screws and specialty washers needed to mount the boom block are not included at all. This also does not account for the 16 more you need to install the servos. Sure, you could purchase another pack of frame hardware, but then you end up with a bunch of extra screws you will never use.

So you look to the Trex 250-500 Hardware bag: H45168: The problem here is that it only includes 10 of the T2.6X10 screws, and only 5 of 2.5mm Specialty washers in a bag of 637 pieces. Most of which will not be used in a 500 build.

Then you move on to still needing extra screws for you servo mounts... Sure you can buy other branded screws for this, but it would be nice if Align would make a good all in one screw kit for their helicopters, instead of forcing customers to purchase 12 packs of screws for a simple air frame build.

Sure, if you're building from a kit, you get all the screws you need (most of the time), but for...Continue Reading
Posted by Powerdyne | Jun 24, 2014 @ 03:42 AM | 2,663 Views
I just placed an order for a replacement head block and bearings for one of my helis, and upon checkout I was presented with a coupon code for 1-800-Flowers...

Looks like PayPal thinks I need to apologize to the wife for spending more money on RC stuff.

I just thought this was humorous, because normally I get codes for electronics repair tools, supplies, and such. This time their suggestion was for flowers. Looks like I am in trouble! I've been ratted out for spending a whopping $40.
Posted by Powerdyne | Jun 23, 2014 @ 05:46 PM | 2,554 Views
So toady, I had the day off. I got some yard work done while it was nice and hot outside, no wind, not a cloud in the sky. Finish up the yard work, go inside to shower, get done and look outside. Still nice!

Go out into the workshop, start packing up the helis and radio gear, grabbed the field tool kit and charger, my favorite flying cap, got my good sunglasses out, open the front door, and BAM.

22 MPH gusts of wind, and black clouds looming on the horizon, quickly moving in.

In the space of 10 minutes it went from beautiful flying weather, to bipolar mania.

So now I'm sitting here with 10 fully charged packs, 2 freshly tuned and ready to spool helicopters, and getting ready to fly in the Sim instead.

This Spring (and now summer) we have had a LOT more rain than I remember having in years previous. I'm seriously getting a little fed up with this. I guarantee when I am back in the shop tomorrow, slaving away to meet client demands, it will be beautiful weather... Until I get home.
Posted by Powerdyne | Jun 01, 2014 @ 05:38 PM | 2,842 Views
Seriously, Memorial day weekend, I dirt napped one of my favorite 450 helis, and required some parts. Now normally, I would have spares on hand, but it just turned out that my last crash kit had been used previously, and I had forgotten to replenish.

This would not be a problem for me if there was an LHS nearby that actually stocked the brands I use. We have an LHS right here in my home town, but the only heli stuff they carry are parts for Helimax, and Blade helicopters. I don't have any issue with either of those brands, but at the moment, I do not own any helis that most of those parts will fit. Sure I can get bearings and hardware there, but If I need actual components (Batteries included) they have to special order them. The next closest Hobby shop is a HobbyTown USA that is 65 miles away. They carry Align, but not a whole lot, and I would have to drive for an hour each way to get a few parts, then order the rest online anyway.

I own Align helis, and "Align compatible" clones., and I have a propensity for Tarot Helis. The Heli in question used to be a CopterX 450 Pro, but is now upgraded with Tarot, and Align Parts.

My crash took out the usual stuff: Main shaft, Feathering Shaft, Blades, Tail boom, Tail rotor shaft, Main gear... etc. It also took out skids, and my canopy mount posts... (Heli BOUNCED) when it hit.

Normally if I order parts online, I try to do a "one-stop-shop" from the same online merchant. However, being Memorial day...Continue Reading
Posted by Powerdyne | May 22, 2014 @ 12:56 AM | 3,221 Views
I'm glad that May 21st is gone now. It's 01:21 as I begin writing this, and the only thing I can think is that I am relieved that it's officially a new day.

THis may seem like a random ranty entry, but it is RC related in a way later on. Lots of exposition though.

From time to time, I get a day that just makes you wish you had hit the power off button on the alarm clock, rolled over, and not gotten out of bed until it was over. Today was definitely one of those days... To start the day off, I decided to repair that leaky faucet in the kitchen sink that's been dripping away like mad for the past couple of weeks.

The wife and bought a new faucet assembly a few days ago, but I hadn't gotten around to changing it out. I gathered up the tools, took everything out of the cabinet to make room, and set forth on my venture to have a new faucet and relatively leak free plumbing under the sink.

To set the tone for what is to come, let me mention that our house was built in 1956, meaning that any new additions to the existing plumbing or electrical typically involve some sort of retrofit, even if a previous repair took place five years previously. It really amazes me that so much can change with plumbing supples in so little time due to new codes being changed. It's not that I don't expect this kind of thing. Improvement on an idea is a good thing. But when minute changes to a pre-existing part during a run happen that you are unaware of, it can become a seriously hairy...Continue Reading
Posted by Powerdyne | Apr 27, 2014 @ 01:01 PM | 2,608 Views
After Crashing my favorite Hausler 450 Frankenbird this last time, I decided it was time for a rekit. Parts replacement was getting more expensive than just rekitting the ol' girl, so she's going to be rebuilt for a friend as a trainer so I can have a new 450.

I put it off for a long time, dumping lots of replacement parts, time, and money into my first 450. I've had a few different 450 kits, and some larger helis, but I wanted to do something a little different this time around. So, I will be doing a semi-budget build using CopterX and Tarot parts.

The Heli will be built as a normal pod and boom bird, but will most likely end up going into a wacky little project inspired by a photo that has bee floating around the internet, and on Facebook recently that can be traced back to a Rotary Forums post.

More on that part later though. For now I am just building a standard but modified heli that will eventually get a 480 Stretch treatment, and then later go into a custom made Traxxas lexan VW bus body shell.

However, I want to get all the parts together to build it normally first to my spec.

For the main frame build, I settled on a CopterX 450Pro V5 DFC Belt drive kit from eHIROBO.


I will be replacing a lot of parts on this kit with Tarot upgrades, because well... I like Tarot stuff. Most of the upgrades I will be putting on are aluminum frame parts to add a little extra weight to the bird, as I will be running a 6s setup for 480 sized birds later on. for now it will stay 450 to ease the initial build of the frame and to get it flying for a while before I commit to the "scale" wacky build.

I will be making a few changes as I go as warranted, or needed to modify the airframe.

Next post: Tarot upgrade parts list.