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Posted by Taxus812 | Today @ 06:56 AM | 232 Views
This is my First Blog since really discovering this site. I have been in the hobby since 1994. I flew for a few years but left until 2010 when my father passed away leaving my his RC helicopter. Needing an outlet to get through that time, I rediscovered building \ restoring RC aircraft. This is all because of my wife nudging me to purchase a horribly beat up Cub to restore. I give her thanks for the nudge every time I fly or work on the aircraft.

I have been discovering the online sites and see what a treasure they are of information. So much more than when I first started.

I also uploaded a few military pictures that I like.
Posted by Vince38curious2 | Today @ 06:32 AM | 256 Views

After looking at and reading more video's and build threads than I care to count I decided it was time to find sources for all the bits and pieces I'm going to need to start building my first RC plane..

Finding balsa and balsa building products is fairly easy but WOE anyone in Australia who wants to use Foamboard or Depron..

Getting good quality foamboard is like trying to get blood out of a stone right..

So I said Ok what about Depron So far so good Depron I can get BUT

UHU POR glue Everywhere I looked all I found was threads saying how Hard it is to get UHU por for gluing my depron together so I googled UHU por and contacted the Manufacturer in GERMANY http://www.uhu.com/en/home.html and asked them if there was anyone DOWN UNDER who sells their glue...

Turns out that A.W.Faber-Castell (Aust)Pty Ltd owns the rights to UHU por down here in AUSTRALIA

Easy Google A.W.Faber-Castell (Aust)Pty Ltd

Email enquiries@faber-castell.com.au

So after a phone call and a couple of emails I now have a Complimentary 50 ml tube of UHU por Delivered by the Queensland Fabre-Castel REP on a SATURDAY no less sitting on my desk with an email to tell me to check my letterbox.

Copies of emails sent and received follow..

Hi I live in Brisbane Australia and my self and other members of the RC community use A LOT of depron in our collective hobbies building RC planes among other things.

The Problem We have is getting hold of a decent supplier/supply of UHU por
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Posted by cashin | Today @ 05:59 AM | 277 Views
Why use carbon 12 x 2 x 1000 mm in a balsa airplane? :-)
Just because they hadn't been used for years, so I thought why not, let them fly, it's okay, what they are waiting for!
So now I can use this wing for a glider too :-)

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Posted by vincent123 | Today @ 05:09 AM | 328 Views
Fuselage building tabs added to the model.
Idea is to put them in a building board.
Posted by BWX_ | Today @ 03:20 AM | 373 Views
Well I did the assembly and adjusted all the clevises last night (Thurs, Aug 28th 2014). Did the maiden flights today (Fri).

The very first take-off was a little sketchy. I had no expo and wasn't used to the snappy ailerons, and it was almost bad. I recovered and next flight I dialed in 30% EXP on all the control surfaces and now it feels just right. I have really short sticks on my DX9.

Didn't get the first few flights on video, but I got the 4th and 5th (battery packs). I actually landed and took of more than once per pack.
From now on I'll call the pack a "flight".

Here's the 4th flight video.

Maiden day with SPORT CUB by Parkzone (8 min 22 sec)

The Old Sketchy Super Cub
I was up at my uncle's Harley shop a couple weeks ago and saw an old dirty foamy on a shelf. Turns out it was a Super Cub, I think HobbyZone..

This one: http://www.horizonhobby.com/products...ric-HBZ7100#t4

It had been crashed a couple times (at least) and the light sensors for the crash technology were gone (probably a good thing).

The 8.4v NiMHd batts were old, but one had way more capacity than the other. I cycled the one that could only hold about 90 mAh at first about 20 times and I got that one up to about 650 mAh, it was listed as a 1000mAh batt.

The other one didn't need much cycling and after 4 or 5 cycles it held 1222 mAh.

So I took the reconditioned batts back up there the...Continue Reading
Posted by cashin | Today @ 02:38 AM | 387 Views
Balsa wing structure

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Posted by FeiJi | Today @ 12:41 AM | 481 Views
I am in a temporary apartment and don't have any real tools or workspace but decided to start putting my glider together anyway seeing as how it's so cheap, I can afford to make some mistakes - and I did.

I have no instructions but with a little thinking about it, the parts just kind of put themselves together. The fuselage was a no brainer and the pieces fit great.

I have no jig but the wing went together pretty easily though I messed up the LE and decided to remedy it with a piece of balsa I had to cut to add to the LE, and then to leave off the wing sheeting on the LE. The wing will still be very strong because I put in a carbon fiber slat wingspar and I am going to be using laminating film to cover.
Just need to do some sanding.

Now if they had only sent me the other wing.
Posted by 3drankin | Today @ 12:20 AM | 486 Views
Micro delta wing 3mm depron 12.5" wing span. Includes two 1.9 gram micro servos ,brush-less Esc 3.0a
,apo3 7000kv motor,4ch dsm2 receiver,3x2 prop. Includes motor mount and carbon hardware. Uses 1s 300mah lipo battery. This is a plug and play kit.No soldering required.( Requires Battery,Charger,Remote,glue,tape,paint).http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...e=STRK:MESE:IT
Posted by helicoptererc | Yesterday @ 10:21 PM | 498 Views
Peut-être, un bon jouet est un bon souvenir ou un bon ami pour les enfants. Les mauvais jouets sont oublié rapidement. Donc, le Syma X5C Explorers 4CH 6-Axes Quadcopter est absolument un jouet de bonne qualité.

Comme les autres jouets RC, Syma X5C RC quadcopter offrit des jouets variés aux enfants et aux adolescents. Les enfants se passionnent pour les jouets RC dans le monde d'aujourd'hui, principalement en raison des fonctionnalités avancées et une excellente expérience des jeux qu'ils offrent. Le RC Quadcopter tente d’offrir plus de plaisir aux enfants.

Si vous envoyez ce quadcopter RC aux enfants comme un cadeau, Syma X5C RC quadcopter sera vraiment leurs cadeaux préférés. D'autre part, les enfants peuvent utiliser le quadcopter Syma RC x5C à observer les hommes qui sont la bonne personne pour faire des tours, sauf vous absolument, et l'ambiance n'est pas perturbé que vous êtes l'un des membres de l'équipe qui fait des tours. Si vous voulez être libre de l'ennui, vous devez agir et acheter le Syma X5C RC quadcopter tout de suite .

On sait que les jouets doivent être sûr pour les enfants. Jouets pour les enfants ne devraient jamais avoir des morceaux assez petits pour s'étouffer. Un moyen rentable d'acheter en ligne est d'obtenir des jouets que votre enfant peut jouer toujours. On pense que le quadcopter Syma x5C RC peut satisfaire, et vous pouvez profiter des meilleurs moments avec Syma X5C RC Quadcopter.

Caractéristiques :

• Avec HD Caméra, haute ré...Continue Reading
Posted by thewildweasel | Yesterday @ 08:52 PM | 582 Views
Hmmn, not so sure how relevant this is to anything but here goes.

I've had a few years lately that have been a little bit... rubbish, shall we say? I've also reached middle-age (pushing 40 now) and all of the things I've completed and done so far have, well, fallen flat. I had a bit of an epiphany a couple of nights ago, have spent the last few days filling in forms and making pleading visits to the local art college where I used to work, and now it looks like I'm finally going to get myself an edjumecation just for me. That's right - no more care work, no more teaching (except for volunteering at the local mosque and European kids on their summer holidays); I've applied for a BA in commercial photography.

I'm pretty hopeful I'll get in - 4 years working at the college I've applied to, 2 of them with students on the lens based media courses, a solid portfolio* and the admission tutor being my old lodger should all help - so with a bit of luck I'll be an impoverished, indebted student this time next month.

*Only stumbling block is my portfolio. I'm confidant that it's good for an amateur/semi pro like me, but I'm also nervous it's not good enough. Like I said, I've worked with the lecturers and shared a house with one of them: that also means I know how high their standards are.

To add to my excitement I've just got back from my favourite pub where I met a couple of other guys who're doing the same degree I hope to do (I'll find out early next week if I've got on it) and they're exactly the kind of people I want to study with; also in their 30's, got kids like me, one is a very pretty single woman...

Wish me luck!
Posted by mfwilliams | Yesterday @ 08:50 PM | 575 Views
Had a great crowd on this last Saturday. However the wind was weak and out of the East. We all hugged under the popup tents and swapped RC stories. Ray Alonzo came over from the West coast (Tampa) and joined us for some slope flying. Because of the heat and poor conditions we left early, about 1:15PM. On the way down the hill, we found a storm cell South of the hill was “pulling” a Northerly breeze over the hill. DJ and Jose had already discovered it and were having a great time. We all stopped, found a 10-12mph wind, joined up and flew until 1:50PM. We congratulated ourselves on our good luck and then headed down to the Peachtree for lunch.
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Posted by blkft1 | Yesterday @ 06:52 PM | 647 Views
Picked up a T-Bull a few weeks back (Impulse buy!, Impulse buy!!) and had it on the backburner, decided to build it and finishing out my XR311 while waiting on parts for the Globeliner. Just running aTEU101, Futaba 3010 servo, full bearings (AVIDRC) and the stock Mubachi which is quite capable in getting those front wheels up in the air. Only used a few stickers as I wanted a low sponsor puller tractor look, painted the driver in a Herbie-ish suit (Love Bug or Love tractor?) , in hinsight I should'a went with the whole Herbie paint scheme regarding the body too, oh well, I'll order another body soon enuff. I might put something like " Farm Haulin'!!" on the nose of this one. Overall fun and easy build and a blast to run, just hope the racing dude can survive a tumble. This makes a good companion for my L Box and M Pumpkin.

Kind'a looks like something Bernie & Krass (CarToon's,,,anyone,,?) would make, 'cept they'd have some blown Hemi with a wing or somethin'. Also,,, a word of caution about those spikey rear tires.

1. Always use a stand of some sort while binding trans to receiver.
2. Never set a spikey tire rc tractor in your lap while setting esc/trans endpoints.
3. Wear pants not shorts if you do the above.
4. Try to use "DogonediggityDang!!" rather than other expletives (like: Sunova !!) when such said vehicle with spikey rear tires burns a mark in skin above your knee.

YOW that Stung and kind'a Stank (like BBQ'd flesh) a little!!

Been also looking at the GF01 but I want to run the Jimny body and wheels, wonder if the wheel base is the same?
Posted by Edge767 | Yesterday @ 06:30 PM | 661 Views
I got back into the hobby in 2004 after a 14 year break. During that 14 year break, I was a Marine, got married a few times, had two great kids, and was a software engineer at Compaq and HP. After the craziness of being a Marine and having little kids evened out, I decided to take some time for myself to enjoy something I loved. That's when my wife got me a P-51D for my birthday.

I found that flying the plane was like riding a bike. I was easily able to maiden the plane and get it flying without any issues. I flew that old P-51D alot, but wanted to be able to do ROG take offs and landings, so I bought the Hobbyzone Cub (not pictured). I flew that plane so much I melted the gearbox and needed to have a replacement sent! On a trip to the LHS, I found the Super Cub and bought it immediately.

Of these old planes, only the Super Cub still flies, although in an OD green livery to look like an old L-4. I was looking through old pictures today and thought it'd be neat to post a picture of the planes that brought me back.

If you took a break and came back to the hobby like I did, what brought you back? What kind of plane was it?
Posted by MBbuilders | Yesterday @ 05:48 PM | 710 Views
This is a super fast lightweight quad running simon k n fet 30 amp esc and 1100 or 1200 kv motors. I'm running 8x4.5 apc mr props, best flying FC I have found is naze32, For batteries I run either 45 or 70 c 2250 thunder powers, but can fly up to 2700. This copter has been clocked at over 61mph . You can check out the package at my online store https://multicopterbuilders-com.mysh...ilders-mb-epic this is the promo video for the epic,
MB EPIC ( Promo ) (3 min 16 sec)
here is some more of my flying...Continue Reading
Posted by jonathan4000 | Yesterday @ 05:36 PM | 680 Views
New product.

Our New and improved Magnetic Switch is now available.

The standby current (quiescent current) has been reduced to 5uA (5 micro amperes).

We have reduced the overall length including heatshrink by 6mm.


Available at T9hobbysport.com
Posted by eirlink | Yesterday @ 05:10 PM | 739 Views
Learn how to setup and balance your DJI Ronin. Your camera must be properly balanced on the Ronin to ensure stable footage and avoid damaging the system. Please follow all instructions carefully and completely.

DJI - Preparing and Balancing Your Ronin (7 min 40 sec)

Posted by Shepdog | Yesterday @ 04:30 PM | 742 Views
Mobius lost.

ZMR250 FPV - Mobius comes loose (3 min 44 sec)