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Ss_swerve's blog
Posted by Ss_swerve | Feb 13, 2015 @ 11:30 PM | 4,113 Views
Well as you might know i am kinda new to helicopters and i am hooked like a crack head to crack. I have bought 10 helis and started out with coaxle like you should. But i bought a mcp x / 130x/ redbull and there is no way i could fly them. I was doing it for later. I told my self. But as soon as they got here i had to try. Well to say the least i crashed them and broke some stuff. I knew i was going to do it. Just couldnt help my self lol. Well i got everything back togather. And bought a 120sr and a blade msr. Well i still cant fly them. They get away from me so fast. So i wonder if controlers have anything to do with it. I have a dx6i i use on the 6ch helis. But havent tried it on the 120 sr. I flew it for 3 batteries and crashed it 3 times. Nothing broken but lost the tail fin. So had to order one and wont be flying it till i get the new one. On the 120sr and msr i used a dx4e controler. I dont know if it would be smarter bind them to my dx6i. I figured well they are just 4 ch helis so no need in using a 6 ch controler and i all ready have it somwhy not use it for something. The msr came with a little controler but it feels like i playing a nintendo and well i wasnt any good at them lol Well i have to think of what i want to do. I really need to learn how to controle the things face on. Looking from the tail i can do ok but face on it get ugly fast Hope i havent missed my chance in learning how to fly helis as i am not a little kid anymore. They seem to learn stuff so fast unlike older people do. Well i have bored yall enough today so Peace Out. David
Posted by Ss_swerve | Feb 06, 2015 @ 08:44 PM | 3,271 Views
Well glad to say my mcpx is up and running like a dream. I binded it with my new dx6i and found a you tube that showed how to cut it down so its not so extreme and i am hovering it kinda ok now. I hope i can keep it running good for a little while so i can get use to it and i am tired of waiting on parts. This is what it looks like right now. Maybe i will change it later but for now i dig it so its staying like it is. Thanks david
Posted by Ss_swerve | Jan 28, 2015 @ 08:05 PM | 2,307 Views
Well i am new to rc helicopters but its easy for me to fix things. Most time if its broken i can fix it. So i went on ebay and found a 2 for 1 deal. An mcx2 and a cx2. I bought them both for 50 dollars and the deal was done. After what seems like 3 weeks my wife sends me a txt and says your helicopters are here . Well i couldnt get off work fast enough. I got home and well lets say. The cx was in a pretty good crash. The mcx2 looked like not much wrong. So i started there. body off and and not alot there but all worked. Swashplate was apart. And i snapped it back and put new blades on it. Add a battery and all works. Lmao i thought. Well it did but the remote was all backwards so i flipped some switches and bammmm fixed. Now i know what happened to the cx2 lol. I fly it around for 3 batteries. And off to look at the cx2. Well almost same thing was wrong with it exept for shaft was slid down some so i slid it back in place, put new blades and fixed the body where it was broken. I Added a battery and off she went. i was on cloud 9. Two helis for 50 dollars. Cost me 5 dollars to fix them both. This is why i am so happy. Thanks for stopping by and. Dont forget to say hi. Later david
Posted by Ss_swerve | Jan 17, 2015 @ 08:57 PM | 2,953 Views
Well i am new to rc helicopters and i just have to say. Never buy a cheap POS. Like most i started out with junk. And thought look at me i am good at this. Lmfaooo. Well i thought i would try and buy a nice rc helicopter so i went to the local hobby shop. Now i not talking bad about the store. And will be back. But man do i feel cheated. I thought if i went there and bought something. I would be able to work on it some. Well lets say it didnt take ling before i crashed it. So i look around on the net for groups and run smack into this one. And its the best thing i could have done. Well i have come to like blade helicopters. hear lots of good stuff about them and i like the way they all look. Well it did take me long and i bought 2 on ebay. Fist one was a blade mcx. Second one was a blade cx2. Funny how mail works i got the cx2 first. And could not stand it i had to play. So i did and that thing is a little big for a first time with a good helicopter. I just hovered it for 3 days. Buy today my mcx come in the mail and. Man what a nice flying heli. Its so quit. And flys like its on butter slips threw the air with ease. I wish i would have had this from the start Now i have a small problem. I have to have more lol i been looking and wanted a mcx2 so i found what i thought was a good deal. Again on ebay. I got a mcx2 bnf. And another cx2 rtf with 2 batteries for each. For only $55.00 so i had to buy them. Now i am playing the waiting game with the mail lady. Lolol. In 2 weeks i have went from 0 helis to 4 Lol wife is like here we go again. When will he stop this time well lets say. I dont think soon lol. Later david
Posted by Ss_swerve | Jan 15, 2015 @ 07:13 PM | 2,296 Views
Well lets say i am happy today. I recieved my cx2 yesterday in the mail. I had to try and fly it. So i just charged it up and only spun it up to almost liftoff. Its was drifting around and couldnt fix it with the controller. So i stoped and read around here some more. Me being a mr fix it. I knew i would ether fix it or break it. I found out i needed to adjust the arms and on the swash plate and today i added a heatsink to the motors. And adjusted the arms. I got it hovering rock solid and now its time to start to learn how to move it around. More to come later and i hope its all good news lol
Posted by Ss_swerve | Jan 11, 2015 @ 03:11 PM | 1,601 Views
I dont know what it is about me but i get obsessed over things. Now its rc helicopters. I recently went to the local hobby shop here in town. Really nice place everything you could imagine was in the store there were RC cars RC airplanes everything was there. I have always liked helicopters. And wanted one. Not knowing anything about them i bought a little hovercx helicopter. Got it home and charged it up. Now i have flown the walmart junk and know a very little about how to work one. I get it charged and set it in the floor. Power it up and check to see if it spins around. Then it leaves the floor. Thats it i am hooked badddddd. So much fun to fly around. I must have flown it 25 times that day. So i start looking around on the internet and find this site. To everyone here thanks. I read for days about everything. I have come to like the blade helicopters. So i started looking on ebay for some and really nice cheaper ones. I bought a blade mcx. It was like new and i had to have it. I bought 4 batteries and was like. Ya Now lets wait a week and have fun. So while i wait what do i do. I look on here and one stuped Ebay. Well it was friday night when i bought the mcx. I made it till saturday morning before i found a good deal on. A blade cx2. There i go again buying another helicopter lol. So now i have 2 on the way. I have to stop. I read on here the good and bad. I bought new blades. And some more parts so not if. When i crash it. I might be able to repair it. Now this is the worst part about being obsessed. Having to wait. I will let everyone know how it goes when stuff get here laters. David