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Here is video of the first flights with my Eflite Pulse 15e. I have an Eflite Safe Rx installed which required a servo reversing lead on the ailerons. All other control surfaces were fine. I did have some issues with vibration from the motor at high throttle so I was experimenting with the spinner and motor cowl off during the first few flights. I'm not sure of the exact cause of the vibration but after tightening everything down again it seems to be better now. Tomorrows flights will confirm this (hopefully). I flew with a combination of Eflite, Hobby People, and Venom 3S 3200 battery packs--all of them give me 7 minutes plus of flight times with a tad to spare. The transmitter used is a Spektrum DX-9.


Eflite Pulse 15e with SAFE Rx Maiden (3 min 34 sec)

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Got this little guy in from some special people and Would like to just say, for my first ever RTF Racing Quad, this exceeded all my expectations of the product. Thanks Walkera for making the entry into Quad Racing easy and not so expensive for those people who don't want to build!!!
#Quad #walkera #racingquad #runner250 #walkerarunner

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Joe-Hanson Aircraft Co. wishes every RCG blogger a BIG HAPPY 4th of July!
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Having some flight time now the the cookout is done!Happy 4th of July!
Syma X8C with SJ400 Action Cam (8 min 8 sec)

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This was my first major soldering job.

I ordered a bunch of batteries recently that came with a bullet connectors but I needed XT60s on them....

I had purchased a lower powered soldering iron station to lengthen some wires in another project I was working on before but my iron is only 40 W and I was a little worried it wouldn't be sufficient for the 5 mm wires of the lipos.
If I was just using the tip of the iron that would have been the case but I found if I used the flat side of the element it gave off enough heat to do the job.
The first wire took me a little while to figure that out but the second wire went pretty quickly and smoothly.

Here are some common sense things that I've learned from watching videos and listening to friends about soldering connections to the battery.

• Do not try to do both wires at the same time.
Finish one wire completely before you even take the wrapping off the second one.
• Double check that your positive and negative wires are going into the proper positive and negative part of the connector you wish to solder to.
• make sure that both male and female connectors are connected together before tinning the connector.
• Tin the connector (and wire for that matter) with a generous amount of solder.
• Crimp The wire as much as possible before connecting it to the connector.
• don't forget to put the heat shrink on the wire before you start tinning the wire..... ( I remembered on the first wire but had forgotten on the second wire so I had to desolder and start over again.... Pain in the but)

That's pretty much it. I was very intimidated by this job in the beginning as I don't really have any experience Soldering but after it was all said and done, it wasn't really all that difficult....
If I can do this anyone can.... Haha
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I ordered HK X120 charger a while ago as a secondary charger. It seems to work ok, even though it's clear that it doesn't offer same quality / reliability as my primary iCharger 106B.

I plan to use it as field / travel charger and to suit these purposes I installed it in a carry case. The charger & accessories are fitted with velcro so they'll stay properly in their places. The kit is also designed to allow use of different power supplies. It has a low power normal AC power supply, cigarette lighter plug for car usage and also adapter for using my biggest batteries (4000mAh 5S) as power supply.

The case is also small enough to keep easily in the car in some smaller storage compartment.

Simple, yet functional.
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Well I finally decided it was time to convert my FMS 1400 p51b to RAF 133 polish squadron ..after dome debating on the thread I decided to go for Man Zumbach who was wing leader for a period of time ..

HB868 squadron code JZ server at a small local airfield RAF Brenzett about 45 minutes away from where I live

For the conversion I will be using a p51b/c Malcolm hood from an fms p51b snoots sniper

Tamiya grey undercoat was used for the base
Followed by tamiya xf-82 ocean great 2 (RAF)
And for the green I used tamiya xf-81 dark green 2 (RAF)...Continue Reading
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Some screenshots from one of the pettiest parts of Western Canada.
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Flying Trash! Parkzone P-51D (Part 1) (2 min 41 sec)

I recently purchased the entire collection of planes, crashed planes and other RC airplane parts, accessories and other "junk" of a hobbyist who was quitting the hobby for almost next to nothing (too sick and tired of crashing and repairing!)

This plane was built from a completely trashed Parkzone P-51D. The entire nose of the plane was torn off. Motor and ESC were fried, smashed cowl, unusable spinner, no prop, stripped servos, no canopy...

BUT, the main wing and stabs were still in good shape so I decided to try and rebuild it. I added an AX2308n 11kv motor, 20amp ESC, servos for the ailerons and elevator (no rudder).

I didn't have a canopy so I created a temporary cover with some dollar tree foam and BBQ skewers.

Yeah, this plane looks super ghetto! BUT, it flies!

The motor is definitely too weak for this airframe. I will replace this motor with a more powerful one for the next part and make a proper looking canopy to at least make it look like a decent P-51!
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Hi Everyone-

this is Bruce Lester's SUPER ROBOMB class B free flight gas..... scanned from my original issue of Flying Models Feb 1949. added missing page-( had to dig and find original magazine to rescan this page of full size patterns)

This was one of his continuous developments of the robomb series. it looks like it's designed to go up fast and win....

His photographs of the 1930s model "scene" were extensively printed in john ponds model builder column and were a real treasure......

this one is on my list to build as electric rc someday.

it also is a now a S.A.M. U.S. oldtimer with the new rules changes.....

feel free to download the scans, enjoy!

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10% off all frames for this holiday weekend. Get em while they're hot!

Use this code JULY4FRAME-10%

Happy 4th Everybody!...Continue Reading
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Name: Back home.jpg
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Description: Back home safely at the terminal
June 12, 2015

morning, temps rising. Off I went to the Oval with my umx Sport Cub S2. Loaded the flight logger & 550 battery. Strapped in the chair under the shade. Calm winds at ground level. Just wanted to enjoy a relaxing 20 minute flight touring the field. Winds aloft were a different story, close to zero ground speed at half throttle could be achieved going upwind. Hung around 350+ foot AGL, short fast legs down wind and long slow legs upwind. No gusts observed. Squawking Tx indicating Frame Loses = 0, Holds = 0 every 30 seconds. Good communications with the radio reported, exceptional. The Tx telemetry squawking went silent for a while At 14 min I adjusted the flight plan to 17 min, followed by a power off glide to the gate. Never made it to 17 minutes, had to call a Mayday at 14+ minutes and institute a series of emergency procedures.

Hum, seemed to be going higher. I was on the downwind leg so I kept mid power setting. Oh my, it Was going higher, power off. AGL reached 772 feet. Then it happened, a cluster of pure white Cirrus Spissatus clouds moved in behind the SC. Puff, the Sport Cub was nowhere to be seen blended right into the cloud. Made a quick turn to try & get orientation. Saw what appeared to be a dark elongated spot. Must be the leading edge of the wing. Down elevator in what I though was a Return-To-Home orientation followed by a spiral. Puff, gone again! Held the down elevator for several seconds, said a prayer and leveled out, saw it for
...Continue Reading
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Yep it's always nice to come home and find a big box in the hall. Yesterday was no exception.
However, when you pay a lot of money for an ARF kit it's pretty mean of Hacker not to include servo extension cables (I've had them in much cheaper kits) and not including all the parts advertised in their marketing blurb and photo's. I say this as it is "stated" that the XL has a pulley system elevator which produce +/- 90 degree movement. Yet in the kit and instructions this is non existent. I will be contacting the dealer soon to find out why this is the case. But it's not the start I was hoping for.
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Using this blog post to collect some relevant infos about Devo 10. I'm starting to be interested in this, bigger version, as it would cost me some more money, would would save me several "needed" mods on the smaller model.

Link for Devo 10

This is a very detailed guide on how to do the NRF24L01 module mod on Devo 10
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I have an exi helicopter but I don't know what the model is can someone help?
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Okay, so here is the quick run down. One day i was checking some old lipos to see what ones I could toss and which ones were still good. I had a 6S pack which I had removed a single cell from, but left the wire for the balance plug dangling loose. When i plugged the battery into the balance board for my #2 port on my 308DUO. I accidentally let the loose wire slip from under my finger and it contacted a cell. I heard a loud pop, a little sizzle, and could smell the electrical burn, but only faintly. After that the #2 port wasn't balancing properly. I noticed the #1 cell was no longer capable of burning down the voltage like it used to. So the #1 cell would rise right to 4.2v and the current would drop off because it wasn't capable of burning down the voltage for that cell..I went ahead and opened up the outside case of the charger. But once I had the guts in my hands I noticed that the heat sink would need to come off and I wasn't quite sure how much of this stuff I was going to need thermal paste for. I didn't have any at the time. So I came online and asked a few questions in the iCharger DUO thread and quickly got a reply from RCG user: RNFLY. Who I have to send a thank you out to again for saving me so much time and hassle. With him sending me in the right direction I was able to research and find a few other things on the net about similar problems with these chargers. The bulk of that research was posted here:

In...Continue Reading