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PGregory's blog
Posted by PGregory | Mar 02, 2015 @ 12:05 AM | 1,876 Views
Refer to my build log for the Duranita, but I thought I would show how far I am with the build, here on my blog. This, after 2 months expired from when I actually got serious and started building.

I already built the lower wing which was very straightforward. Photo below.
It didn't even have dihedral that adds a complication.
All spars straight thru.

However, the upper wing is a gull configuration.
So, has a flat, sheeted center section, two bays of lift from that surface at 14.5 degress, then the easing down of the outer panels to get a finished 5 degrees gullhedral.

I spent a lot of time working on a mitered "2D" scarf joint for the main spart that will bring a lot of strength and rigidity to the multiple joints in the upper wing.

Used a fixture I made to get the proper angles cut on my little Dremel table saw, which has been uber-handy for this build. I rip my own sticks from 3" or 4" x 26" stock. If i have an "oops" I just cut another one. I stocked up heavily from local hobby stores like Hobby Lobby (turns out very expensive), Michaels, and a store found on the US east coast, AC Moore. Each has 40% discount coupons every day for one full-priced item. That means I have to make daily stops - not too hard as they are generally on my travel pattern.

Here is a photo of the center section getting mated to the right, outer section. With a little sanding and fine tuning I had the the scarf joint really dialed in - just the natural friction was able to hold the wing out, without even gluing it. Yet, very light. This was a technique well worth figuring out - I will be using it in the future. I am exactly on schedule to finish for the AMPLAN build-off / contest that ends this month.

Finished model will be finished in translucent red and white, a color scheme I saw on a Powerhouse on RCU.

Posted by PGregory | Dec 30, 2014 @ 11:10 PM | 1,571 Views
Plans for my new build 115% Duranita founder here:

At first I thought I would increase the size of the plane from 43'ish inch WS to 50" - just to let it have a 50 inch WS - arbitrary.
Turns out this is the limit to enlarge to before two sheets of 3" wide balsa glued together edgewise were not large enough. A photo is shown below.

My build thread for this, which is part of the AMPLAN buildoff, is here:
Posted by PGregory | Nov 12, 2014 @ 10:03 PM | 3,075 Views
1. Brooklyn Dodger

2. Lanier Stinger 10

3. Great Planes PT-40

Photos taken off the internet - guys in photos are not me!
Posted by PGregory | Nov 08, 2014 @ 09:54 PM | 2,524 Views
Here's a photo for the member looking for a copy of plans for this airplane.
I bought the kit partially completed and the gent I bought it from had about 3 years of accumulated artifacts (i.e. junk) on top of the plans when I went to fetch them, some of the things being oily or greasy engine parts, etc. Nevertheless, it was a good acquisition, and I picked up a pristine Stinger 10 kit and a pristine Sig Clipped Wing Cub kit at the same time from him.

Anyway, Not sure if my local Staples would want to put this through their scanner.
Posted by PGregory | Nov 01, 2014 @ 10:14 PM | 2,160 Views
Well here in NY it was actually fall-like today - some people might miss the beauty in such a day but there was a time a day like this I would be on my bike, out fishing, maybe even in my canoe. Part of the day was putting the boat into hibernation at the county fairgrounds, where I store it until April.

I officially am in build mode, as of today, after 6 months of learnin' up and buyin' up. I have a host of engines to get into plains, with a few electric systems also along the way. I've learned that net-net electrics and fuel benefits/detractions zero out - I have the habit of uttering the mantra now "It's all good."

To be true to my original plans, I'm backtracking a bit and just printed out the RCM 1/2A Basic Trainer. My absolute favorite sport has been zig-zagging around outerzone.co.uk - thanks to Steve, there - and even broke the ice and contributed two plans. Now, I have my eye out for plans Steve doesn't have and I will be uploading 5-6 next week. I have to get them scanned.

I'm stuck a little bit on capabilities - my build shop has been a bit too fluid and I keep getting interruptions. I still haven't spun a cowl on a lathe yet , and I haven't cut metal for the Twin Cox Golden Bee design. But I found a guy that build his own engines and I am going to have him show me a thing or two - maybe get him to cut the parts I need and teach me a bit. Too bad milling machines are so expensive - just isn't part of my spending profile right now.

However,...Continue Reading
Posted by PGregory | Jul 17, 2014 @ 11:37 PM | 2,224 Views
On a two different levels, I am on a trip of Great Circles.
On the big scale, I have returned to the joy of my early years in modeling, when I was around 10'ish or so. In April, what started as an innocent buy on HK of parts for a cheap foamie, and a move forward into the world of 2.4GHz Spektrum DX6i off ebay, I got totally hooked in this hobby again.
On a small scale, I am on a circle to get back to the Fun Jet by SNice - I am committed to finish one and get it flying super - like SNice's video - by the time the first snowflake falls.
On the path back to close this seasons loop, I just printed off plans for a 66" Cessna UC-78 / AT-8 / AT-17 / T50 / Bobcat / Bamboo Bomber (too many major versions of this plane(!))
I have 5 or 6 completed FliteTest $TFB (Adam's Readiboard) planes, of which two have to be maidened. I have binged on used glow engines off RCGroups and eBay - great deals abound. Glow Is Not Dead! I just went to the metal shop where I live and got a 6'x2' piece of 20Ga steel to use as a building fixture base for the Bobcat. My mini-workshop is pretty outfitted as I also binged on getting all the tools that make life easier in the shop I couldn't afford as a kid.

I listed this entry as Rave because I am so keen on this "hobby." Not because of any one product I would like to rave about, but the fact that there are so many levels of this hobby that it isn't really a hobby.

On my path back to building SNice's Fun Jet, I am building three 1/2A Basic trainers, RCM 748 plans. I'm putting two R/C engines in two of them, and the other will be an electric. I am planning on installing ailerons and using 5g servos in the wings. If I find I have some available lifting power I want to add flaps, as well - in the 50" design. I'll follow with build logs of everything.

Well, Cheers for now -

Peter from Poughkeepsie
Posted by PGregory | May 12, 2014 @ 09:29 PM | 2,722 Views
As the title says, instead of my first intentions of a "cheap" re-entry into the new-to-me 2.4Ghz RC world, after about 5 or 6 weeks I find that I am, as the title reads, All In. The fever has taken over.

I used to design and build things for a major US copier company. Then I got into the business side of things and left the bench behind. And, now I find the satisfaction of designing and building again thru RC. Its kind of like getting a fix of the engineering environment I lived in for 12 or 13 years. All those specs you have to match up, all those parts to spec out and order. Love it.

I also discovered that over the years my interest in flying RC was pretty much always there although my other many hobbies took precedent over really satisfying that need of build-em, fly-em, fix-em, fly-em, fix-em.... You get the idea.
In a future blog I will tell you about the collection of planes I accumulated in good faith that I would jump into the lifestyle time after time, again. I recollected them all over the last few days from different storage places where they had been sitting collecting dust. Two decades of impulse buys on ebay.

As part of my initially simple plan, I am now enabled to take the construction task of the SNice AirHogs Titan Sport Jet. That thing flies so great, it looked like it was carving butter. I am shooting to figure out a direct and straightforward method of using EPO to create the duct. Let's see how little work and time I can get it to,...Continue Reading
Posted by PGregory | Apr 29, 2014 @ 10:00 PM | 2,785 Views
Yes, this is my first blog entry.

I find myself here on this site because I was initially mesmerized by one of SNice's sleek Air Hogs Titan Chuck Glider Sport Jet conversion videos I found on youtube. I flew these type chuck gliders all the time when I was a kid in the '60's and '70's. They weren't as detailed as the AHT's but I probably had a dozen of them over time back then.
Some of that experience, as well as living under the flight pattern of the local county airport, impacted me enough to eventually get my private pilot certificate.

Well, under the guise of buying three AHT's for my nephews, I bought myself one, too, and have been staring at that guy along with SNice's build photos, trying to figure out how fast and clean I can put this together.

I really like what Snice did with changing the slow flying stock AHT. Half of the impact of the concept of using a $10 chuck glider was the incredible performance I saw on SNice's youtube video of the maiden flight. Really slices the air. Just go to your local park, jump out of your car, and flip the plane up for the prop to dig in and bore a whole in the sky.

The other half of the impact was the cool Thunderbirds paint scheme he used. I used to go to air shows in the 80's to see the real-life Thunderbirds perform at air shows. Seriously, I would have been lazy and totally happy if it were my plane and it flew that great - unfinished. But SNice has that style gene. He went the extra distance, obviously. He...Continue Reading