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Had a great holiday weekend flying my racers...and a Phantom
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Unique waribird at Warbirds over Wenatchee

Japanese Aichi D3A VAL Dive Bomber at Warbirds over Wenatchee (3 min 0 sec)

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Figured I'd share some of the random things we have made here at Laines Planes this week. Yes, we do custom laser work also.

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Sitting at my kitchen table, browsing and responding to RCG threads and watching as the sun moves shadows across the floor I suddenly think, "You idiot! You should be out flying!"

As the mornings get earlier and I sit wasting time before work (if I go out to the shop, I'll get busy and be late for work), there comes a point where there's enough time that I could throw some planes in the trunk and head to the park for some launch practice before work. That point was yesterday.

It would have been easy to do that today, as I was finishing up breakfast at 5:45am... ready for work and to the park by 6:15... head home at 7:20... leave for work (I cycle to work) at 7:40... or...

Just a stream of consciousness here...

Even better would be to get a rear rack for my bicycle and make a plane holder for it--but it's a minimum 5% grade up to the park, 3km. I'd be exhausted by the time I got to the park, 20 minutes later. Electric assist maybe? Hmmm.

Definitely would be more efficient to cycle to the park, since it's that same minimum 5% grade down to work. No--I don't like the idea of travelling so much with my plane(s) on the outside of a vehicle--too much risk for how much they mean to me.

Or, I could keep a plane (or two) and radio at work and leave early. Fifteen minute cycle to work and it's only a quick jaunt (3 minutes) up the hill from work to the secondary school field... but the park is so much bigger... but the school is next to work and backs on to farm field... what to do.

Obviously the thing to do is to try out both and see what works best.

I'm going to need more planes if I'm going to be leaving one (or some) at work.

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FPV Quadcopter - DJI Phantom 3 Advanced - Khon Kaen - ขอนแก่น - Thailand (3 min 39 sec)

FPV Quadcopter - DJI Phantom 3 Advanced - Khon Kaen - ขอนแก่น - Thailand
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With the ever growing number of GPS enabled quadcopters,there are just so many to choose from,I have my eye on this one in particular the Hubsan H501S From what I have seen it looks to be getting good feedback and it's reasoably priced for a GPS camera quadcopter as well.
Gearbest is running a sale on it here :
here is a video of theirs for a peek at at
Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Drone - (1 min 37 sec)

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The weather continues to be hopeless; at least from a RC flying point of view. Otherwise it's an awesome 28 deg but the strong NE wind is not matched by any slope. In my last blog post I tried the cliff of a nearby island but this time I went to the trusted Sandsjbacka slope, knowing that the skewed wind meant slope lift would be almost absent but the sun and wind might make great thermals.

It worked; I floated around reasonably well and had to use the motor a few times but the I rode a thermal higher and higher until it was too high and too easy and dove out, did three, the first quite wing-bending, loops and generally enjoyed myself. I tried the same bubble again but managed to find only sink and minor bumps. In the end, five motor runs of about 7-8 seconds each resulted in over 40 minutes of flying.

Endnote: I've been considering a "proper" model as I gradually get more proficient when it comes to rough slope landing but this time I misjudged the landing spot by three meters short (well last time I overshot, check the video from my last post) and ended in the burned heather which turned out much more evil than it appeared; so bumps and scratches as well as black "crayon marks" everywhere. Well well....
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UP30 UAV flight control system includes:Airborne flight control,Ground Station Software,communication equipment.Its an integrated system,including all sensors, GPS, communication stations. It can control UAV with all kinds of layouts.It is easy to use,with the high control accuracy,strong GPS navigation automatic flight features.It also has a variety of task interfaces for the users to use all kinds of task devices. After taking off, you can immediately turn off the remote control,then entering into the automatic navigation mode , The flight route and way-point can also be set freely on the ground station,supporting the modification of the flight destinations and changing the flying target point in flight in real time.It has the features of the full-automatic take-off and landing (parachuting) and the flight mode of point designated by ground station.
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I thought this was pretty neat even though primarily its an electric.

Slope Soaring - Parkzone Corsair (maiden flight) (2 min 10 sec)

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Time for a new charger

I've replaced this:

with this:

My clone $40 imax b6ac which promptly blew it's AC power supply after only a week (which I replaced with a regulated 13V 6A switching power supply I had laying around) has lasted me well for the past 3 years, but due to calibration issues it never was able to properly balance charge my lipo's (albeit the cells only fluctuated by 0.01V). Some recent birthday money landed in my lap so I treated myself.

I've been eyeing off the SkyRC RS16 now for quite a while but could never justify the $200 price tag needed for both the charger & matching power supply, but apparently on your birthday you don't need to justify these sorts of purchases


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First hover attempt.

2 Edge Of Tomorrow Dropship -First Hover (0 min 43 sec)

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Um looking for an off-road that's fast and durable. Ive narrowed it down to three. Plz check out these links and help me decide.

I hope u can reply soon and thanks
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Fort Bend RC has been hosting us past few months because of flooding at Dick Scobee field here in Houston. I've been enjoying myself flying at this club. It's secure and friendly.

I took the Flash Pro out there to test fly it after the repair of the airframe and engine. I took extra special care in weight and balance of the plane and it paid off. I flew it with a 12 x 10 prop and it was not getting good vertical performance. A pattern veteran out there said "diameter over pitch" so installed a 13 x 6 APC prop and it greatly helped. It wasn't unlimited but where it bled off it seemed to hover. It's the size I had used before the crash.

Taking all the care during the repair improved the quality of control. The extra rudder throw got it to knife edge. It pulls through outside and inside loops, big and round. Inverted flight has less down elevator. It was a limp sock day so landings were easy and smooth. Here are the photos of it after three flights today.
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From Gearbest : (link is external)
$34.37 received
Use coupon: ESYBE4GB For a further price reduction

● App control: Check and adjust its charging status at any time
● 2.1 inches LCD screen display charging mode and battery status
● 5V 1A USB output: Can be used as power bank to charge your devices
● Compatible with Li-ion, LiFePO4, Ni-MH and NiCd batteries
● Charges 4 batteries simultaneously, each of the 4 slots monitors and charges independently
● 4 buttons to set the charging current and battery type conveniently
● CC and CV two charging modes
● Automatically stops charging when battery is fully charged
● Activation function for Li-ion batteries with protection board
● Reversed polarity / short-circuit / over-current / over-charge protection

Input: AC 100 240V 50 / 60Hz 1A (max)
Output voltage: 4.2V + / 1pct, 3.6V + / 1pct, 1.48V + / 1pct
USB output: 5.0V + / 5pct, 1A
Output current: Li-ion, LiFePO4: 0.25A / 0.5A / 1A / 2A; Ni-MH, NiCd: 0.25A

E.SYB Website = (link is external)

...Continue Reading
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After the early demise of my Alaska State Trooper FunCub I decided to take a different approach for the time being and get something that I could pretty much fly out of the box. While picking up batteries at one of the local hobby shops for work I saw a ParkZone Sport Cub S2 on the shelf and in a unusually impulsive moment I bought it! I was a bit surprised at how much smaller it was than my FunCub (but it fits in the back seat of our truck much better) and I didn't realize it's lineage to my first plane, the HobbyZone Mini Super Cub. I got on the thread and quickly found that the stock esc was pretty taxed and replaced it with a Thunderbird 36 amp esc from my original FunCub and followed recommendations to replace the stock prop with an APC 10x7 SF prop. After assembly (I got the flap servo as well) a quick run up on the watt meter revealed the following

10,656 rpm (considering a 10x7 E prop)
29.49 amps (glad I stuck the Thunderbird 36 in it)!
344 watts
1.38 Kg estimated static thrust (with a actual model weight of 1.03 Kg ready to take off)!

Other than some user inflicted camera problems the maiden went well and I was quite impressed with the model, I got my third and fourth flights on her today and look forward to getting more familiar with this plane!
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Following the maiden of my Apprentice night-flyer I decided to add some more lights and made some color adjustments to my existing pattern. I gave it a whirl this evening and was really pleased with the results. After flying this evening I think I am going to add some lights to the inside of the cowl.
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Memorial Day 2016 - All Tattu Lipo 15% Plus 15%Off Discount (0 min 57 sec)

May 31 is the Last day of Memorial Day Sale!

It marks the very beginning of this summer,2016. In this hot summer, are you tired of staying at home and enjoying the air conditioner? Hang out with your friends and power yourselves!
To show our greatest respect for those heroes, Gens ace offer a 15% Plus 15% off for all TATTU Lipo now through May 31. Use the prom code: HERO.