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This was a really fun comparison "Wheelie Test" between my old lipo battery and new lipo battery. I have missed driving this truck and am very happy I have a new battery to get the most out of it again.

Losi 1/36 Scale Micro Desert Truck Old Lipo vs New Lipo Wheelie Comparision in HD (5 min 46 sec)

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Looking for a lower wing, or the lower LH wing for the Maxford 40" Albatros D.III. The part is no longer available, and the model is discontinued.
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A friend on RCG group told me about this method for creating decals for planes. I finally tried it and it works really well. Here are the steps:

- Prepare a sheet of your favorite images

- Print your color image on paper using a color laser printer or find a store that will print laser for around 50 cents
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- For best results, wash hands before starting to remove excess grease & dirt from your fingers.

- Cut the image you want to use, leaving space for handling. Later you will trim to the final size

- Cover with clear packaging tape, overlap tape if needed
Name: Step 2 Packaging Tape.jpg
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- Using a soft but firm tool, press the tape onto the image, first using a horizontal then a vertical motion
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I thought I'd have more time during retirement. However, being a full time student does keep me busy. I'll have my BBA in June 2014 and will begin my MBA in July 2014.

As you can see from the pictures, I have a few helicopters, planes and a quad. My wife is very kind and lets me have my hobbies....Continue Reading
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ATLAS Features:

Seven type Multi-rotor supported
External LED module with build-in PMU
No compass need during stab mode
Manual controllable during RTH and Auto Landing, avoiding accidents
Compass disturbance alert
Low voltage alert

Flight Performance (can be effected by mechanical performance and payloads)
Hovering Accuracy (GPS Mode)
Horizontal ±2M
Vertical ±1M
Max Tilt Angle: 30°
Max Horizontal Speed : 6M/s
Max Ascent Speed : 3.2M/s
Max Descent Speed : 2.5M/s
Wind Resistance
Continue 6~8M/s
Gust 10~12M/s
Electrical & Mechanical Input Voltage Range
MAIN Controller 4.5~5.5V
LED Module 7~28V

Dimension / Weight
MAIN Controller
Size : 46.5x34.5x15.3mm
Weight : 19.7g
GPS Module
Size : 50x50mm
Weight : 30.0g
LED Module
Size : 33.2x24.9x8.5mm
Weight : 16.9g

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Hello guys, I'm sure you guys know CX-10 RC quadcopter before.
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There are 524 pcs selling out until now. So I'm sure it is an excellent mini quadcopter made by Cheerson.
Details can read at


This month, an Headless Mode Copter CX-10A begin to sell in the market.
I show some important information about this latest product
Item name: Cheerson CX-10A Headless Mode RC Quadcopter

Gyro: 6 axis
Frequency: 2.4G
Product size: 40*40*22mm
Quadcopter weight: about 12g
Diameter of blade: 30mm
Product battery: 3.7V 100MAH
Remote battery: 2X AA battery
Charging time: 30mins
Flying time: about 5mins
R/C distance: about 20m
Flying distance: about 20m
Color: black,white,silver,golden
Certificates: CE,ROHS,EN71, EN62115,R&TTE,ASTM,HR4040


With Headless Mode,no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying
4 Channel which can do ascend, descend, forward, backward, left sideward fly, right sideward fly and throw to fly
It has 6-axis gyro which can have more stable flying and be easy to control
It has 3 speeds with high, middle and low. It can be self-adjusting which is easier for new players to handle.
Left rotation, right rotation, hover
It can realize 3D tumbling in four directions with 4 LED lights.
Battery protection

Package Included:

1 x Cheerson CX-10A RC Quadcopter
1 x 2.4G transmitter
1 x USB cable
2 x Blades
1 x Manual

all this information you can also know at

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I will get this copter soon, and prepare text flying on this weekend
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Well, the weather has been less than ideal for enjoying our amazing hobby lately. But I haven't let that stop me! Quite the opposite in fact. I've been working with several copters lately. Some of them are from LotusRC and are part of a long term test that I am doing so I can report on dependability as well as standard options. I feel like that is something missing from a lot of reviews. I hope to finish it all up just after Christmas and then bombard you all with information on 3 new or updated copters from LotusRC.

I have also been helping a friend of mine set up his new copter for a business that he is starting. He doesn't live near me so he travels to me since I have a decent shop and a LOT of areas to fly. He selected the 3D Robotics X8+ for his work horse. I am not at all impressed with the design of the copter itself. But I have to say that 3D Robotics really, truly hit a GRAND SLAM with the PX4 flight controller. That thing is all that you need it to be and everything that you WANT it to be as well. The X8+ will allow the operator to use a variety of cameras as they gain experience or develop new project requirements. I don't think I need to go into great detail about the power of Mission Planner when combined with the PX4. People have been talking about that since before Pixhawk became part of 3D Robotics. The other thing that has impressed me is how well 3DR has documented their products. I mean, if they don't have a video on a subject, they have...Continue Reading
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Never thought I would say it, but now I have a Slash, 4X4. Been running my RC/10 nitro & my Rustler (lipo) like crazy. Now it looks like those cars may take a back seat for awhile. Last Sunday I got a Slash 4x4 & a RC/10 buggy; yes the 30 yr old car. Still running strong, well its gonna be; its a roller. Right now all the Slash needs is a new body or cage, cleaned up charged & go.... The buggy needs a bit more. I'm gonna need front & back wheels & rims, a new body, clean it up, add the radio & go. I want to make it (look) like the RC/10 from the 1990's.
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The Cheerson CX-30W is a cheap micro WIFI quadcopter ... it cost less then 50$ shipped.

But it is a total disaster.

WIFI both for VIDEO and RC is terrible
FPV over WIFI is impossible ... low FPS and almost 1 second of video delay.

Using over standard 2.4G TX ... range is very poor, both with SH6043 TX and even worst with Cheerson CX-30 TX ... only 20m with Cheerson TX ... 30m range with SH6043

All in all .. it is a cheap micro copter ... but a waste of money

Here is the video "proof"

Cheerson CX-30 WIFI - Quick Review and Outdoor fly with PiP onboard video (11 min 21 sec)

PS: After CX-10, now CX-30W ... two bad products from Cheerson ... what is strange is that Cheerson is looking to have a decent reputation here on RCG ...

PPS: For make a decent on board video, I did add: "Hubsan X4 H107C RC Quadcopter Spare Parts Camera Module 2MP" ... this is a nice little cam, even if it is MJPEG video quality is decent ... possibly the best cam for micro copter ... but it has not AV Video out ... so ... not expandable to FPV ... 25$ for this cam alone is also a bit "expensive" ... in theory JJRC H8C cost 10$ less and has 720p ... but I did not want to "gamble"
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Our modern RC helicopters are controlled using mixtures of 3G, 6G, FBL, GPS position hold and GPS return to home, and piro comp technologies. Perhaps I can clarify this vast array of rapidly emerging technologies.

I remember when an engine in a car was a simple mechanical thing that you could completely disassemble in your garage and reassemble with nothing more than a few wrenches and other mechanical tools. With modern technologies, even car engines don't work quite that way any more. Engines now are very sophisticated machines with lots of sensors and computer controls these days. Our RC helicopters have advanced with technology too. Let's have a brief look, starting with 6G technology.

What is a 6G flight control system? The 6G flight controller consists of a gyroscope, which is by definition 3-axis (x, y, z), plus three accelerometers on x, y, and z. If you don't know what a gyroscope is, then Google it. It's as simple as a wheel on a bicycle. It's not new technology, it's simple physics 101. If you don't know what an accelerometer is, then Google that too. It's a motion sensor, or more accurately, it's an acceleration sensor if you pay attention to the physics of it.

There is no such thing as a "6-axis system" because we live in a 3-axis world of physics, namely x, y, and z, and even the most modern technology isn't going to alter our physical world. Simply put in 6G terms, a gyro (by definition 3G) senses sudden changes in rotation on any...Continue Reading
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First off let me say that I know some of my friends on the FunCub thread are probably wondering what's up with the avatar change and second I haven't quit working on the DoubleEnder project, it's just on hold for a bit while I sort a few engineering issues (how'd they do that?)!

Next let me say that I waited and waited to pull the trigger on an e-flite SeaFury until they were all gone (shame on me). I've also loved the de Havilland Mosquito and have always wanted a flying model of it, I've perused the Freewing and ParkZone Mosquito threads for awhile now and was leaning towards the PZ offering when I heard a rumor that they may be discontinuing the kit. So in an effort to not let history repeat itself (and Horizon Hobbies Cybersale) I ordered the 49" BNF ParkZone Mosquito Mk VI model as well as the retracts and flap servos for it and she arrived last Wednesday! I'm impressed with the model but it is a typical warbird foamy and certain concessions had to be made to get it into production. It's not my intention to pick it apart here and I won't be making a bunch of changes (exceptions to follow) as it I think it presents really well both on the ground and in the air (especially with the optional retracts). The guys on the ParkZone Mosquito Mk VI – Retract & Flap ready, 49” span thread http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2018709 have done some wonderful things with the model and I hope my efforts will complement what they've already...Continue Reading
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I thought I would show my custom made beaching gear; these are for displaying the model only....Continue Reading
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Just came back from Myanmar and I posted a selection of 80 pictures to my website. No aerial photos though!
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Large Scale RC Trucks
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Been working on my Tumbler project for a few months off and on and now that I have the time and money to finish it I wanted to show it off a little bit. But first off I have to thank Replayreb for his blog and the people he got his ideas from cause if not for them I would have just drifted away from the RC scene completely.
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A quick look at something slightly different.

A Low Temperature Stirling Engine from banggood

Saw it for $30 whilst browsing and thought it looked rather interesting and it would make a nice desktop gadget for a gift.

I was expecting it to be flat packed but it arrived in a nice strong box almost fully assembled.

The box and 2 parts you get inside

Nice mirror finish on the top plate

To Assemble you just need to clip the 2 rods from the base onto the wheel and put the wheel in place.
...Continue Reading
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This evening I got my HT-8 behave as it should! I mean I bound (I had to rebound by powering the HCP80 first) it to my HCP80 and no delay, no low resolution servo moves

When reading the HT-8 Manual I noted the working voltage is 5V~12V but the internal battery is 4.20 at max.

I only had to remove the internal battery and power the module from the Tx battery rack:

To do this you only have to dismantle the FUTABA connector from the FUTABA signal cable, plug the Ground and Signal wires in the Ground and Signal wires of the Mini-Jack cable, then the jack goes into the trainer port of the Tx and the FUTABA servo plug in the HT-8. In order to power the HT-8 you then have to plug the red wire of the former FUTABA connector to the + of the battery pack:

I now only have to get the positive from a small hole in the Tx back I will FINALLY enjoy flying my HiSKY birds with a programmable Tx!
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Translated from Russian into English by OrangeBird

WLToys V912 4-channel FP flybar helicopter 200 size.

Helicopter for novice pilots, and so it can be safely attributed to the section more toys than in section serious devices.
However, for the initial dating, this is a very worthy machine.
To date, a version WLToys V912 with brushless main motor, and this version is more preferable (although it is slightly trimmed in functionality, and it is not possible to connect the camcorder, bubble machine, water cannon and crane.

If at the time of reading this post you have not bought WLToys V912, or bought and already break it) I advise you to pay attention to the other models of the same size, but without flybar, FX071c

This model flies much better than v912. Workmanship she also higher. Well, no flybar Bole makes it reliable and durable.

In this post I want to talk about WLToys V912, so on just about it.

- Not expensive
- Very strong and beautiful stable.
- Spare parts are very cheap and available in many places.
- Flies out of the box, but no wind.
- Pretty good control for toys this level.
- The presence of additional accessories, camcorders, apparatus bubbles, water cannon and crane.

- Quality of performance and balancing of the box is poor.
- Out of the box and...Continue Reading