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My 424 Q500 laser cut from my own desing, called VM500
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I get to test how far I can go with my Mach 25 this weekend. I'm tempted to buy another mini patch since I only have a full size RHCP patch...the mini is so much more convieninet and also has a wider beam.

I hope my patch antenna does the job so I can just fly my Mach 25 the way she is.
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Ok, so today I took my mini quad out to a local park. Until today my flights were mainly indoors or up and down my street. Of course a slight wind develops (about 5mph) and my little guy was pretty much useless. So I tried some new props I bought and yet again they still won't fly. As a beginner to this hobbie there are a few things they should point out I the instruction manual.. One thing is, if you pull the props off you should keep an eye on where they came from. I found out today you just can't sleep them back on anywhere..
Time for dinner. I have more to say
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Here is the Build log from one of my favorite Flyer, the Albatros D IV

You find the Model here:

And on youtube:
Albatros DV Maiden (4 min 52 sec)

Albatros D.V in Full- Fuse Bauweise (5 min 47 sec)
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...that Jack Headley usually preferred rectangular wings for his designs and scale/semi-scale models? Except for a few occassions, Jack's models have rectangular wings. This type of wing makes for easy rib production using either the sandwhich method or the template method of fabrication. Add a leading edge, trailing edge, a couple spars and there you have it, a wing! Another commonly seen Headley wing is the 'sheet wing' using ribs and other common long parts, but with the advantage of not needing covering. Think 'fast build' and you will understand. The fast-build mindset was common with Jack and Kevin Flynn. This has been seen many times in comments in their articles.

In this CO2 model of the Messerschimdt 33, you should notice the rectangular wing. For our study of Jack's models, this is the last one to be posted from the Model Builder issues. If you recall, Jack's last published Model Builder article was the Walfisch Blog #4, was published 4 years after his passing! It too was a FF CO2 model. By no means are we finished with Jack's model list. Though we are nearing the end, there are few more to reveal (or remind) you about.

The Me33 would be an interesting and fun build for electric if double the size seen in the issue. Remember that the Model Builder collection is now available through the AMA plans service and this month, the Plans Service is offering 20% off for AMA members though October 31, 2015. Check it out at:

The 20% deal is not mentioned on the webpage, but is in Jay Smith's editorial in the October issue of Model Aviation.

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this is the first coat of filler,.,.,.im going to go for the canopy in the open position which i think helps the model look a bit sleeker & shows the cockpit / pilot off a bit better,. a new pilot,.,.plus canopy from the dynam tempest will be used as the front screen frame is a bit too wide,..,
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I thought id put a few posts on here rather than my posts getting lost amongst the pages & pages of posts in the various threads,.,.
anyway im starting with a little seafury from avios ,..,lets face it these are quite nice models nowadays but if your into a bit more scale then there's nothing stopping anyone with half a brain to do some simple mods.,,.just to take the toy cheapo look away a bit.,,.,.this little seafury has good lines with a decent scale outline.,.,im starting by filling all the deep panel lines with a light weight filler,.,.this is from delux materials,.it dries in no time ready for sanding,.,.you can thin it with water,.,.anyway more pics as i do more,..,im not totally striping this model as theres no point,.ive seen threads,.youtube videos ect of guys going mad with all sorts of this & that to get the paint off,,.i like simple fixes to hard problems,.so im leaving the original paint on it,..,Its realy doing no harm ,.,.this is the case with the bigger 1400mm1700mm models as well.,.,once its all filled .,rubbed smooth then re painted no one will ever be able to tell what's underneath,.
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This is a quick post to show the damage to my pike superior that i bought used. The rips were alrady there... They just were much smaller before it stalled and slid sideways and fell onto the wing when testing flaps on the first day of using it.

I will add a youtube video too.

Pike Superior wing damage (1 min 29 sec)

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Increased my hex stability by adding 5 degrees of dihedral angle to my motor mounts. (ff to 6:49 to see hover) Nice cheap must have investment

5° Dihedral Angle, Tarot 680, DJI A2, DJI Zenmuse H3-3D, DJI 3508, Castle Creations 35, Gopro Black (8 min 16 sec)

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Hoverfly GIMBAL wanted
Anybody have one in excellent condition?

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This thing is AWESOME!

Blade - Inductrix - Review and Flight (10 min 38 sec)

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My name is brandon i just bought a CopterX CX 450PRO V4 Flybarless Belt Kit and from what i read i was under the impre that it was a whole rtf helio is this true also i have a v913 brushless and a f45 brushed van i convert the v913 to the f45 frameand use the v913 tx
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You MUST listen to this engine! Great flying!!
Fw-190 with a Moki Radial engine at Warbirds over Wenatchee (4 min 28 sec)

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This week we get the opportunity to visit with Chris Thomas of MultiGP fame. If you have been taken in by the fascinating world of FPV Racing, then you're certainly going to want to hear this one. Take a minute to go and sign up on the MultiGP website and see what it's all about!


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NEXT LIVE SHOW - Starting at 8pm CDST on Wednesday evening.

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I have been experimenting with motor gliders.

90" Motor Glider (6 min 12 sec)

120" Glider (5 min 11 sec)
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Thought I would post a few pics of my builds.

First up Scratch build 330mm Sport Quad.
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I have made alot of youtube uploads un-edited, but lately i have been in my "film editing mod" so this is the results..

All i hade to film with was my CAT smartphone and my ASUS Transfomer tablet.... no fancy GoPro and such

RC Boat Genesis Offshore Summer 2015 (3 min 34 sec)

RC Boat Cozy F1 Tunnel Cat Summer 2015 (5 min 12 sec)
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t motor 2205 2000kv
naze32 rev5
sn20a blheli 14.1
emax 250 frame
dal 5045 bullnose
T-motor 2205 2000kv 4s Maiden (3 min 20 sec)