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Just received another round of pictures from Kit. Air was a little light last Saturday. More electrics and DHLG's than slopers. I see some new aircraft are up. Looks like Mark has a E-Flite Extra 540. DJ got my Falco-franken-Bat flying. Also looks like Amadeo has my old Sparrow Hawk rebuilt. And someone got himself a new Veloster?
Great pictures guys. Hoping everyone is having a great time down in Sunny South Florida.

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Howdy ladies & gentlemen

Soooo what is this? David Bowie on an RC forum?? :P Well.. I combined a tribute to David with an FPV plane chase that seemed (to me) to have about the same pace :P

DutchRC - David Bowie Tribute - 1947-2016 (4 min 32 sec)

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When I first saw this plane on their website I knew I had have one. Then when I saw it at the Toledo show, that was it. It is an absolutely beautiful airplane. I have had many wings in the past including the Z-1 which I still have, the Gryphon, Zagi, Alula and others but none that look as slick as this.

It is all set up and ready to go. Just have to wait for spring to get here for some better weather.
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Quadpro® Cheerson CX-10 Propeller Guard With 16 Propellers

Nothing is worse than broken propellers spoiling your quadcopter flying fun. In my review of the Cheerson CX-10 Nano Quad Copter I suggested that CX-10 owners may want to install a propeller guard and buy extra propellers. This kit on amazon runs $6.49 and includes a propeller guard and 4 sets of multi colored propellers.

The Quadpro Kit
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What Is In The Package
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(1)Propeller Guard
(16) Multi Colored Replacement Propellers

Propeller Guard and Propellers
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I suppose I'll be building an Entertainer from plans at the AMA site. I had the PDF printed at the local print shop, qty 6, 36x60 inch. Two each of the fuselage, and two each of the short and long wing. I plan to build both wings.

And it looks like it will be powered by a Cobra C-4120/18 and MAS 12x8x3 on 6S lipos. A very peppy airplane by the looks of the plans. 1.5:1 thrust and 73 mph pitch speed.

Looks like a large but simple build with low parts count. No outrageous jig needs.
So next I order the balsa, my mind is set. I like the designer's graphics, so I will clone them. I do want to make a clear windshield and extra round set of side windows. Hopefully no more mods, just build it.
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Well I did it ,I bought a Walkera Runner 250 I have High hopes for this quadcopter ,soon to see,I have seen all the pros and cons of it and soon I will have my own personal perspective.I purchased it on a Gearbest flash sale US warehouse ,so looking for goggles that work well with this
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The 4s pack is almost as big as the quad! Heres a link to a youtube video..

Deformation 130 Full Review, Tuning, Build and Racing Tips (25 min 57 sec)

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Was a great night flying but it was the first time my duet clipped a champ hard in mid air. Lucky both planes fly away never hitting the deck. I yelled I was sorry and he said its ok. It happen so fast I went left he went right so we close very fast and we were only a few feet apart flying around the gym. I also pulled up that when it clipped him. A few times I almost hit myself as it flew by . Many of the better plane pilots are learning quads with a lot more quads showing up these day,s. The kids are flying more quads than planes about 4 to 1. I have enjoyed this indoor flying and I was slow to do it. Seeing many of these planes being trimmed as they taxi or a short flight than back down turn around trimmed more and than across the gym before flying around the gym. I also enjoy the duet gym flying it get's you thinking ahead before the turn you plan your flight
My duet flys and clips Champ indoors (5 min 57 sec)

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I have built lots of planes over the years. But I still find that the little micro size wood models are super fun to build. Here are some of the planes I built from Radical RC kits.

In this case a Micro-stick version 1 and a Micro-stick version 2 models. Then there is the wicked little Micro-Bipe. Next is the small Mini-Intern trainer plane too....Continue Reading
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Coming together after a "few" hours work. I hastily put it together just to see how it looks. Need to make the struts and paint them, then flat paint, add wing rigging, engine, and detail. Most of the major work is done. I'll post more build pics as I get time.
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If you were thinking of Buying Yourself a Phantom 3 Standard you will get it for $499 and save yourself $300 Plus Free shipping to get it to your door safely from the Dji Store
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So I figured to go ahead and create a blog here of my RC aircraft adventures since it's become a big part of my life now.

A little bit about myself....
I originally started into the hobby when I was about 13-14 after seeing some guys flying their gas powered planes near the Bob Evans Farm Museum in Rio Grande, OH. That year my parents bought me a Right Flyer 40T. It was a 4 channel gas powered balsa wood model. Had a Futaba Conquest radio to go with it. Supposedly it was a very well known and stable high wing trainer model. Unfortunately, I never got it to fly. Mainly b/c I was afraid of crashing it. I know I'd probably feel terrible if I crashed it knowing the kind of money my parents spent on the plane/radio. So it sat in my closet for a long time before eventually getting sold.

Currently, I am 35 years old and have been back into the hobby for the past 3 years now. My first year and half unfortunately was kinda rocky due to adapting to the changes in technology (learning the world of electric flight) plus my first model just really has proven to be a problem child. The good news though is that things have gotten a lot better over the past year or so and I fly pretty regularly with no issues.

Here's a list of my gear:
-Dynam PA18 Super/Piper Cub
-Hobbyzone Champ
-Hobbyzone Sport Cub S
-Parkzone Micro J3 Piper Cub
-Parkzone Micro T28 Trojan
-Hangar 9 Easy 2 (40 size) trainer
-Spektrum DX6 transmitter

I will go over each piece of equipment's story in later blog entries since each one is unique. Besides I don't want to cram all that into my first blog entry.

So anyways, that's my basic story in a nutshell...from where I was to where I am now. Finally able to take to the skies and not be too afraid.
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Frsky Taranis hud flight instruments disply using x6r arduino 328 and gy521 plus GPS and openxsensor (0 min 14 sec)

As requested i will start this thread.

Thanks to mstrens and his openxsensor project and Marc ricci for the flight instruments lua script,
I built this for around £15 .
Vario tones much improved over none IMU vario.
Connects to either hub or s.port rxs.

I will discuss the building here and upload the code for both as its slightly modified for this purpose.
Note the display will not show inverted flight but to me that does not matter.


Arduino pro mini 328 16m 5v

USB programmer for above
Here is both in one order
Ublox 7 gps. I bought tiny one for £7

Gy-86 combined ms5611 and 6050 imu
A couple resistors around 5k to 10k.( not essential but used for safety on tx line to GPS and RX.)

I bought all of the above from aliexpress but ebay or similar can obviously be used.
I've no connection with any of them they are just examples and you may find cheaper so do search.
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Inspired by Shuricus’s frame I also wanted to make a light, foldable quadcopter with available motors (2216 800kv) and 12 props.

Said – done

Arms - 10mm aluminum profile

Frame - mounting plates that at the edges made from 1.5mm fiberglass. The rest of the plates all are made of 1mm fiberglass.

Motors - Sunnysky V2216 800KV
ESC - Afro 20A
Props - RCTimer 12*45 CF
OSD - N2 OSD displays GPS coordinates and shows the level of THR.

Reflashed NAZA Lite to the second version, V8FR receiver.

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After flying my 40 size on electric last fall, I was thinking on going bigger. I have the 60 kit, but it was too small for the 26 gx that I have and wanted to use.

So I designed a 70" span and went from there.

It has two piece wings with aluminum tube joined, plywood fuse
And a sig 14" canopy, looks like it will be around 11-12 pounds all up.

I'll post more pictures as I start covering it. Just need final sanding

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The RC world has come a long way in the last few years due to the advent of flight control computers. The abilities and features of these boards have been improving and changing at a rapid rate. So much so that some flight controllers have become quickly obsolete because the boards ran out of room to store the programming on board or ran out of computing power to run the more sophisticated mathematics the allows smoother more reliable flight.

Case in point is the APM flight controller from the open source Ardupilot project. This 8 bit computer based flight computer was a great upgrade from it's arduino beginnings but as time passed and more features and improvements were added it began to be hard for the developers to fit their code on the board, constantly running out of room. The cpu just was not fast enough for the new mathematical routines that were needed.

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Yak-3 and Mig-3 Plans are now free for download. Please donate.

Vincent Unrau
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New images added to Gallery

Vincent Unrau