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Posted by Karnis | Apr 29, 2014 @ 11:28 AM | 2,404 Views
Here's a down and dirty quick guide to combine the EOX stock frame with the PFG CF sport frame (stock motors).

Basically, you are installing the PFG frame between the stock frame & the FC board.

This guide assumes you have the PFG frame with the included hardware & instructions.

Be aware you'll need to order some extra hardware as well.

You need:
(4) M2x20mm Socket Head Cap Screws to account for the space of added frame.


<<I ordered these just to have plenty of stuff...>>
CM2020 M2x20mm Socket Head Cap Screw x12
MF020 M2 Flat Washers x 50
ML020 M2 Miniature Nylon Insert Lock Nut x 12

You'll also need some extra rubber spacers they use on the FC board.

I suggest getting these from www.RC-drones.com:
RCL-XONE-XLED-2 Rc Logger Eye One Xtreme Small Parts Set (I ordered x 2)

Also the usual suspects for tools:
4 mm nut driver
1.3 mm hex wrench
1.5 mm hex wrench (for the M2 x 20 mm screws)
hobby saw
small needle nosed pliers
for a small screws, $6 at Lowes or Home Depot.

I suggest you do NOT drill the holes in the motor mounts with the bit specified in the PFG frame instructions, it will be too big.
I believe the correct bit should be the same size as the hole on the PFG frame, 5/64". You'll want to reinforce the screws with washers on the inside of the motor mount as well (I found that if you have a "cartwheel" crash, it...Continue Reading