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From the experience through 4G3, 4G6, 4G6S, V120D02, V120D02S, I always leave Walkera manuals alone and doing test by myself. Each gyro has its unique characteristics, by now I can only remember RX2622V form V120D02S. Common sense will be ignore, let me talk about the defects.

1. Never tuning swash limit in ADJ mode. ADJ switch will control swash limit by channel limit(TRVADJ) on transmitter, but after back to WK mode the swash will go full extension that controlled by the gyro not the Tx.

2. ELEV/AILE EXT. will not limit swash extensions but only servo speed, that id totally the same as dual rate control on Tx do. And this two settings (on Tx and Rx) will combine together to determine swash moving speed.

3. RUDD EXT. does limit tail pitch throw, but may different from rate mode to heading hold mode. In HH mode (tail gyro sense more than 50%) the servo throw always using 100% of rudd scale, but it will reduce to rudd scale value in rate mode (tail gyro sense less than 50%) if rudd scale less than 100%. That means you should always tuning tail limit on HH mode, and rate mode for rudd center only.

Above is the tuning defects that every one should know of on RX2622V. Beside that, there are some defect that we cannot avoid.

First, the swash curves are not linear from end to end.

RX-2622V/D Swashplate Behaves (1 min 25 sec)

Second, there is a low voltage protection circuit on RX2622V that will cut off motor output when loading voltage lower than 3....Continue Reading
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Playing V120D02S is a pleasure for me that it gave me more than I spent on it, but the bird still need some serious tuning on the crucial spots.
Had found many detail things on my photo album recently, though the skills have all been known for a while, but that is how I can play it for such a long time.

First is to eliminate frictions, every tighten junctions and bearings will cause serious friction to drop down performance.

Every gears should be settled in the right place to get proper gap, the torque tube must long enough or it will push bevel gear away and run out of gap.

Bevel gear B must be sended thinner to leave the gap from gear C, if you don't have slipper clutch that you should sand the spacer thinner to leave flange bearing running smooth.

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Have painted National Flag of Taiwan (formal named Republic Of China, ROC) on my film canopy with silver base color.They look so shinning and decent that let me flight much closer than ever. The pleasure is to watch her flying gracefully nearby and doing some awesome aerobatics.

V120D02S With National Flag Of Taiwan (Republic Of China) (5 min 19 sec)
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A wonderful trip and flying especially with my shining canopy.