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budgiemurray's blog
Posted by budgiemurray | May 31, 2014 @ 03:27 PM | 1,769 Views
Ive only recently came back to r/c after a long layoff.. so long ago in fact that my transmitter was analogue..
My flying history was originally on slope soaring gliders and petrol aircraft so while looking at gliders again I came across first person viewing on aerial platforms. investigating further I came across Quad and Hexacopters and after speaking to a friend who was a lifelong R/C user of all types I decided I fancied getting a drone over a glider.

My limited knowledge and research ended with my buying the Storm 6 Drone from helipal.com..
being totally ignorant of these new fangled digital setups, GPS, Attitude hold and all the rest of the fancy technology I was on a steep learning curve but Im getting there.. Ive only broke it twice so far expensive lessons I know but it encouraged me to research further..

Old skills are coming back, Im happy to fly without the GPS now (ignorance had me flying with it on all the time, now its used for hovering only). I've also ordered myself a little Hubsan 107C for extra practice in my spare time too

My biggest problem Im finding with multirotors so far is orientation.. theres to much similarity of shape, no big wings sticking out at the front and small ones at the back like a plane.. The ability of being able to fly in all directions is also proving a bit more forward planning which leads me onto the point of this... orientation..

The Storm 6 hexacopter comes with LED lighting strips along the arms, all point up...Continue Reading