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Posted by dirtman | Jan 03, 2008 @ 10:06 PM | 3,295 Views
Started this week on some new prodjects.

I needed a supper lite lift sloper for those days that the wind dies off, and a friend of mine found a Revert That fits the bill. Had a couple of test flights and that airfoil realy works We have had some heavy east winds lately, so all the flights have been in wind with no lift. getting on the slope with a tiny bit of lift is going to be great.

Next I need something with power that I could fly at the slope on light days, or nowind days, or just take to work and buzz around. the friend that showed me the Revert also showed me the Funder and lightning, witch realy has me excited. She got powered up tonight and is ready to fly.

It has a Suppo 2217-9 from with a 10x5 ACP and a 3s 1500. It should work great. Have used it in another set up. Maiden for this one should be tomorrow if the rain doent stop me