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pdooley's blog
Posted by pdooley | Mar 31, 2015 @ 10:33 PM | 5,176 Views
recently been trying some low head speed testing on a few 450 heli's.
unfortunately I don't have a tach yet so not sure of exact numbers. Setups are:
1) 150T main gear, 11T pinion, 3550kv motor on 2S lipo.
2) 150T, 13T, 4400KV, 2S.
Oddly, I have experienced 2 episodes of ejected main blades due to feathering shaft bolts backing out. Both setups had this happen once.
This is unusual since the bolts were secured with Loctite. I have logged at least 50 flights with the same build techniques at higher head speeds without this problem. I'm wondering if the blades at low HS are operating at a frequency that could possibly attribute to the bolts loosening. either that or my Loctite is going bad..