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Cannafish's blog
Posted by Cannafish | Jan 30, 2013 @ 05:23 AM | 2,370 Views
Here it is. My first blog post thingy..

I have destroyed my first two micro heli's. Great fun.. Er not destroying them that was bad. Flying about, modifying, repairing, learning and having enormous fun. That was great fun but now I'm grounded.
So I had to make a decision. BNF V911 or Solo Pro. As price was the main factor a V911 and 4 flybars have been ordered from banggood. I'm hoping they will arrive in NZ in the not too distant future.

In the mean time I need an rc heli fix. So getting stuck straight in I think I will spend a ridiculous amount of hours blending bits of the SP with my old V911 frame. Not actually blending them but utilising. For example I really like the detachable skids on the SP and the 'hobby' touches. Both models flybars are pathetic IMO, although the V911 FB is twice as robust. A stiff flybar would transform these little helis I'm sure. Also I have a heap of bearings, some WILL be better than others. I also have 5 x 150 batts for the SP so I would like to 'adapt' 911 skid to be detachable and meld a SP batt bit into where the 911 batt is, If you see what I mean. I like the rubber grommets on SP canopy. SP motor is weak compared to 911 and Bravo SX much better. SX motor to be ordered ASAP.

I've learnt a whole bunch more about fixing that I have flying - a week ago I couldn't solder. I still can't fly but now I can solder a 1mm wire to pcb Still loving every second Might learn how to fly proper soon.. Plan on getting a SuperCP with Devo7e soon as I can. That should provide some real good crashes much faster than before....