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Posted by JupaCreations | Oct 02, 2014 @ 01:23 AM | 1,714 Views
Hi my name is Paco and I am from Hilversum in The Netherlands.

I am an addicted RC racer since 1978.

Due to interest changes I got my eye on RC foamies.
I like to design and create and the foam material looks swell to use.
I am also deeply into electronics and designed a balance station with software for modelcars. Have a check for TechWorkx Balance Station. Beside that I am currently busy with a spring tester which can also be used for measuring torque/amp/voltage measurement of motor and prop combo's. If this not enough I also run a decal shop mainly based for modelcars. Have a check for Custom Racing Decal.

I hope the RC flying will give me a new level of satisfaction :-)