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Posted by Get Real | Today @ 03:37 AM | 3 Views
With a 60% chance of rain the storms hit later in the day along with the rain after the event was over. Had some hefty winds at times.. Filmed a couple rc drift cars with the simplecopter tilt v-tail and a gopro while the wind was bouncing it around a bit it was still fun.

BigSquidRC Back To School Bash Simplecopter Tilt RC Drift Cars (3 min 26 sec)

Posted by Wobisch | Today @ 03:30 AM | 12 Views
Watch this livestream from AIR 14:


AD-4N Skyraider FRA Civil
Patrulla Aguila ESP Airforce
Eurocopter Tigre FRA Land Forces

Swiss Hornet Display CHE Airforce
PC-7 TEAM CHE Airforce
Ramex Delta Mirage 2000N FRA Airforce

Lunch break
*Tribute 100 Years Military Aviation CHE Airforce
Belgian F-16 Solo Display BEL Airforce

Midnight Hawks FIN Airforce
Flying Bulls B-25 & F4-U Corsair AUT Civil
Patrouille Suisse CHE Airforce

Breitling Wingwalkers GBR Civil
Patrouille de France FRA Airforce

Mi-24/35 HIND CZE Airforce
DH-100 MK.6 CHE Airforce
4 Hawker Hunter Attaco CHE Airforce
Surprise Tribute 50 Years & 25 Years CHE Airforce

Jet Man CHE Civil

Cheers, have fun
Posted by tsooi | Today @ 01:55 AM | 82 Views
Time for a new acro quadcopter build. I love acro flying with quadcopters, it's fast and gracefully . The quadcopters are significantly less complex than the helis, this makes them much more reliable. Real everyday fliers.
  • motor to motor 234mm
  • 1806 motor
  • 12A ESC
  • 6030 props
  • multiwii 3.0
  • 3S 1300mha
  • flight wicht 358 gram

Posted by Knoll53 | Yesterday @ 11:03 PM | 156 Views
Today found a little choppy lift and just put the nose down a bit and let it cruise............this plane is much happier when it's moving. The flaps are 2" shorter now and happily are pitch neutral. They are an absolute requirement for a wing this skinny. There is a learning curve for the tiny flight envelope, but I'm beginning to get it.

Razor's Edge in choppy lift (2 min 1 sec)

Posted by whiskykid | Yesterday @ 10:51 PM | 163 Views
had a great day at the Sequim valley RC flyer's "Hospice Fly In"!

only one casualty, the Allstar had a glitch, and was all I could do too get her back too the runway!
did a cartwheel and busted the cabanes, no worries, as I hand cut this whole plane anyway!

on too the good stuff, flew the Hawk Pro twice, the crowd loved it, nothing like the youngins ew and ah'in!

they also loved the DC Hornet Blue Angel, so I had a blast flying!

got too see some great flying by the guys from Valley View, and Tri-County I think! had some 100cc Slicks and a 55cc Edge!

all in all, I will be paying for this one for a couple days! but had a blast!

did not win anything from the raffle, this makes 4 years strait!
Posted by kenh3497 | Yesterday @ 09:50 PM | 185 Views
I went to my local locksmith to have a couple of keys duplicated. I paid for my keys and was given my change. In the change i noticed a silver quarter. I thought "COOL" and said thanks for the silver quarter. The locksmith/owner asked if he could look at it, so I let him look. He put it in his pocket and took another quarter out of the register and gave it to me. I asked for my silver quarter back and he refused. I then "kind" of demanded it and he made some lame excuse. There was another customer in the store that witnessed this. I made a comment that if this is how trustworthy the lock smith is, do I really want to do business here. The other customer followed me out the door without completing his transaction. Never said a word to me.

Was I wrong with my comment I don't think so but then I'm a bit biased about the whole thing. The quarter doesn't mean a thing and it is worth what, 35 cents? So, the money thing is of no consequence. To me the smiths integrity is at question. I said on the way out I would never do business there again. That may be a problem as he is the only show in town for some of the odd stuff. There is a mobile smith in the next town but you can never catch him for the occasional key and he only does commercial stuff for the most part.

I guess I will live with the consequences.

Posted by fearfactorfred | Yesterday @ 09:46 PM | 217 Views
I've had this plane nib for a few years now and didn't really have any interest in building it till recently. I've been building and buying mostly light lift aerobatic planes for the past year. Light lift and cross wind conditions are common at my home slope so it's been nice to have planes that will fly in these conditions. Such as the Kato, Viper, Colibri, Zulu, Mini Zulu and now I have the WEDGIE !!

It's intended to be E powered but I don't fly power much so I converted into a sloper. I'm extremely happy and surprised on how well it turned out and how it flies. It's light at 4.95 oz, 32" ws, 1cell lipo, 3gm servos, lemon rx, 1.7 mil NS on entire plane and 10 mil on LE and nose forward of CG only no spar.

It's the first time working with an eps plane and was not sure how it would be to sand, glue and cover. I thought it would melt if I tried covering it but it handles heat very well. I thought it should take glue like epp but it doesnt. C.A. and Goop type products melt it but white foam glue and epoxy works well.

Flight performance is spectacular. It penetrates well and has very good slow, fast speed and aerobatic capabilities.

I'm not even sure these are still available but if they are I need to pick up a few more of these guys.



Got too excited to fly and didn't program in any expo or dual rates so my flying was a bit shaky for the first flight. Second flight was much smoother with a little expo.

"Wedgie" Maiden (3 min 42 sec)

Posted by FC40 Jay0533 | Yesterday @ 09:36 PM | 208 Views
Hi guy's, I'm looking to purchase a Gimbal for my Phantom FC40. I'm looking for something that's a plug and play type. Or is easy to install I'm going to use the stock camera that comes with the FC40.....but I plan to upgrade to a newer type of camera in the near future. Any suggestions?
Posted by Helldiver | Yesterday @ 08:41 PM | 234 Views
I had a bright idea, recycle one of my old faulty flashlights.

The problem, I have burnt out LEDs...wish I used a prefect one....I guess that will be version II.

9 LED flashlight from Harbor Freight powered by a 1 cell lipo on a 200QX

....makes me want to walk around in the dark since I have a flying flashlight
Posted by Prof100 | Yesterday @ 07:54 PM | 275 Views
Here is a quick post of what it takes to wire and build your own A123 receiver packs using 2500 mah cells. I use these for my gasser giant scale planes. Cost is about $25 including cell shipping.

You want genuine A123 cells and you can buy them from RadicalRC for $10 each. The cells do NOT come with welded on tabs so you have to know how to quickly solder the wires on cells. Also, you have to carefully prep the surface and scuff it so you get to bare metal then tin the surface.

You can also buy shrink for $1 a foot (95 mm) to cover the pack.

You need to glue the cells together and tin the cells with solder before soldering. I use CA with Accelerator to glue them together.

After tinning you solder the leads on as per the picture wiring diagram. I slide on some shrink tubing to further protect wire leads. Once everything is soldered use fiberglass tape or 3M cross weave fiberglass tape to position the wires and help with stress relief. I finish off the pack with 95 to 100 mm heat shrink with the shrink covering the ends of the cells and solder joints.

The pictures describe the wiring harness. I always add a Deans connector if the Cellpro 4S is missing its connector so you can charge directly with no balancing (but not desirable). This setup balance charges through the switch. If you...Continue Reading
Posted by tecbus | Yesterday @ 07:32 PM | 269 Views
2014 BIRTV SHOW (0 min 36 sec)

Posted by airzonephoto | Yesterday @ 07:29 PM | 307 Views
Hello to the group, I am a new member here and owner of a new X6 which I bought two days ago. I'm still trying to master the TX and quad.. had my most successful, longest and highest flight today, but also had a mishap. To date, I have been unable to land the quad without crashing it. Today while in a large school field, the quad suffered several crashes on the grass field without damage. Then it crashed in the (empty) parking lot next to the field. It suffered a broken leg, right near the motor housing, and I also lost the SD video card somewhere. I have cemented the broken leg back together with Gorilla glue, and have to let it set for about 24 hours or so. Luckily, I have an 8 gig SD card which I am going to try using, and I think I will put a piece of black electrical tape across the card to (hopefully) prevent losing it in flight or in a crash. Also, I have been unable to get the quad to return back to me when flying.. it just keeps going further and further away from me. Turning it with the stick works somewhat, but I still haven't mastered getting it to return to me. Just thought I would throw my rants on here. I don't plan on giving up, I will keep trying to learn how to master the TX. Also, just wondering if there are any other X6 owners on here that live in my area. That's it for now.
Posted by mike_kelly | Yesterday @ 07:13 PM | 367 Views
There are some nice thrust tests on RCGroups but I wanted to evaluate relative quality. It is hard to do but the sound and vibration the motor makes is an indication of something. When the motor is spinning you can see the winding quality better and although it may not make a performance difference it sure seems it indicates the care in assembly.

You make your own judgement. The end of the arm was taped to the table so the motor would not wander across the table but it can vibrate and make noise if it is not balanced. These are raw from the vendor not balanced yet by me.

Mini Motors (2 min 10 sec)

Posted by Laneritc | Yesterday @ 07:08 PM | 328 Views
This will be a new build log of flying wings. Me (Lane) Gabe221 (Gabe) & ms3164 (Mike) hopefully by the end of next week we will be starting to build a couple of assassin and a Titan wing. Will have plenty of pictures and good information available to help others with there builds. Anyone wishing to add comments and info feel free to do so, all comments welcome. Can't wait to get started on the build, thanks to Gabe who got me interested in wings I'm having a blast with my popwings. Stay tuned updates to follow.
Posted by Suenaga | Yesterday @ 06:57 PM | 307 Views
This has been on my "to do" list for a few months now. Ever since installing a SAFE Rx into my first plane after the Apprentice S, I have wondered how SAFE would work with a multi-engine RC plane. Today my new Parkzone Mosquito arrived (with the optional retracts, of course) and I couldn't wait to put it together!

I had studied the manual in advance and could see that the placement and orientation of the control surface servos and horns is nearly identical to that of my Parkzone FW-190. This was a good sign since SAFE installed into the FW190 without any modifications at all. Another thing I was concerned about was the twin 18amp Parkzone esc's which I was sure were linear esc's and not S-BEC's, I wasn't sure if I was going to run into any problem getting them to accept the throttle points from the SAFE Rx. Finally I was most worried about how to actually mount the SAFE Rx. The Mosquito's battery hatch AND electronics/servo bays are accessed from underneath the fuse. The installed Spektrum AR610 is mounted in the fuse upside down, like the elevator and rudder servos. That won't work for the SAFE Rx. It needs to be securely mounted right-side up in the plane. Hmm what to do about that....?

So, the build went well with no missing parts, no damaged pieces, and the retracts installed as per the manual. I left the AR610 Rx installed so I could bind it with my DX9 and ensure all my connections were working, and that the motors would rev up. Everything...Continue Reading
Posted by MontoRC | Yesterday @ 06:24 PM | 322 Views
Motor testing is always fun.

Its rewarding to play with prop and motors combos and find just the right setup for a particular copter, or just the right prop for a particular motor.

Comparison tests between different motors and different props sometimes give incredibly surprising results.

We've been running some equal test conditions motor comparisons lately. The testing has been fun. The results were wonderful.
Posted by Mikey_81 | Yesterday @ 05:01 PM | 380 Views
- Align 460mx 1800kv brushless motor with 14 tooth pinion
- Castle Creations Phoenix Edge Lite 50 Brushless ESC
Posted by Felipe Garcia | Yesterday @ 04:14 PM | 407 Views
beautiful slope
beautiful slope/ preciosa ladera (3 min 43 sec)

Posted by spastic | Yesterday @ 03:09 PM | 441 Views
fun little project i came up with after seeing the ToughJets.com in action at my local field. this one is an f-14 but i plan on doing some other designs as well. If valuehobby.com produces them they will have detailed printed schemes with panel lines and markings, it flies real well, i'm very happy with it.
1.9lbs 9mm EPP foam
about an 18" WS 4.5 oz w/o battery
2204, 1500kv motor
3cell 500mAh lipo
8x4.5 prop cut down to 6" (didnt have any 6" props on me)
2 5g tower pro servos for elevons
Posted by hammerhead571 | Yesterday @ 02:17 PM | 505 Views
This is a video of the Assistant software showing tx is communicating..