SMALL - Telemetry SMALL - Radio
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The FT-17DOF-SC-RTP FT Humanoid ROBOT is a ready to play humanoid robot which comes fully assembled & completed from our team at FEETECH.

This humanoid robot uses 17PCS FT-SCServo (SCS15).
SCS15 is all metal gear and uses TTL level Half Duplex Asynchronous UART BUS Communication Protocol. It gives the feedback of the data relevant to position, voltage temperature, load and speed.

This humanoid robot uses all aluminum alloy parts, anodized color (red, blue, white for optional) or an assortment.It is simple wiring and makes assembly and disassembly fast and convenient.

It is easy to use "MOTION" editing software for Windows system. As long as you use a computer you will love playing with this humanoid robot, even if you do not have any programming knowledge, you can edit the humanoid robot actions within ‘MOTION’ editing software.
Robot hobbyist can move the robot in a variety of different poses by hand, then read in and save data from robot joint SCServo via software, moving through the posture sequences from one by one will complete the program of series motion or dance. The data of dance or motion group can be saved into your local computer for use the next time, or download into the robot control board for offline operation.

The 2.4G remote control system is based on Arduino open source, users can freely modify according to our Arduino source and combination with the Robot Control Board (SCM-1) to create more advanced functions.

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Hi Guys, finally ready , english version of my E 800 review :-)

PS: German readers might prefer to read this version of this review :

E800 review in german language
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This video is the unboxing and review for the E-flite UMX PT-17 Stearman Warbird Biplane. I talk about my first impressions of this plane and do some demonstrations with it, though I don't actually fly it since the weather is too windy for that at the present time.....but soon!!!

E-flite UMX PT-17 Stearman Warbird Biplane Unboxing and Review (11 min 36 sec)

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A friend of mine and his father scratch built a Cessna T-50. Big plane with Twin Radials.

Check out the Youtube video trailer I made for it. Cant wait to see it maiden.

Cessna T-50 Scratch Built Trailer (Pre-Maiden) (2 min 20 sec)

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Purchased from GeneralHobby.

WING SPAN:70"(1780mm)
WING AREA:972sq in(62.7sq dm)
FLYING WEIGHT: 8.8-10lbs(4000g-4600g)
Glow:.91-.120(2C) 1.10-1.20(4C)

Turnigy 63-64 260Kv outrunner running a 18x9 APC prop, Castle 6-8S 85A ESC with BEC, Hitech HS430HV Servos and a Spektrum Ar9200 receiver with 2 satellites.
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Here's the latest update from the RutanRC Team:

White Knight Prototype Test Footage (1 min 38 sec)

Please take a moment to check out the Kickstarter page and make a contribution to this really cool RC company:

Also just announced: RutanRC will be at RCX 2015
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The second thing You want to do is put a camera on it .
FLYCAM FAILS 2013 (7 min 19 sec)

ARF [I hate that that's what they are called,
but] I love what they are . . . That SIG Rascal - Violet w/a
brushed 400 gear reduction - what a struggle - then a (cermark) 2812 and
that balsa beauty Oh Yea! I've got a bin full of motor shafts.
Nine years and 20+ ARFs
DON'T DO DRUGS - Just wait till You're 50, and stand up.
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Just doing some FPV with the Bix3. No distance records here but a great flying experience.
I'm using my very own 5.8Ghz cloverleaf & skew planar antennas for video. Due to altitude restrictions in the area I'm unable to go further with these video antennas so I will have to find a different spot to fly and test the maximum range. That being said 1 mile is plenty of fun.

-Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 2830-1130kv motor
-Turnigy Plush 30a ESC
-Dragonlink with Turnigy 9XR
-MultiStar 3s 4000mAh battery
-Turnigy MG servos 9g
-APC 8x6 Prop
-Turnigy 3A UBEC
-Immersionrc 600mW VTX
-Cyclops Tornado OSD
-My very own cloverleaf/skew planar antennas

Bix3 FPV - 1 mile out (6 min 36 sec)

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If you have a hobby grade charger, then the most time efficient way to charge 1S batteries is using a balance cable like this one:

1 To 3 Battery Balance Charging Cable

The picture attached is an example of charging three 1S 380 mAh batteries in balance mode at 1C rate (approx.). The charger is setup for a 3S lipo at 0.3 mAh rate charge.
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I managed to fly up an entire, larger than stock, 380 maH battery in my Syma X11, inside my tiny house, without crashing a single time. Aloft from launch to out of juice. It settled placidly to the floor when its battery ran out.

This means that, one time at least, I have attained my first objective with this little copter. I feel a sense of accomplishment which is probably far out of proportion to what an old man should feel about successfully operating a toy, once, but there it is.

The stock battery with the X11 is a 200 maH battery. The 380 Is almost a third longer but otherwise pretty much the same size. It fits in the battery bay ok, although it does peek out of the rear hatch while the 200 is completely hidden. I actually bought these oversize batteries by accident, but once I had them I figured, oh well - if I toast it, I can afford the loss.

The little quad seems to handle the weight fine. I haven't timed the flights on the two batteries - before today I couldn't keep it aloft throughout a whole battery to time it, and I'm not betting I go from 0% success to 100% success in one leap.

That's all in the future, though. Right now: I did it. Once.
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Purchase from RTF ($18) :

Purchase from RTF ($18) :

Something inside my H7 was making a quite a racket so I decided to open it up and show you what is inside Thanks for watching, please subscribe, and I will see you next time!

Eachine H7 Teardown (4 min 43 sec)

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This Throwback Flight (4/23/15) with Sky Eye started out as a routine sortie. Just another evening flight to catch with mild, fairly calm weather. Little did I know, the stock Battery Velcro was beginning to fail, and upon a basic roll maneuver at 2:23s, the force was enough to pull the Lectron 600mAH Battery right off the stock Velcro and yank the JST/UM Adapter right off of the power lead along with the Battery. As a result, I had suffered a complete loss of power and control to Sky Eye as she performed a death spiral back to Earth, cartwheeling on impact. Miraculously, there was no damage to Sky Eye - no bent control surfaces, no creases, no scratches, no smashed foam, and no damage to the 808 Camera.. it was as if it had never happened. Had this been concrete, this would not have been the case. I found the Battery, still connected to the JST Adapter approximately 25 yards away, also on the astroturf in full working condition. Lesson learned, Since then I've replaced the stock Velcro with Industrial Grade Velcro, and as a secondary measure, a loop around the nose, keeping the battery secure. Sky Eye has been flying regularly since that time. Definitely a close call.

Hobbyzone Sport Cub S2 "Sky Eye" Throwback Flight: Crashdown (3 min 1 sec)

Aircraft: Hobbyzone Sport Cub UMX Sport Cub S2
Prop: GWS 5043
Camera: 808 #16 Wide-Angle Lens
Battery: Lectron Pro 1s 600mAH 35c
Adapter: EFlite JST-RCY to UM Cable
Wheels: Dubro 1.5"
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Hello everyone....
My name is Joe Adams... AKA - Puterjoe.... AKA - JoeBob.....
and like you, I have been bitten by the RC Bug....
I purchased a Super Cub S2 as my first plane and fell in love.... I believe a Cub is my favorite plane aside from some of the WarBirds!!! I also got a set of floats and customized them to match Ol' Betty... not too bad lookin' I guess.... anyway... I'll attach a picture of her and you can see her fer yerself.....

Well, since the S2 was FPV ready I'm also into that.... and looking through Youtube videos has got me excited about that..... I spent numerous nights trying to decide which Plane, Autopilot platform, and other things to outfit my semi-long range FPV Project....

So far only some of the cold hard decisions have been made:

Plane: Twinstar II w/ Float set.

I also upgraded to the brushless motors package....

Autopilot: ArduPilot

I have a place on Lake Martin here in central Alabama.... I live just a few minutes away from there and will be flying from my house to the cabin... (I live on a big pond about 15 min. away from the lake) and then I will be doing alot of missions from the pier, to all over the lake... There's 750 miles of shoreline so it's a huge lake...That's my summer plan... now in the fall and winter I will be flying over our farm over in Macon Co. AL and that will be be from a road so prolly swap to landing gear or just belly landings.... got aound 950 acres to roam and checkout...

I am debating color schemes right now also.....
so far I'm thinking a Gray/Red combo but blue/yellow tugs at me too....
any suggestions?
I welcome any and all advice!!! I may not take the advice but it will always be considered and very much appreciated!!!!

The reason I started My Blog today was because my Twinstar II came via UPS today!!! and I thought I'd take some shots of the unboxing for you unboxing nerds like myself..... (ain't it cool even when it's somebody else's?)


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fail :) (0 min 30 sec)

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Wow, I really need to post on here more often I guess. I don't really know if anyone reads these or not.
I've drifted away from the discus launch gliders over the winter and crossed back over to the dark side. Lately I've been flying mini quads a lot. Here's a video at a new field I'm flying at.
My mini quad is a zmr250 blackout clone with 2300kv mini titan motors at 10 degree forward angle. I'm flying a 600 tvl board camera with a 200mw video tx and using a wide angle mobius to record the video you see.
Thus thing is fast, clocked at around 65mph. And it rolls at an insane rate. It will do 5 flips or rolls within 1 second.

Valkyries of Manatee FPV ZMR 250 (4 min 14 sec)

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Here is the 7000mAh Hubsan X4 Pro flight battery compared to the Yuneec Q500 5400mAh battery.
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Hi all,

I have been working on a concept Tricopter for about a year. Finally I feel I am just about within grasping distance of making the concept a reality.

Here is a quick video of the Triclone in it's preliminary testing phase.

Crafty Copters Triclone v1 prototype Speed & Crash Test (5 min 33 sec)

The testing proved the concept and my work began.

I set out to design a HARD AS NAILS truly innovative Tricopter that breaks the mold.
People must be getting tired of seeing generic copycat designs hitting the market so now for something a little different.

I have included some CAD renders of the design in progress. There is also a finalised render impression to give you an idea of the finished project.

The Triclone has been designed from the ground up to be agile, super tuff, multi setup capable (5 inch - 8 inch out of the box) super clean build that includes a tonne of room for everything needed for FPV including dedicated adjustable camera mounting and the party trick 180 DEGREES OF YAW!!!

I will be posting a link for the Kickstarter soon. Please help me to make this dream a reality.

ATB Malc
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Hey guys wasup i just got a new car and i have already broke it 3 times but it is a lot of fun
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My first PPG flight! Semiahmoo Washington (7 min 16 sec)

Blew the landing, but its all good!