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Description: Frenzy MkII Side. Designed in Solidworks 2013 and rendered in Photoview360Name: Frenzy MkII Iso Grey.jpg
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Description: Frenzy MkII Iso. Designed in Solidworks 2013 and rendered in Photoview360...Continue Reading
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Building the replacement now...ROFL
TBS Desert Crash (0 min 36 sec)

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I added a lemon RX with ppm out to my Taranis to be used for a wireless buddy box. I also added a small momentary switch, hooked up to the bind button, so that I can bind it without opening up the TX, just turn on the TX while holding down the button.

I hooked up the ppm out from the rx to the trainer input of the tx, and found a switched power connection to power the rx from.
I used a 5V regulator, but in looking at the specs, I donít think I had to.

Make sure when you mount the tx, it is not in the way of the movement of the sticks when the case is closed. I just used double side tape to mount the rx. With the TX case closed, you can still see the LED of the RX if you look through the small spaces in the gimbal (may need low light, and to look from different angles)

Once you have the rx connected, you need to set a custom function to activate the trainer and to calibrate it for the buddy box you have bound to the rx.

Long press menu
Press page
Press page

In this menu, when you move the sticks around on the buddy box, you should see the numbers at the bottom move around.

Click + and Ė to move around the page, go to each mode and set to := (for replace channel when trainer is activate)
Set Ail and Rud channels to -100, this way you can bind a blank model from a speketrum tx, and everything should work.
Use + and Ė to get to the Cal setting, then press enter, set buddy sticks to center (including throttle) click menu to reset all numbers close to 0.

Now you can bind any spektrum tx and use it as a wireless buddy box to control anything that the Taranis can control (I use a spektrum module, and Dragon Link)
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Saturday was great!!!!! We had almost 20mph winds on the East side, only veering to the NE a few times. There was a good sized crowd, temps were not that hot, no rain. And to cap it off, the landfill was open to 5pm, due to Earth Day festivities running on the property.
Enjoy the pics ......

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This Autobiography is in prelude to my posting of my FIRST Blog Build.

I started in the Model Hobby in 1965 at the age of 8 when My Father brought home a Guillows kit and a Cox Tether car. I did not make the connection for several weeks until we went to the AMA Southwest Model Airplane meet at Hobby Park in Dallas Texas. After a day of watching in awe I put it together what my Father had done.

Over the next 20+ years my Father and I competed in Control line Competitions all over the South. My Father and I both worker in the Hobby Business at THE HOBBY COUNTER in Dallas that was Owned by JOHN E. (JOHNNY) CLEMENS AMA 18.
Dad eventually was a business partner with John.
We flew along side of some of the Greatest the Hobby has ever known.
Bob Gieseke, Al Rabe (not sure of the spelling). Jim Clem, and many others.
.....more to come......
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Officially launched my Custom FPV Setups website today! I've been building setups since January 2013 and now have an official website for my services.

Let me know how the site looks to you guys.


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Friday 3DHS noon demo, Joe Smith & Andrew Ritschel flying the 92" Edge 540 and 74" Edge 540!
SEFF 2014 Joe & Andrew Friday 3DHS Noon Demo (4 min 48 sec)

Saturday Castle Creations noon demo, Joe Smith & Andrew Ritschel flying the 3DHS Bigfoots with a Castle Edge 80 ESC and Edge 100 ESC!
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Made from 1x6 Cedar Boards, book rack system from Lowes or Home Depot, and foam pipe insulation to protect the wings.
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Just a story about some welders glue, a good bit postage and some miles traveled.

So back on December 20th I ordered some welders glue off of Amazon. Not thinking about it I pressed confirm order and let it be. About a week and a half later I still had not received it and thought it was a bit odd but it was the holidays so I let it go.

After a couple more weeks I had to investigate further.Turns out amazon had sent it to my deployed address which had been closed for several months. I figured it was lost forever and ordered another set to the right address. But the welders sat in country for a while only to be returned to the states, to be sent back overseas, bounce around the middle east and europe for a while and back to the US.

Yesterday I get "talked to" for having a package delivered to me at work. I am at a loss as to what was delivered to me seeing as how I havent ordered anything in 5 months. Turns out the glue finally made its way back to me . I couldnt help but smile after thinking what happened and where that glue had been.

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I saw the beautiful job that Karltrek did on his FW190 last weekend as RSA in Cupertino. I knew I had to add the flaps to my FW190. After looking at the construction of wing, I decided to try to make split flaps. I used 1/16 " sheet styrene and 1/4 " round styrene tubes. It was actually pretty easy to do. Slicing the wing foam was probably the hardest part. I used small sections of 9/32" brass tube to act as hinges. As the plane is not super scale anyway, I think it came out ok.
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Hi Everybody!

I recently woke from my winter hibernation and am looking forward to the flying season! I got a HZ Champ for Christmas and have had little opportunity to fly since. Here is a video of my newest acquisition flying in between snow storms. In just a few hours from when this video was taken, we got 1 foot 6 inches worth of snow! I just barely got my chance to fly before the snow started flying! LOL!

8600 FT HZ Champ first flight after winter hibernation (2 min 24 sec)

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Thought that I would start a flight log to track how much I fly or perform maintenance on my helicopters or helicopter maintenance area. I donít know if this flight log is something that Iíll maintain over the long run but Iím already several months late getting started.

My first helicopter was the MJX T-23, I donít remember the purchase date. I flew this helicopter around my back yard until I destroyed the flight blades and smoked one of the two motors. Ordered new blades and a new motor; after installing the new parts the bird still didnít fly very well. Essentially as soon as I received the V911 I was done flying this helicopter.
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I've been looking into aerial mapping, surveying, and vegetation analysis, and the Skyhunter looked like the perfect ship for this application. Add to that the super stable camera footage I've seen, sporty performance, and a cavernous fuselage, and it looks like a great FPV survey platform.

I decided to build this up with a friend after seeing lots of videos, build logs, and even another local FPV'er fly his. I will be loading this up with the new Pixhawk flight controller, with a couple of extras: airspeed sensor and wireless telemetry link. The OSD overlay will be served by the MinimOSD unit, which connects directly to the Pixhawk. Specific details on the build components are listed below:

Airframe: Skyhunter 1800
Motor: Cobra 3520/12 820kv (216g!)
ESC: Turnigy Trust 60A
Battery: Zippy Flightmax 20C 8000mah 4S
Propeller: APC 11x8 or 12x6
Servos: Corona Metal Gear 939
R/C Receiver: FrSky D8R-XP II

Flight Controller: 3DR Pixhawk
OSD: Minim OSD
Telemetry Link: 3DR 915Mhz Telemetry (laptop link)
Digital Airspeed Sensor: 3DR Airspeed Sensor

FPV Camera: Fatshark 600TVL w/ pan and tilt
Video Tx: ImmersionRC 600mw 5.8ghz
Antenna: Circular Wireless SPW

Mapping Camera: Canon SX-260HS w/ GPS
Camera Software: CHDK
Camera Trigger: Sent from Pixhawk based on the Mission Planner Survey Tool
(PWM servo output from Pixhawk will be run through a 3.3v to 5v step up, then wired into the USB connection for the camera)

Ground Station: ImmersionRC Duo w/ CL & Helical antennas
Goggles: Fatshark Attitude V2
Monitor: 10" LCD
Wireless Telemetry display: ????
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Item No.M-S901TD
Speed:0.07 (4.8v)0.06(6.0v) )0.05 (7.4v) sec/60degree:
Torque:2.5kg.cm (4.8v)3.1 kg.cm (6.0v)3.7 kg.cm (7.4v):
Work Voltage:4.8-7.4Volts
Wire lenth:18cm
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SEFF 2014 Recap

This 256th installment of our show finds us all back in our respective workshops after a great week at the mecca that is Hodges Field. Though SEFF 2014 had a little bit of a different 'feel' this year, it was still an outstanding event! The rains at the beginning of a week slowed us down for a bit, but the rest of the week offered up some fantastic weather! Join us as we do our best to summarize what we took away from this year's annual reunion.

I'd like to also offer up our special THANKS! to Kuan and GWS USA for their sponsorship of this year's new and somewhat 'unofficial' event - the 2014SEFFFATCCCGWSUCNRC (or the 'GWS Acronym Challenge' as we started calling it). These kind folks sent us their Funny Park, P38, and P40 kits along with some very nice shirts to give away. Though some of their product line may seem a bit outdated, these things all fly VERY WELL and are quite easy to convert to today's brushless systems. Don't overlook these kits, as they offer up some great value and bang for the buck! My Formosa flew wonderfully and I'm certain to get many great flights from it!


FACEBOOK FAN PAGE (Show Announcements)


NEXT LIVE SHOW - Starting at 8pm CDST on Wednesday evenings.

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this is my tricopter.

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Well, the time has come to re-do my BF-109.
She has seen better days, so, now im going to be completely re-painting her, the skin has gone gator like, and cannot be doing any good for aerodynamics, so its time to rub her down, and test a new product to me.

Foam Armor.
Here is a long term project having to yet again take a back seat.

it is a 1/32 scale lancaster bomber, with aluminium skin, and ply formers.

And here she is in all her uglyness......

the damage.
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