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Posted by rossi46 | Feb 10, 2016 @ 04:58 PM | 1,329 Views
To continue from the last blog post - the Learning the Hard Way thing? I wrote the book.

I broke the swash and connecting bits (still not au-fait with the heli terminology yet..) of my new V913 the day after I received it. Replacements came soon after, but I've not been able to let her soar because of the wind, rain and getting home from work in the dark. Until today, that is.

I pulled up outside my house, ran inside, gave the missus a swift peck and ran outside with my lovely bird. I should say at this point that I've been flying my two V911s in the house and actually become quite proficient at buzzing pets, annoying spouses and generally not smacking furniture as hard any more. Those little birds are brilliant. Flying the V913 must be just like that, but on a bigger scale, right?

So, armed with juvenile excitement, I jogged the five hundred yards to the football pitches and launched the heli skywards. Straight up, then straight down on her nose. I ran to inspect the damage and there appeared to be none. Bolstered by this, I gave her full throttle again, but this time she rose up with her nose pointing down and started circling and spinning on the spot. A gust of wind from nowhere swept the heli 30 odd feet away from me and I cut the throttle. She came down heavily again, this time snapping the flybar in two.

If I'd had a tail, it woud've been wedged firmly between my legs as I trudged wearily back to the house.

I was cleaning the mud from the canopy later...Continue Reading
Posted by rossi46 | Feb 07, 2016 @ 07:31 AM | 1,296 Views
My story is this.

At xmas 2015, my stepson received a model heli of the three channel, coaxial persuasion from our local Aldi store. No one in our house had any prior knowledge of flying at all, but pretty soon, we were all bashing the poor wee thing off any furniture or wall within a 2 meter radius.

It was great fun while it lasted, but it didn't last long. I liked it so much though, that I bought two Syma scale coaxial helis from another local store and it's went nuts from there. Ironically, my kids are not much interested in flying now (it is six weeks since xmas after all!), but I've well and truly gotten the bug.

However, rather than jump straight in with hoovering up every small, medium and large three channel I could find, I should have done some research first. That way, my Syma fleet (six in total) would be in the hands of someone not bored with their very existence. Same goes for my now-grounded DH 9053 with failed tail motor.

No, if I'd been a bit more patient, I'd have seen that four channel and beyond, plus sim, is a far better way to go.

Maybe I wouldn't have jumped right in with CP stuff, but I'd at least have had something that had FFF from the word go. Now after spending far more than I'd like to admit, I have a decent fleet which includes 2 V911s, a V913 and a V912 en-route to my house (if that mailman ever gets here).

The second thing I did wrong was thinking my three channel skills were instantly transferrable to the V913 the day it arrived. On...Continue Reading