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Posted by mackser | Today @ 07:09 PM | 114 Views
Started off in the nineties with a picollo indoor heli. Then built a hirobo shuttle, flew it for a year left it on the shelf for 10 years, and last year got a buzz back for helis and got a v911 ,loved it and got a blade 130 x, which was a shock to the system for sure. I've put it into temporary hibernation and got two blade nano cpxs which I am loving right now, they have thought me so much in the last couple of months, I never thought that a sub micro heli with collective pitch would exist, especially when I started with a picollo all those years ago. It's really mins blowing to me that these advances in heli flight have come to pass, I hope people appreciate as much as I do what we're able to do with these things now. It would only have been fantasy 20 years ago